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  • - Please devs improve the identification of selected targets, my suggestion is to make the target's life bar color brighter or add some outline when selected or make the life bar wider, I don't know, but as it is I'm having difficulty identify my target when there are many players or mobs.


  • I think the avalonian roads are amazing, but it's not really worth the risk vs reward for a solo player, in my opinion, after opening some T8 chests and not profiting even 1M I gave up, the exaggerated rng ends up getting a little discouraged from venturing into all the contents.

  • This is one of the biggest problems I see in the mobile version of Albion, all skills that need targeting need to be adjusted to exactly hit the selected target, another problem is that when you accidentally double-press certain skills they are cancelled. The combat controls in League of Legends: Wild Rift are perfect, it would be a good way forward.

  • Joystick Problem

    Dereguejohne - - Mobile Version


    Please allow the option to make the joystick fixed on the screen, as several times the joystick moves outside the screen boundaries and this hinders the movement.

  • please allow to configure basic attack on right and/or left mouse buttons.

  • My idea is to implement a new configuration option to increase the width of the mobs/players health bars and when selecting the target the life bar color becomes more vivid and highlighted, facilitating the identification of the selected target, especially on occasions where there are many players or mobs around the target. My idea is that the result will be more or less like this...…4620e8298734497c702945b55

  • Quote from Agrafka: “Or whatever what let you loot as fast as PC players. At that moment, when ganking, there is NO OPTION for mobile players to compete about looting with PC players. ” great point.

  • 1 - Unique icons for each skill. 2 - Graphic improvement of characters and more elaborated customization options. 3 - Possibility to change the character's name.

  • I suggest the option to get all loot items instead of having to double click each one, besides being time consuming this is not practical at all.

  • 1 - Servers in different regions so that everyone can play with low ms, but keeping the global game as it is today. 2 - Control support for the mobile version. 3 - Improved and updated combat animations and allow attacking while moving without stopping movement.

  • I've also been wondering this for a while now, it would be perfect if Albion continued to be a global game as it is today, but had servers spread across the world so that we could all have the pleasure of playing below 50~100ms.

  • Compatibilidade com Gamepad

    Dereguejohne - - Mobile Version


    Olá! Gostaria de reforçar a sugestão e também dar alguns feedbacks, desejo muito que chegue ao time de desenvolvimento, pois foram alguns desse motivos pelos quais não tive uma boa experiência e me fizeram parar de jogar, mas continuo acompanhando o desenvolvimento de Albion. 1° - Peço para que o time de devs implementem o suporte a controles e gamepads em geral, pois além de ser muito injusto jogar contra jogadores de pc é também muito mais cômodo jogar com controle, pois Albion possui muitas a…

  • Hi! I would like to reinforce the suggestion and also give some feedback, I really hope that it reaches the development team, as these were some of the reasons why I didn't have a good experience and made me stop playing, but I continue to follow the development of Albion. 1° - I ask the dev team to implement support for controllers and gamepads in general, as in addition to being very unfair to play against pc players, it is also much more comfortable to play with controllers, as Albion has man…

  • Nenhum! A empresa bloqueou todos, acho engraçado que jogadores mobile jogam contra jogadores do pc o que é uma desvantagem gigantesca, mas o jogador mobile não pode jogar no emulador, não entendo essas empresas...

  • - Consider keeping the joystick fixed, as it gets in the way when it is necessary to select a target that is on the left side of the screen and ends up triggering the joystick, another problem is that to use the mount the same problem occurs. - Please consider allowing to play the mobile version through an emulator, as some players do not have a PC as good to play or a cell phone so robust that this game requires and a weak PC with an emulator makes it possible to have a good experience in Albio…