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  • Quote from Amoebius76: “Hey there, there seems like a miscommunication happened on our part. The Elite Faction Mounts (all T8 variants) are not supposed to use mount skins, similar to battle mounts. Only the T5 variants are eligible for mount skins. We will correct the patchnotes accordingly, so thanks for the report! ” I know the "false" information on the official website wasnt intended to harm hard working investers. But sadly it does. It costed multiple people "of which i know of" hundreds o…

  • In recent update SBI confirmed the possibility to use Mount skins in conjunction with Elite Faction Mount. But this isnt working at all. The proof here: I can imagine this hurts every invester quite a lot that based decisions on the official website. Any chance anyone from Albion can confirm or deny this as a bug?

  • Mount Skins should be able to apply on all faction mounts, atm its not working on the elite winter bear (possible others aswell), atleast for the panda skin it is not for me. maybe someone else can jump in to confirm the other factions.