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  • Fine, stand time and all that, that's a minor second suggestion. What I really can't comprehend is the way the Rejuvenation buff works. The Q1 Rejuvenation literally has a punishment mechanic. You don't lose all your Assassin charges just cause you gained 1 too many on dagger, or Heroic charges on sword. It's not fun or interesting or good design. If you want to make Rejuvenation weaker, then just nerf it a little, don't make us do this weird juggling act. So many nature staff builds aren't viab…

  • Cestus is one of my favorite weapons from history, but there are plenty of examples. It's weird you even have a problem with this.

  • Inclusion of Bards?

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    A third support class would be greatly appreciated. Could use a third tank class as well other than mace/hammer. The options are just really limited but like a third of players are expected to be one of those two.

  • Quote from Mrpotato: “idk about nature staffs, but there is a thing called standtime, all abilities need the character to stop for a moment (depending on the ability its between 0.2 and 0.5) seconds, kinda wierd but anyway ” I'd agree with you if that was universally true but both the Q1 Rejuvenation and W2 Cleanse Heal don't work like that? You can just keep moving as it instantaneously casts. So if so, then there's a consistency problem, and I'd rather them err on the side of 0s Cast Time = In…

  • Nature staffs are already out of the meta it seems, but hey I enjoy playing them. What bothers me though is how difficult it is to tell how many stacks of Rejuvenation I have on somebody. They don't show up on my party UI and counting the number of leaves/waiting for them to disappear mid combat is a royal pain. I'm playing number games in my head instead of playing the game. Why is it set up this way anyway? Just make it so that max stacks it 3, but reapplication resets the duration. It'd be so…