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  • howdy, I use a note 8 most of my play session, if I use my galaxy s10e it's to work in my streams. Maybe try the galaxy note since it's a larger screen but has better processing power then the A7 tab(it's a discount tablet I'm sure it was shitty) I'd say just buy a note second hand and call it a day. That's my 2 cents.

  • Playing Solo Tips

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    1. Understanding bubble and zoning mechanics or escape tactics in general, being able to pick the fights you want to take is important. 2. Understand typical bait tactics and Ganking strategies. 3. Make your own guild. You get some rewards, which helps with money and your likely going to avoid a lot of unnecessary invitations. Have fun!

  • Re: Playing Solo Tips

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    Quote from BreadPirate: “Quote from Equart: “Beauty of solo gameplay is that there is noone to blame , if you die - its your own mistake. ” Disingenuous AF for a prune like @Equart to say this especially given the dismount exploit in the Awakened update. Its not your mistake when lazy devs set you up for death again and again. It isnt. ” booooo keep that salt to yourself and give actual advice, how disingenuous of you instead of actually trying to help, yeah and grow players to have fun in such …

  • Quote from Quagga: “mobile andy is complaining about not being able to play solo in ow. jesus christ... ” if you're referring to me I was trying to be ironic with a shameful plug, I've been having a blast in the open world, faming up my gathering and getting into random fights, it's actually so easy for solo players you could LITERALLY be some shitter on a phone and be successful... but I agree, I'm sick of the complaining

  • I'm sorry that you don't like the full loot, or that crafting doesn't feel "special". If it's not for you that's okay, changing the entire foundation of the way the have works to speak to a more "casual" (I'm using this term very loosely because I play the game casually) audience is the fastest way to turn this game into New World. Amazon studios is the PERFECT example of why the changes you suggested would simply not work. Even trying to make it more like Runescape is a bad idea. I'm not saying…

  • I made a video listing all the points why you can't solo from this thread.

  • Lands Awakened Open World Content

  • I'm kinda surprised someone is asking to nerf cleric cowl. I like having that counter in game to one shots and "oh shit I'm taking a metric fuxk ton of damage". Just make it so you can't also do damage while ice blocked. Simple fix for what your asking without breaking game balance. P.S. (It just seems like your salty to the 1h curse build that's popping up)

  • New Mercenary Jacket Interactions

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  • Albion PewPew(more affectionately known as Professor PewPew) made something a while ago that I used when I got started. The video on his channel.

  • Mobile Twitch…dbbc2efa36917a386bdf8240e

  • Quote from Lavcrd: “@Fuhcew2 At your service, I enjoy this thread daily too X D ” thanks friend XD Quote from Quagga: “Quote from Fuhcew2: “why the profanity filter? @Quagga just asking, I only pop in here with my popcorn, this thread is my daily entertainment at work so I appreciate y'all ” I treat him like that too, it's funny how they sweat about HCE don't need to know how much I have although maybe if he saw it he would leave town ” not your silver your personal quote, like mine explaining m…

  • Quote from Quagga: “Quote from Lavcrd: “@Quagga For your information nickname in game is locked to forum name. No one can create character with someone forum name. This account did play quite recently, and you're here for at least 300+ posts. So I kinda still think you're that guy. ” It's not, and stop offtopping.You lack arguments so you try to attack me with statistics, if you already want to know them so much, here you go. (Hidden Content) ” why the profanity filter? @Quagga just asking, I on…

  • "Drop-down UI elements in the mobile version have been replaced with more responsive selection elements which are now easier to use" Can I get some explanation on this? Last time I checked mobile wasn't on the test server so maybe another way to explain this?

  • Safe to say with the updates rolling out as planned and overall positive reception, I'm looking forward to the year end review, I wonder what the next focus for development will be

  • Add these features to mobile

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    bump, stutter stepping to switch skills with an enemy on you is extremely frustrating.

  • Quote from ViniciusSanctus: “Someone in the Albion team please hire this guy. The man is a monster... ” I second this nomination.

  • Corrupted Dungeons- the mobile experience.

  • IMO healers have gradually become the most bland part of albion. They take a step forward and then 5 steps back by the weapon having an identity and then the dev team removing or butchering something that was unique. 1h nature and great nature? They slaughtered thorns. Blight staff and Hallowfall, looked like great offensive weapons for dive comps or maintaining offensive pressure in a small scale fight changing the meta a bit....nope, completely gutted. Not to say that it wasn't there for some …