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  • lost laborer journal

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    Thats extremely unlucky. For -unknown to me- reasons, for every 400-500 labos I lose 1 book, so lossing 4 from 6 is terrible.

  • Non PVP Harvesting

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    Quote from Silrika: “I do not PVP because I am not good at it, and don't like to. I would like to Craft and cook, harvest and fill journals. I would like to gather all my own materials, but I have not found anywhere to gather the resources above T6, except in Red zones. While I can easily get into a red zone, it is impossible to get back out again. (At least for me, LOL) I have some laborers but I cannot get them above a T6 either because I cannot get the journals filled, and I cannot buy them a…

  • Quote from Lofthild: “Quote from PimplessPlon: “Quote from Trial_hard: “Quote from Georg51: “Quote from Ophill: “I would like to see invis shrines outside of the black zone cities ” Just stop. ” no just go on - i am not a fan of making true ganking easier..but blob ganking at the gate is lame. It needs to be fixed for the rests. ” If you keep dying to "ganking blobs" at gates, it means you are either very new to the game, or a moron. No patch fixes is gonna fix that. ” Clearly: that's why portal…

  • Quote from Morwys: “My main is a gatherer (hides) and, from my experience, refining with focus seems to be a great boost to my income. All tiers seem to be worth refining, so far. Crafting at higher tiers seem to be very profitable as well: I want to specialize in making leather helms after I level up my skinning and, eventually, start a second profession of lumberjack and specialize in bows. I know there's more profitable weapons/armor, but I like the idea of being a self-made, self-sufficient …

  • Quote from WKF: “Hi, I played Albion some time ago but quit because it was focused too much on guilds and Discord groups etc.. I saw a new big update is implemented and I was wondering if they added anything for solo players. I hate playing in groups/using discord/teamplay in general so my question is.. Is this game still guild focused or can you earn rewards/do stuff solo as well? (I'm thinking about some kind of 1v1 ranking system or 3v3s at least which is also rewarding - titles, mounts, seas…

  • Quote from Baraddur: “I've been thinking this over a lot since about a month before the update. I have 3 islands with 33 houses and 99 imbuers. I'm fairly new so I've only got 6 houses at T8, and the rest at T6. But, the profit margin on journals is at best break even now. I've stopped doing higher tier journals because I can sell the full journal for more than I paid for it and more than I'll get if I have my laborer use it.... (I don't craft, I just buy full journals and sell the proceeds.) Em…

  • Are you using a Satchel of Insight?

  • Players that act like CD is the only content in the game and spect all game to be balanced around it

  • you need an offhand there for the average to work

  • Sorry, im out of cherry sauce

  • Quote from Adeleigh: “Thank you for your response, So this change harms the players that are just getting started but rewards the people that can afford to buy enchanted logs, focus refine, and make bows. I can't say I am a fan of this, makes labourers on islands a waste of time and non profitable. Thank you Gabumon for finding this, I did look, you must have the eyes of an eagle XD ” This hurts WAAAAAAY more old and wealthy players, make no mistake. Laborer empires are right now in a VERY rough…

  • Higher enchantment rate, higher point generation, stronger guards.

  • Journal changes: After an economic analysis of resource returns and crafting efficiencies across the game, it was found that the large amounts of resource generation produced by laborers was negatively impacting the profitability of both gathering and crafting. As a result, a reduction in the overall output of laborers was necessary. The amount of Fame required to fill crafting journals has consequently been tripled, though this change has been somewhat counterbalanced by an increase to the amou…

  • Quote from ToothlessRaider: “Quote from Gabumon: “Quote from ToothlessRaider: “Quote from Gabumon: “It still exists, look in the new guild interface. ” could you show a screenshot? because I cant find it. I found it ty so much. They moved it's location ” ” Yeah how do I find this? I cant find it ” guild tab (the shield one), season overview

  • Quote from ToothlessRaider: “Quote from Gabumon: “It still exists, look in the new guild interface. ” could you show a screenshot? because I cant find it ”

  • It still exists, look in the new guild interface.

  • Yes permafrost is very good

  • cooldown modifier

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    Quote from associalNet: “Hello, newbie question here. I've got Expert's Mistcaller that says it adds 11% cooldown modifier. But when I use it (naked) character sheet says only 9.7% were added. I thought that the stacking % is less when use gear with same modifier, but now can see that even single item does not provide the % mentioned in the description. For example, if I use Adept's Astral Aegis, both item description and character sheet add 5.6% (naked character, if that's important). Can someo…

  • Quote from Georg51: “How about - if there is a player standing at or near the entrance for a certain period of time, the dungeon spawns roaming mobs that patrol the area and attack scouts ” This is most likely the best idea. Or even mobs that "suck out" the vision of the players that are near the entrance for too long.

  • Quote from Psycha: “Quote from Gabumon: “Quote from Svenblade: “Introduce an IP requirement to enter instances like solo, group, and ava dungeons. In safe zone and yellow zone there would be no requirement. In BZ and Roads it would scale based on level. ” If the ip is low like 700, people will still do it.If is high (1k?) new players will suffer. ” New players shouldn't be doing T7-8 without at least 1k IP anyway... ” Why? I carry my newbies to T7-8 ALL the time. Is a sandbox game.