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  • GvG Resource Territory Maps

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    Very need, keep building on this and pin it so it doesn't get lost.

  • Are yellow lesser hellgates not going to be full loot?

  • I think he's talking about people camping gates though.

  • Fix PVP already

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    I'd take this more seriously if the OP put some effort into his words, rather than chucking a bitch fit.

  • I dont see how this is such a big deal, so i'll keep playing on the same client as usual, woop-de-fuckin-do.

  • I think OP makes a point. Eve online has a good example of this, invisibility for 10s or so when entering a zone makes for some interesting play. The sheep has an chance to get away and the wolves need to set up some interesting nets in order to catch them, as opposed to just sitting on the gate. Also makes a class availability for 'interceptors'. I don't think ganking is bad at all, but a system like this could make it a little less 1 dimensional.

  • Quote from Skitted: “Quote from nicolas2162: “Quote from Norgannon: “With the possible arrival of many players eager for PvP full-loot an early-game zone is necessary to be able to enjoy this feeling that the full-loot PvP offers in the competitive way. - It would only be to leave everything as it is now but make them full-loot. - Balance the reward/fame so that the red/black zone hellgate much more profitable. Currently NO ONE uses the yellow zone hellgate for the poor reward/fame, also to prac…

  • Quote from letwolf: “Okay ! Lets develop that idea! Lets get rid of "HELLGATE TYPES" completely. Instead, you come to hellgate in party of up to 5 persons, kill a mob, and then select dialog appears: - Select size of hellgate( Lesser (2) or Greater (5) - Select Tier of hellgate (3,4,5,6,7,8). Tier will be your softcap. Rewards and fame increasing accordingly just like Hardcore Expeditions. - You can match up against team with same Tier and Type only. So if you came with Tier 8, you have no point…

  • Someone is salty their weapon got fixed lol.

  • I would like to see this. It would give us a great way to play with and train newbie guild members in hellgates. Without getting rompastomed by t6 and t7.

  • Quote from FriendlyFire: “I love the continued conflicting answers in this thread... Quote from Raithe: “so a man walks up to a cactus.....and starts beating it with his bare fists. Then goes out to a bar and bitches about how OP cacti are and that those thorns should be nerfed. Course the dumbass could have left the cactus alone. ” Quote from Tasemu: “Learn about counterplay and adjust your style accordingly, until then stop whining that you cant win. As nature gets stronger, so does the class …

  • Learn about counterplay and adjust your style accordingly, until then stop whining that you cant win. As nature gets stronger, so does the class that counters nature. and so on and so on.

  • Quote from Stormlord: “@Kutweer before i forget ill pass on what I learned from the academy, a few pointers if you will. 1- Start small and cap your students - if you don't it will flat line your experienced players. 2- DO NOT ALLY - you are a institution, if you pick a side watch as big guilds will end you in a variety of ways as they see you as a feeder guild. 3- protect the uni assets carefully - cons look for ideas like this so they can screw over idealists. 4- Try to get the mods involved -…

  • Quote from GreenPepper: “Hey guys I'm totally new to the game as I started to play yesterday, and your learning guild really seems like the perfect opportunity for me ! But I'm a bit concerned about actual teamplay as it is specified nowhere that you actually do things with your guild members (except teaching them the game !). Do you play with each others and do stuff like dungeons, farm or even some PvP/GvG ? (even really really casually, i don't mind) ” I want to get some teamplay going as soo…

  • Sounds like something I'd love to move into, i'm only just rejoining albion now so i'll get my bearings before applying so I aint too much of a burden.

  • Whats the main TZ?

  • How active is your guild in eu/uk timezone?

  • Question: Is this a guild for question asking and helping out theory-wise? This feels a lot like eve-uni which I love, but they also held practical exercises with groups of members.

  • Make albion great again!

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    Quote from KatherineKore: “db0.jpg ” Like you reached into my mind and transferred my thoughts to microsoft paint

  • ... Grow up. Making a new thread because you think Narwhals may have ddosed your teamspeak? It's unsightly -.- If you're going to represent a large number of players, try to keep some dignity doing so.