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  • Mace

    Yorhaka - - Rants


    ALBION THE SANDBOX MMORPG WHERE YOU FOLLOW ONE BROKEN WEAPON TO BEAT EVERYONE What are you waiting for to nerf the mace? this stupid thing is completely broken. I'm starting to think you're stupid or it's a choice you make. And please stop nerfing all mobility spells for nerf weapons. The problem is not mobility but your quality.

  • o ye popularity hits recordsss but open world dead asf. some of your words are as unreal as those of the north korean leader

  • Quote from deenne: “after mace fix there will be spear problem.. after spear there still is frost.. never ending problem.. CD need separate balance.. most CD players are kids.. who want play the most meta shit and show everyones how good they are. its like mini LOL in albion.. overall thats not bad.. but devs have to push it on good tracks and unleash balance.. its a full loot pvp.. and its dumb if u dont like 1 meta weapon, this content is closed for you. ” the last words from you is important.…

  • I agree, the game no longer gives any pleasure other than stress this is a full loot INSANELY unbalanced game and doesn't offer good content for PvE. I dont want to do shit CD's because I definitely don't find it balanced. And you know what? nothing left to do for a solo player. and yes swords are junk. you have to play 2.5x better than ur opponent to win a fight meanwhile mace was killing everyone with one hand.

  • so.. i guess.. if there is a concept for solo players here please let me know, (apart from unbalanced CD's and unrealistic suggestions) dont even waste your time

  • I just want to ask how to fuck an ''Parry Strike'' skill gets interrupted from quartershittaf?

  • idk whats wrong but they act like there is no such weapon for them. I only enjoy to play swords but you cant imagine my struggle against other weapon lines. I agree with everything but got no hope.

  • this frost staff fucks everything without any effort and I lost all my trust to this shitty cheap mmorpg.

  • Yes its a bug. a friend of mines lost average 15m and they still didnt even give info to players about it

  • Nerf BlackHands

    Yorhaka - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Agreed, You play very carefully against the black hands and the reward for winning is usually 50k if he looted in dg Idk

  • I invite the person who left the swords in this situation to play against any ranged opponent... man this shit never works if your enemy has a piece of brain you only win if your opponent makes a mistake and they dont when things get serious how tf we are supposed to catch our enemy with 20 sec cd iron will? Parry strike is overrated at all ( easy to counter, stealing all your poor mobility) Q animations are depressing About swords Galatine swords are a really good option for you to commit suici…

  • Quote from UNFM: “talk with random andy69 about weapons and balance.. he want sword as META then swords will be fine.. retarded thinking. sword are totally fine only AVA need buff/rework. @HIDKstr swords were meta after CD release. then community asked sbi to nerf and sbi did exactly what community wanted, if you dont played in that time, no one cares ” I am playing this game for only 3 months and I understood that swords are really worst option to play as meele player.. I feel like you have tot…

  • yihk

  • Thank you for all reply. I started to get win against players in CD with using broad-claymore. Frankly, I can say that my winning rate is even more than 70%. I made 20m in total and bought premium but I feel like I will never take place in the PvE part of the game as a sword player. like AVA dungs, T7-8 BZ dungs.. is there any option similar with swords gameplay? ( I worked on daggers up to lv70 and didnt really like it.)

  • I dont know how to use any robe good against an afk regular bow player lol

  • is there a concept where swords are good for solo player? I really dont want to respec my sword specs... Its too expensive for a new player...

  • I have been playing albion for the last three weeks and I have reached almost 400 spec in the sword tree, I have tried playing corrupted dungeon with the advice of many youtubers and veteran players so I tried every single sword in the sword tree and there were 3 playable swords I found ( broadswords,claymore,carving) but ever since I started facing real players I was challenging myself with a weapon that is too weak for the weapons they play. I don't think I played badly, but for some reason I …