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  • Hello there, i would appreciate it if a Albion Moderator or someone from the company can respond to this. I have not received a verifciation email, and ive waited like 2 days now. Can you help me with this ? Gr

  • Items appearing as other items.

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    Post I recorded the issue. It will explain itself

  • Yes, you are doing what you are doing, and in a sandbox that is more then allowed. But i am not saying this because i think you guys should deinstall or whatever. I am saying this for the sake of the game. Clearly you must see that your way of playing the game and funding the "already biggest alliance in the game" so much money every week, is BAD for the game. I dont want lot of money, or territories or whatever. But if u dont see this, then there is no point of discussing it.

  • all the hard work done to get there, is done by silver transaction instead of actual work. So yes it is a valid way of playing the game. But it is not a valid way of getting the right perspective to understand what is good for a game. Since u are playing this game in a way, it is not intended.

  • I dont understand why there are guilds inside the RT that are from the RENT alliance. GM's that pay for their season points instead of play for it, should not be considered people that understand the game, thus making them uncapable of making decisions that would benefit the game

  • I want to spice my overlay a little bit up. looking for someone who can create a picture from character pictures that are visible in the character selection screen. send me pm on discord Gwebber#2042

  • GPU 100%

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    I have a decent setup. Not the biggest, Core i5 1050 ti. It has always been able to keep albion running at very good framerates. Only now, as soon as i enter a crowded area. my GPU hits 100% and i get 10-20 framerates. I noticed my client was sending extended hardware stats to the game server, so SBI probably knows already about this issue, But i wanted to post it here, and ask for an explanation.

  • I had 9 cropper labourers and 2 imbuers. i had the following trophies Normal Trophie: t2,t3,t4,t5,t6,t7 special trophy t2,t3,t4,t5,t6,t7 The hapiness was lower then 90. The hapiness went to the right amount on the croppers when i removed 2 croppers, wich made my total labourer count to 9. Wich makes me assume the imbuers eat up the hapiness generated by the cropper trophies. But they dont benefit from it. So they only eat it up.

  • How great would i be for gatherers to use the abilities of an axe or a pickaxe to gain faster resources. In combat u can't do without the abilities, so i think if the abilities will be there for the tools, then gatherers would enjoy more.