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  • Yeah. I have noticed a huge increase in cultist robe/wildfire and also seeing 1h frost making a comeback. Should be interesting to see what happens. I am sure mace will just jump back to tomb as well.

  • Playing Solo Tips

    Tabor - - Beginner's Questions


    If you enjoy PvP you can earn fame/money from Corrupted dungeons. They did get nerfed recently but still remain the best option for consistent solo PvP. You can put on satchel to offset fame nerf if you still need to build specs. Start with cheap gear in Stalker and build your way up to feared Slayer warrior!

  • Best case scenario will be on test next week and live the following week after! Time will tell. I have already seen a massive drop in mace players the past 2 days. You know they need to find the next broken thing instead of just getting good at something they actually enjoy playing!

  • Yeah Slayer CDs took it in this update. Major fame nerf (this is ok as fame should not be the focus in CDs), huge loot nerf (this was unnecessary), and less might reward than basically everything. Sucks for vet solo PvP players but what do you do. Would be nice if at minimum they increased the demon loot rewards on player kills.

  • I would imagine most high infamy players would agree with this as well. It is annoying to be running a 10 mil set and get matched to dudes in flat 7. Seems like a decent compromise would be a prioritized infamy bracket system. Highest priority would be matching against your current bracket and if no matches it looks to the next bracket down. Brackets could be as simple as below. Slayer specific. Bracket 1: 0 to 500k infamy Bracket 2: 500k to 1mil infamy Bracket 3: 1mil to 3mil infamy Bracket 4: …

  • I 100% agree the excessive timer on chest is just silly. Stop allowing all content to be known location and time for zergs to zerg. Chest timers should be 90 seconds which is sufficient to allow only those in zone to compete for it.

  • You got an unusual high demon loot chest then if it was 2mil. I have not had 1 chest loot on kill that high in 40+ Slayer kills since patch at over 2 mil infamy. Most as I mentioned have been comically bad with just some runes.

  • They clearly over nerfed loot in CDs (the fame nerf is fine). The biggest issue I have is the demon chest on player kills is also just garbage now. Even in Slayer it is often less than 100k loot after kills combined with over half of the player gear trashing. They need to either drastically buff demon chest on player kill or decrease trash rates on solo fights.

  • I miss fighting old school thorns nature. Absolutely hated fighting reset blight nature. That is the same feedback I received from talking with fellow consistent Slayer CD runners. It seems most agree nature needs some love but hopefully it would be more in line with scenario one a buff to thorns. Nature had chances to win back then but could also be beaten just as easy if people played defensives well etc. That is good balance.

  • I never thought the previous nature thorns were all that OP back when CDs first launched. They had some damage with the trade off of virtually no mobility similar to curse. If anything maybe the reflection toned down some but the damage should not have been nerfed in my opinion. It was much better fighting the thorns nature than that cancer ass run away blight shit. Thorns needs a damage buff (yes nature should be able to have a chance to solo PvP similar to holy on smite).

  • Spell is probably over tuned but another reason is they have gutted the entire nature line so everybody plays holy and great holy is king. Nature needs some love.

  • I don't think some of these people realize the entire game economy would collapse if they gutted full loot PvP. They would need to basically make a new game to even try to accomplish this ludicrous ask. I know you PvE guys get mad that we always crush you on forums but it is irritating to Alb vets when people ask to change the foundation of the game.

  • They should just have a recruiting interface in a social menu somewhere. Make it filterable by language and city based out of with maybe a few other options. Then you would not even need a spammed recruitment channel at all and more importantly players could always easily search their options on their own time. The current "feature" they have to look for guilds is terrible.

  • It is being nerfed. Check upcoming NDA. Hopefully they get this in with patch 1 since it is long over due.


    Tabor - - Rants


    That is a fair point. In obvious server caused situations they could throw out a few tomes, silver bags, or at least something to acknowledge the issue they caused. Though I have no idea how difficult it would be to decipher legitimate complaints.

  • Solo players just need to focus on CDs if you really want 1v1 fight opportunities. That is just the way the game is built. You will always be at ridiculous disadvantage in OW and not a ton SBI can really do about that. The random chest spawn was a fantastic idea but putting a timer on it for 5 to 20 minutes completely defeats the purpose. This allows people to call buddies over and zerg it instead of encouraging exploring zones. The timer should be 90 seconds at most allowing those already in zo…


    Tabor - - Rants


    That was weird last night tons of people had freeze issues for long periods. Doesn't happen to me often but it killed me twice yesterday. It is what it is.

  • Corrupted nerf

    Tabor - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Fame nerf is fine. CDs should have always been fight priority and not faming. I do agree the chest nerf was a little heavy. I think a buff to the demon loot chest on player kill is needed to offset some of the chest nerf while still further encouraging the PvP interaction.

  • New players on T3 horses as you say also will most likely be in low tier gear. Chance of dying is very high with cheap sets/mounts but you also lose very little silver. You should not be angry losing very little yet so many people are afraid of the idea of death for unknown reasons. With this update you can kill about 10 roaming mobs in T5 zone to make your silver back on 4.1 set and T3 mount.

  • I am a fan of the fame nerf since it should reduce the fame only rats. However the chest loot nerf feels substantial so far in my initial tests. It is nice to have CDs more fight focused now though. I think they need to further increase the demon loot on player kill to offset the chest loot as a whole.