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  • that was clearly an alt character used as scout, but it's hard to prove it belongs to those gankers (although it's like 99% likely)

  • Quote from PastaPlease: “Ouch, someone get that man an ambulance ” Don't worry, i don't care enough about this whole thing to be butthurt. I still think it's hilarious that a "pro player" has literaly zero posts on this forum. Peace out

  • Quote from Ckx: “Hey there I'm currently sitting at first place of faction standing in entire server i was wondering since we didnt get any rewards with the campaign end is there going to be new rewards or ranks for the future to keep people grinding the ranks ? Thanks Ckx ” LOL you are the first in the whole server but you have written ONE message in the whole forum? yea...sure...

  • As per title, do cargo missions award faction points in addition to hearts, or is it just hearts? basically I wanna know if it's possible to increase my faction standing just by running trade missions. Thanks

  • Quote from TeenageDDirtbag: “What you think you know or don't doesn't mean squat. The game terms for using secondary characters are very much clear. If you have actual proof that these players are indeed using alts for scouting you should report them. Otherwise there is no point of witch hunting and pointing fingers. ” Yea...sure bro, whatever you say. Luckily human beings as a species don't always require actual proof, as put brains can infer the truth from clues after putting facts together. I…

  • Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “I see no evidence of cheating here. Just conjecture. ” Of course someone has to be the devil's advocate lol Just because there's no proof doesn't mean that we ALL know as gamers that this is an OBVIOUS case of scouting using a secondary account.

  • What do you guys think is a fair price for a 5.2 masterpiece 1h mace? if I try to sell it at the market there's no average price available and the suggested price is 350k silver. Is it a good price? thanks

  • Let's say I have in my inventory both a t2 and a t3 stone gathering journal. If I gather t3 stone and above, which journal is filled first? Does it depend on the position in the inventory? Or they both get filled out at the same time because they have different tiers? Thanks

  • A question for refiners

    teopower89 - - Beginner's Questions


    Hello! I'm currently leveling up my stone gathering spec but I believe that the big bucks are made with refined resources, in this case blocks. My issue is that if I gather let's say t4 stone I have to gather a huge amount of t3 and t2 stone in order to refine my t4 stones into blocks. Even more so if I gather t6 and above. Which strategy is more advisable? 1) Gather all resources myself and refine them (spending focus only on the highest tier available) 2) Only do high tier gathering and buying…

  • Quote from Geofors: “Just for my info, I really would like to know just what a group of players gets out of ganking someone in the yellow zones. I know that is costs me from 30-50k in repairs, but I'm not about to suicide so they can loot me. If I see them camping my body, I just log-off for 10 minutes or so and then come back. Particularly tickred me off last evening when a pair of them attacked me while I was fishing and not even in decent gear and away from my mount. Really sporting of them. …

  • Quote from Zynthia: “well 3 years or so isnt ages is it :o ” weeeeeell...for this game it kinda is

  • Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “Friendly reminder to all whiny carebears: the more you nerf ganking the bigger the gank squad that ganks you will be. ” Why when gankers complain it's legitimate but when it's literally everyone else they are just whining?

  • Quote from Zynthia: “its terribly unfair, i sold my first mammy for 5m :c ” that must have been ages ago!

  • I post here because it doesn't seem important enough of a topic for the General section, although mammoths are hardly a concern for beginners. Long story short, is 110/113m a fair price for transport mammoths or is it a temporary high? I have just recently started looking at mammoths in order to step up my trading activity so I don't know about older prices and if the current market value is considered fair. Any advice from experienced players? Thanks

  • Quote from ViLEuo: “Quote from teopower89: “@WscieklyGaming Just because the game allows you to be a "bad guy" (and let's be honest, gankers are nothing but griefers) it doesn't mean that you should be given equal opportunities as the "good guys". Your style of gaming is based on ruining someone else's experience. Fair enough, because it's useful to Albion economy and as I said the game allows it. But again, it's the same as in real life. You do have the possibility to go and rob people, but if …

  • what do you mean by faction class?

  • thank you

  • Does threat play any role in pvp? I'm asking because plate armors have 2 passive skills: Spirit Crush (which has no effect on players by definition) and Protective Instinct, so I wonder if the latter has any utility against players. Thanks

  • Any advice before I spend a huge amount of books? I know that bloodletter and mistcaller are still the dominat ones but if escaping was NOT necessary (like in non pvp zones) then what weapon would you guys recommend? Would it be wise to specialize in tanking weapon like hammers/maces to get that extra HP bonus when transporting goods on mount? (especially if i pair it with heavy armor) Thanks