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  • Quote from Piddle: “It's funny because I got to see all of you friend me, but everyone except Solventh followed the directions correctly. ” I also checked 1b crafting sheesh

  • Quote from PaladinJavier: “zero arguments." Just because I say it"... curious these top players that "know the game" are the first ones abusing the meta. ” The point is that people who have knowledge and know what they are writing about understand the essence of the post, if you need additional explanation, it means that you do not have such knowledge and can not imagine the situation in practice, it means that you should not speak because your knowledge on the subject is too poor. that's why th…

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “I originally intended to have fix update cycles, so all players could rely on their team compositions for a season. ” Keeping broken weapons for 3 months that spoil all the fun.... He needs to stop making stuff like this up... And stop adding CC to the game.... We can already replace Albion online with CC online or stunlock online. Or implement a trinket/rings system for smaller/solo groups to have any chance of getting out of stunlocks. 1 use per 15-30min. Now you get ca…

  • Mace online aka stunlock online

    Quagga - - Rants


    NERF THIS CC bullshit... I want to play a game, not watch 10 brainless people dump everything on me after being stunned and rooted for 300 years. LET ME PLAY THE GAME.

  • Quote from Borbarad: “And people wonder why few people take forum seriously - it´s because of so many people speaking out on things they don´t know anything about. ” It's a trend to talk about everything and anything no matter if you are right or wrong, just to talk. albion forum is pure cancer. No matter if you play one tree for 3 years or more, no matter if you know all the tricks... a guy comes who plays cd for a few months and he knows better.

  • I expect CC nerf dmg and mobility for me is irrelevant.... The stunlock bullshit needs to stop, let people play the game and not hold them stunned/rooted for 10 seconds.

  • I don't know why you guys are even talking to this guy malkalma, the guy has shown everyone that he is a noob and has no idea what he is talking about.

  • Quote from Malkalma: “Quote from Quagga: “and someone like that starts topics and gives suggestions about safety and changes in new patches... this guy has no idea what he is writing about... such setup you can use in YZ or before nerf hideouts with 20 safe spots on the map. I suggest you stay in town and play HCE and keep crying, and the best irony is if your knowledge about HCE is the same as your knowledge about gathering and gameplay in OW then HCE should get even bigger nerfs, if such peopl…

  • Quote from iRawn: “It was changed to prevent ppl in full 8.3 from getting downed and suiciding to prevent fame loss. Change was made awhile ago. ” Suicide or not KDA was still counted as far as I remember, the only thing was that the person who won the fight did not get the fame, if I am wrong in something then correct me.

  • Quote from Malkalma: “Quote from solventh: “Quote from Malkalma: “Ah right. The ganker decides to take a fight and we call that high risk. Alright... No more questions. Don't expect any smarter answer. ” moron doesnt get shit:it is always chaos when gankers go into black. sometimes it s win sometimes it s defeat. sometimes you return with good loot, sometimes you drop ~2.5m to the ground 3 consecutive times all in the same run. it s all random. but good gank leadership will help them give less (…

  • They should cut current stun/root duration by -20% leering cane + plate has too much value. meta after mace nerf in cd will probably stay badon/fire and armor of valor on all builds. But it doesn't interest me much, i'm looking forward to mace nerf in OW the most, it goes crazy with amount and stun lock in this game.

  • Quote from Geulanteutak: “Quote from Kjerst: “Swords are fine, don't touch it ” Increase the damage a little bit please! ” crazy! Not that merc jacket scales with broadsword and now you have anti purge merc jacket, you still want to get bonus dmg. Haha nice joke.

  • 0 matchmaking. HG showed that this idea looked good on paper and in practice it turned out to be a total mistake everything should be based on RNG. If matchmaking is introduced people will reduce infame in 6.0 and farm newbies etc.. thats why RNG system is the best, you never know who you will get.

  • in 3 months ? 6 ? or next big update in 1 year

  • Not only that the game of EU devs, I have to pay VPN shit to play to this routing breaks and random lags and dcs.. It's a joke that in 2k21 they can't provide stable servers in a full loot pvp game... where a stable server is the core. Tell me more... and new screen delay is a direction for mobile gamers. as practically every next change in this game is mobile friendly. in a year or two we will be playing a game where with pressing 1 button we will be doing 3000x things and all for the sake of m…

  • A good group of 8+ people would always kill you, no matter if before the update or now... you're a noob, you die. you're not a noob, you don't die. Instead of improving your gameplay and learning from your mistakes, creating new builds, working with meta and suggesting "possible itemization gaps" you just cry "SBI TOO DIFFICULT ELP".

  • bump game unplayable, even with VPN constant lags and reconnecting. without vpn i can't leave town with vpn slideshow.

  • Map Changes

    Quagga - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Stop being selfish, every post you make is crying and complaining, if others don't complain including me and can profit and not die from gankers then you can too, believe in yourself instead of creating more "useless" topics and instead of working on your gameplay, you want to push for changes to the whole game.

  • Quote from Riptide36: “I never really looked at it in that way, yellow zones are nice but thats not where the economy come from. ” 5jDeM79.png

  • move this to rant