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  • Quote from Deadcub: “widescreen allow some players to have more advantage especially on heavy pvp game like albion and when the mobile version release, the gap advantage between players will be more apparent is it possible to remove widescreen from the game? ” how do you select widescreen?

  • Quote from Drunkhog: “So in the wiki it says when you are flagged hostile in you can be attacked by other flagged and non-flagged players. Recently I tried to attack flagged player while being non flagged myself and it wouldn't let me. attacks did no damage T all. Also, i noticed some players are flagged with only swords icon next to their name and some are flagged with swords and skull above their name, what's the difference? ” you cannot attack faction flagged people.

  • albion mobile

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    what kind of cell phone or tablet do I need?

  • Quote from thisismine: “Maybe try lowering the level of entry instead of increasing rewards? I remember when the game had yellow zone hg with 700ip cap with 80% reduction, it had more pvpers and was more active then red zone ones. I got a fight almost every hellgate from the yellowzone against multiple different teams in 1 session. I think there's just not a lot of interest because it's so costly right now. Unless you want to make it so that only veterans play it, then you have to reward waaaay …

  • livestreaming

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    how do i livestream my albion online play?

  • solo dungeons

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    Can you chain solo dungeons together? i beat the first dungeon. like hellgates i want to advance to another solo dungeon without exiting.

  • I want all of those changes.

  • Quote from KroDuK: “Quote from Deathskills: “I mostly agree, but there's a thin line that is way too gray atm.And the issue with you example, it's a % so the bigger your sample size is, the higher the chance that you have the "true" value of it due to how % works. ” Usually i would say ur right, but here the algorythm look rigged cuz of the lack of talent in maths from the dev.. here let me explain you why with a small exemple... I have a hat with numbers 1 to 300... you withdraw the number 297.…

  • Quote from Vivusvici: “Quote from j0ei: “Quote from Vivusvici: “I feel like hideouts in the roads needs a limit on max number of residents. The current state is a bit of a joke. There are alliances with hundreds and thousands of players that base out of a roads hideout. Yes they can't project their forces out into the other roads easily but they can still defend their hideout with all their numbers which I feel belongs to the blackzone not roads. It feels like abusing a system that was creating …

  • Quote from fenderpuddy: “1. Please add the feature for players to safely and securely contract items from one to another EVEN when they are offline, such as a trade contract where a person offers items for items, a silver contract where people offer silver for items or items for silver; most importantly: COURIER CONTRACTS, I can't stress this enough, please, please, please add them, people can put up courier contracts for items that they want to be hauled, they add collateral, a reward, and the …

  • why should I make avalonian shards?

  • faction ranks

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    what are the Prestige ranks?

  • faction ranks

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    how do higher faction ranks help me?

  • a for sale sign has a lease duration a purchase price. how long do I own a building after I buy it?

  • caerleon

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    I want to sell things in Caerleon. when is is the best time to go?

  • i want to make hellgate detectors. is it worthwhile?

  • Quote from RKOverdrive: “So this has happened 5 times almost back to back to yesterday and now again today... Why exactly do you all LoVeLy people at SBI here keep making T3 LOOT DROP IN CORRUPTED'S T4 shit is fine I suppose thats all fine and dandy but when we the players are running corrupteds the last thing we should have to see is a T3 pair of shoes or helmet -_- So maybe just maybe change the loot drops to T4 as the lowest tier of loot to drop ” your infamy level influenceseces loot level.

  • Quote from CassX: “Quote from lactroalter: “This weekend I transferred 9 million silver from my main account to one of my alters ” I do this maybe every week and more than a year, not for premium but for other reasons .. How come I don't have a ban? Because all the silver comes from the game / SBI shop? ... I'm not saying it won't be a mistake, but I don't really believe it. Stop supporting fucking RMT and you won't get a ban .. I know that SBI are not saints, they have "gray zones" in the rules…

  • Quote from Mytherceria: “Hi everyone, Today we have banned over 1,000 accounts for involvement in third-party currency transactions. Such involvement is expressly prohibited by our Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the quoted section below: Quote: “4.5.1 Users are prohibited from selling, purchasing, renting, leasing, offering, accepting, disseminating or copying Virtual Benefits, including Virtual Currency, within and/or outside the Game - in whatever form – to/from third parties unless exp…

  • if the trade is balanced, real money given or received for an AO item, the ban is illegal. MMO culture should start moving into the 2000s.