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  • Patch notes for test are out.. We are realizing that nature holy will at least stay another 3 months.. Great performance, i am hyped!

  • According to murderer Mace has in high IP 87% Winrate... When should the patch go life? That's from my customer point of view really disappointing..

  • Quote from Onesime: “Please delete nature staff. I have enough of this game. There is a spell that exists in the holy tree that is called "holy flash". Low energy cost. Low cooldown. AOE. Same heals as the mono Q. When this spell exists, there is literally 0 way that nature staff exists. For Q3 we have f*cking useless mushrooms. Please do something SBI, nature staff is dying and will not go well. It really deserves buffs both for solo and group. Thorns are insanely bad, legit worst spell of the …

  • Mace online aka stunlock online

    Trial_hard - - Rants


    Quote from Painball: “Why does this dev team need 1 year to address glaring obvious problems? Same thing happened with Quarterstaff. Just embarrassing to see this drag on and on and on ” regarding feels as if there is a part time task that is only done in between Tennis Golf and vacation Just kidding, i think the performance is great and I am totally hyped!

  • Retroman how can we help you with this task? I think it is plain obvious and nobody disagress that nature is unplayable On top there was TONs of suggestions what could be done.. There it is neither a lack in sense of urgency and evidence, nor that lack of proposals how wo fix it.. I just have no clue how your customer can help you here. Hints welcome..

  • Quote from Quagga: “I expect CC nerf dmg and mobility for me is irrelevant.... The stunlock bullshit needs to stop, let people play the game and not hold them stunned/rooted for 10 seconds. ” my issue is Retroman has a track record of creating game breaking unbalance meta... If u watch his introduction of him self he talks about how he messed up the entire game by introducing grudge as a must on every melee on every GvG.. Unfortunately in my eyes, this pattern has not changed much. Mace complete…

  • Fist - i play all weapons builds etc . So I am around once or twice a week for a day on mace.. This week I had two sad events, i am not proud of.. Long story short, the kit of mace is so annoying if u play it right, that the enemy player does not hit u once ..or in case enemy is good you reset the fight forever tilll enemy makes mistake.. Two players after I maced them sent me a tell .."*** you, **** this game.., **** balance, i am uninstalling" I tried to calm more online.. I dunno if…

  • Quote from solventh: “Quote from Trial_hard: “Quote from solventh: “he could have hit the suicide button. he tried his luck. his choice. ” I love people who have no clue but firm statement..There is no suicide in CD if KD .. But you are great in commenting fake facts.. ” there was, like 12 months ago, iirc. ” Recommendation: just educate people from superior position if u know what you talking. Shit happens you have maybe learned your lesson

  • Quote from solventh: “he could have hit the suicide button. he tried his luck. his choice. ” I love people who have no clue but firm statement.. There is no suicide in CD if KD .. But you are great in commenting fake facts..

  • Quote from DemigodPerseus: “The level of toxicity from this streamer could kill an island and poison oceans. Would you care to drop a name just for research purposes? ” name and shame is not allowed, but ..just read my post again with creativity and fresh mind and you might have an idea..

  • Well, it is called Risk vs Reward... In order to kill 8.3 u usually risk more as 6.0.. You play hg in low risk gear and earn cheap gear.. Where is problem?

  • Gentleman each 10 CD fight i either spawn on an opponent in melee range or one spawns on me.. The enemy has 10 seconds to spell u up and u your bubble .awhile it builds stacks or whatever.. While u on skill CD.. It is like SLAY That would if in ZvZ require a hot fix - for solo player prio 3 or 4 in the ticket?? So lame either if u slay the unlucky or u get slayn.. Do u care?

  • Today I have to whiteness while watching a stream - i have recordings - an exploit or abuse of system mechanic which is against all ethics of gaming. A streamer gave a Deadshott to a player and player went down, mobs traps whatever.. PvP knockdown in slayer, u know what I mean.. What the streamer did? Just to annoy the looser he farmed the entire dungeon to come back and finish the knock down... The guy sat there knocked down while the streamer toxically laughed on stream that he stole live time…

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “i wonder why its it looking more and more like a frost staff ” well, brain reduced as always the content..but potentially enough for RT with lots of *hype* Anyway. Frost Q is either a targeted spell, compareable with bow poison. One slows, one poisons Or And AoE around the caster or a magical spamable spell skillshot that falls from the sky on range Bow is a super long pierce skillshot or a cone knockback with damage that should be slow.. I told u if u comment on bal…

  • Quote from axpresbom: “So sadly I'm not sharing a build I'm actually in need of 1 and I was looking for a ti build with good movement and damage I just started playing and watched a tutorial to the but this guy was saying to buy this adept nature staff or i can't really remember but didn't like the build because of the healing and just one attack or special attack. ” what?

  • Quote from PaladinJavier: “The stupid frost shot should jump only if hit. ” this + q should be slow ..still puzzled who on earth puts a hard CC on 4 secs CD .. including modifirrs

  • But this time it is at least getting expensive bY time.. Which is okay. Most common Valour builds: Badon & broadsword & mace But really ..stop the discussion, this meta is annoying but auto balance via price..

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “Quote from The_Support_God: “+1 nature needs some love it is only usable now in 10+ content it should be Nature Or holy as main healer not HOLY (great holy/ hallowfall) main healer and nature sub healer BTW i am not into buffing nature's PvP damage. i will never agree to buffing nature to the point where it can solo pvp an actual dps i look only into buffing nature's PvP healing output and maybe their PvE damage ” this is my stance. I rather introduce new mechanics w…

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Quote from chackq: “I Came back after 3 Months to check out the Open World Rework and im close to leaving again :(. Good changes for Group content but for solo people there just isnt anything worth to do. Corrupteds are nerfed hard, Roads are pointless in terms of fame compared to open world fame. There needs to be some form of new Content for solo players. Its just frustrating to constantly run into groups while trying to contest chests etc solo or with a friend in the bz.…

  • Well you have players sitting at RT, with the skill level of Bow Turret play and 8.3 mace builds with less than 50% Winrate. These players have a healing phobia, and explain their lack of skill with heal is OP and Evil. Unfortunately SBI listen to these guys...because what brings you there potentially fastest?? Most posts with "hype" no matter how bad u actually play.