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  • thank you for showing me my oversight with the territories - i must most probably partake in claiming a territory to see how the upgrading works exactly or what it actually changes.

  • Guardian Helmet cancer at groups

    Esygrim - - Rants


    lol who would have ever guessed that giving yourself several thousands of shields, even more if you stack with knight boots would be overpowered - how many buff removals do we have in the game? oh right does not matter even if you stack guardian helmet, knight boots and cleric cowl. its a "build" i guess - so its fine right? i wonder how long it takes for Divine Staff, Guardian Helmet, Cleric Cowl, Knight Boots, Martlock Cape to become a big thing. subsequent shields applied in under 10 seconds …

  • i'd be happy if i could turn on the overcrowded effect myself for the annoying situations. to my insignificant and faulty perspective this would not seem to cost much development time. would it not be just more then a button in the ui or options or keybinds? lol i'd be happy about a chat command for that to toggle ...

  • PVE areas!

    Esygrim - - Feedback & Suggestions


    im a gatherer and crafter myself - but currently on a purely t5 and stable economy after 3 months into the game. im about to do more red zone gathering than before once i get my spec a bit higher to have a higher effective hp when dealing with attackers. its just how it is and actually should be - you want high tier resources, you got to get ready to get your hands dirty in pvp. when i enter a red or black zone i expect to be engaged or engage in fights - that is the main thing there and to be h…

  • Pet System

    Esygrim - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “1. What would it actually do? 2. Can I murder you and steal your pet? ” 1. they hopefully would look cute or cool running after you. 2. hopefully it would be like cosmetics that do not drop.

  • yes please - i'd like that change.

  • i love mmos there was a time in my life where i literally would not have endured living without gaming an mmo. never did i design anything like a game - i am a gamer fullheartedly. following are my suggestions for the game that lured me in and scratched my old school hardcore vibes, just to let me down and realize what it actually is: ' above all, please have the game encourage the mindset of relevance of skill and please do not reward bullies so much ... its painful what behavior and mindsets a…

  • Albion sucks

    Esygrim - - Rants


    he is sadly right tho (exept the stupid eliminated part that is really ... wrong on multiple levels) ... in every guild i go there is lethargy or very nasty mindsets ... or both. you do dungeons you get trolled about 1-3 times per day - i dont call it pvp .... its not pvp if you get swarmed. albion online is actually just good for a study on disgraceful game design - who messed this up? this game should have been its own statement on gaming history the core design looks great, but nothing is wor…

  • Quote from Malkalma: “Cloth is giving 60% bonus hp regen Leather 130% Plate 220% ” why do you guys think there is this difference?

  • any change for actual game benefit of smaller or mid sized guilds has a high risk of exponentially increasing the strength of large guilds and alliances... soooo to me just looking at what i see its delicate to make changes that help out smaller guilds. my flawed opinion is that there are not enough limitations in place in pvp. skill is less relevant if you just brute force zerg your victory - its easier also. you can only get rid of that by actual ip caps depending on the tier of the zone in ad…

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “Who even thought that a ranged AoE Q spell would look nice with some hard CC? ” it is called "shaking up the meta" i guess also diminishing returns on cc and shields or actual ip caps?

  • how is this weird formula N*E*K working out so far? i find it nonsensically hilarious... as if these are the only factors of open world pvp ... lol what about incentives and how do the incentives last against players who failproof your "system" by breaking and cheesing or trolling it? how does that screw the risk and reward ratio and thus the motivation to engage in it all together? whats it worth? i like albion alot enough to play it for about 5 years ... but its a bully simulator that calls it…

  • @DartheIncarnate what would have happened if the party you trolled in the video had a dps and a tank apply cc on you?

  • its not a real cap ... and it shows that albion is shy of implementing what would lead to a more fair pvp experience overall. these soft caps are a bit pretentious ... what are they supposed to be good for? allowing only the max spec max gear players a truly competetive encounter, or allow them to farm most other lower spec and geared people like mobs for their loot? ... in both assumptions it would be bad, but most things i assume are usually wrong and i would really like an official statement …

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Here in this game, gankers cannot ever catch smart people. It´s just impossible. There are so, so, so many ways to escape from gankers its riddiculous. ” personally im trying to get high spec with harvester gear that seems to help with escaping.

  • nah mobility isnt the issue - i dont want passive buffs when im alone its an mmo everybody would just be alone to grab the party buff lol that would not make sense albion is alot about pvp - mainly supposedly, its open world pvp is just shit like this.

  • being a bully group is too lucrative and easy in Albion ... you can only fix that yourself by not presenting an easy target for them. which often means not presenting yourself at all ... I am a big fan of the idea of item power caps - actual hard caps that allow you to engage more freely. if you prefer an advantage on your mobility while you are alone you should consider focusing in the style that allows you to play like that.

  • its crazy that this is still not function in our inventory ... when it comes to inventory management, i believe many games would learn from terraria.

  • thank you for sharing your idea that so many of us though about too.

  • Better solution is that if you where engaged with a player you dont have increased regen from buffs outside combat till one of the players involved is downed or dead.