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  • Quote from PaladinJavier: “Quote from Mrpotato: “So buff a weapon that is meta in 5v5 And nerf a weapon that is little more than a nerfed broadsword, got it ” It's a secondary tank. It needs to bring back 35%damage per stack. No damn comparison to braindead weapons. Glaive E =600 damage. Broadsword E= 1200 damage. Zero mobility. Last patch was awful balance against Spears. ” Basic Spear Attack: 600 dmg Broad Sword Basic Atack: 200dmg Spear Stack duration: 18s Broad Sword: 8s Spear Range: 12m Wid…

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Bem, é chamado de Risco vs Recompensa ... Para matar 8,3 u geralmente arrisca mais do que 6,0 .. Você joga hg com equipamentos de baixo risco e ganha equipamentos baratos. Onde está o problema? ” you go to the HG with cheap gear because the game forces you to do that, I wish I could go from 8.3 to the HG, but unfortunately that's not viable unlike the CDG where you earn a lot of money per hour. And you even mentioned the Risk X reward lol, where is the risk in content whe…

  • Quote from becauseahaha: “I'm curious why 2x2 might reward is 2 times more than CDs reward (~400 against ~200). We have fights every 10 min in HG but only every 20 min in CDs if we get lucky and opponent won't break crystals. Also in corrupted dungeon I risky with x10 more expensive gear. ” CDG: Fights every 20min worth 10-20m HG: Fights every 10min worth 400-600k 50% chance to break item. CDG: 5-10M HG: 200-300K Which do you find most profitable? CDG: Equipamentos 8.3 HG: Equipamentos 6.1 Which…

  • HG players starving while CDG players become billionaires and you still come here to say we're making a lot of money? Seriously? It's just sad to see your content slowly dying and people still come to say that you're earning more than you should, you're starving and others even say that you're earning more than the billionaire who plays 30min and earns millions.

  • not to mention that 2v2 needs a lot more skills than 1v1 since in 2v2 we have to face healer/dps and stun/dps, while in cdg you just hit and run, CDG is basically a marathon, whoever can run more wins, if you want you don't even die and yet it's the most profitable pvp content in the game, a joke.

  • Quote from becauseahaha: “I'm curious why 2x2 might reward is 2 times more than CDs reward (~400 against ~200). We have fights every 10 min in HG but only every 20 min in CDs if we get lucky and opponent won't break crystals. Also in corrupted dungeon I risky with x10 more expensive gear. ” 2x2 giving more than CDG? lol, CDG is currently the most profitable content in the game, in a fight you can win 2m+, while in HG you don't even win 200k in a fight and we still have a 10min PVE, not to mentio…

  • The combo system should be removed, the game has few players and not everyone plays hellgate and then we still have a system that separates players into "ranks", the game doesn't have enough player to make a combo system, HG should be the same to CDG, which has no combination system, in HG the more infamy you play the less you play because there are few people with the same infamy as you, normally you fight 3-4 times in a row with the same person, they should remove this infamy system that it se…

  • Yes, buff the most broken weapon of all time, the weapon that destroyed the HG meta for months, bring it back, also uninstall the game and remove it from the account.

  • HG Chest Bug

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    Still waiting to be fixed.

  • The healers are the only ones in this game who really need to know how to play and they're getting more and more nerfed, they're more and more at rock bottom, instead of people learning how to play the game they just go there and nerf the healer more and more and plus, healer was never Op and yet he was nerfed and continues to be nerfed day after day because of whiny people like you.

  • healer: Used potion at wrong time = Death (No energy) Used W at the wrong time = Death Used E at the wrong time = Death Used wrong chest = Death Used wrong boot = Death Cast skill over and over = Death (No energy) Quarter Staff: F + W = Win Missed the basic attack = Run Lost Life = Run Missed the E = Run Didn't kill the enemy in 1s = Run Which weapon do you think needs more skill?

  • quarterstaff wasn't even meant to exist, it's a toxic weapon for bad people, where you fight and run away, it's a weapon that doesn't need brains, meanwhile as a healer you must use each of your skills wisely to not die. If the quarterstaff misses something he'll just run away, toxic weapon.

  • Quote from DarthChewy: “Por que você acha que ele não para de curar os nervos em Hellgate? Porque a cura é abusada, causada pelo que você acredita? A luta que dura muito tempo para nada, causada por este capuz lolNenhuma habilidade necessária, apenas aperte D para salvar sua vida ” Long fights that are fun, what's the fun in a fight that lasts 10s? WOW I pressed F + W and won the HG ours, that's fun. The fun of this game is Healer/Dps, but healers are increasingly nerfed because the baddies pref…

  • It would be interesting to add a system where you sell your entire inventory at once. You select all the items you want to sell and sell all the items in the value of the last sales order for each item, just like when you create a sales order but you would sell all items at once, this would help a lot in the sales process of items.

  • We already have the mailbox that shows everything we sell and at what price we sell it, there's no reason to add something that will only make us waste our time having to go there and claim something.

  • I would like to see the old lifetouch coming back to HG, the old sacred heartbeat, the flash heal not to mention.

  • if it's to nerf cleric cloak then we have to revive the old healer, or when a Stun/dps appears just press Alt+F4

  • We have to ruin our buildings just to fight Toxic players who insist on playing Stun/DPS. I miss when the healers were like gods, that time was good, Stun/Dps didn't have a chance, now look at the healer, he became a dead man from hunger.

  • Quote from DarthChewy: “No, you have the merceray hood. The only reson why all play ice helmet: You can counter all. ” I said "one of the few" not the only one. And after mercenary you don't have any, and don't forget you still have to fight Healers. Cleric cloak is horrible against healer, it is only used against Stun/Dps, against healers we use bump.

  • Quote from Piddle: “A secret key combo, a code we can redeem, anything really. I don't want the 3 days premium. I just want to save myself 5-10 minutes of my life. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A B A Start ” When you create a character you have the option to skip the tutorial.