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  • Survival mode

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    Quote from Unangwata: “Ability to start character in survival mode, that cannot use market or trade with players, and is prevented from getting items from players any other way (like ownership etc). You are on your own. Could be reason to start another character instead of having just 1, You would need to make everything for yourself. Or lucky and find. ” many streamers often play in this format. To do this, you do not need to make any additional settings and changes in the game. Just create a c…

  • agree with you, but the game will not be the same, the goal is to keep the new player, and the new players want pve and security, so that they can plunder on the phone in blue locations in the evening. In the next year or two, inflation and the depreciation of resources from the save gameplay will finish off the game and it will turn into a full-fledged pve game for klats klats players in the style of tamagotchi So enjoy what's left of the old game we loved, soon it won't be

  • now these corrupt dungeons are running around gameplay, not pvp, its not PVP. You can even include music from the Benny Hill show in the background, it is very suitable for what is happening. It is necessary that during the invasion, everyone is transferred to a small round arena, one and a half screens in size. And no running along the tracks of ants

  • The last time I played was 2 years ago (starts in 2015), and when I entered the game now, I was very surprised how the economy died due to high inflation. How "pvp" died in black locations. What a chasm between new players and players with 700+ skill.Once upon a time, a long time ago, albion was originally planned as a game with periodic seasonal wipes, but the developers abandoned this idea later and we saw the result of this decision after 6 years. A dead market, where all resources except t8 …

  • HUD move, when?

    Artur White - - Feedback & Suggestions


    RlP5RIL5JKo.jpg I have been playing Albion since 2015, now it is already 2021 and there is still no hud moving across the screen in the game, to this day the character's hp bar is fixed in the farthest corner of the screen to constantly jump with his eyes to the very corner. Keeping track of stacks and debuffs and their timings is just annoying. When will it be possible to move the hud in Albion in a way that is convenient for the player? 6 years have passed

  • don't work tags icon in the game. what to do? if you assign other buttons - also does not work speech on the icons on the selected target (heart, sword, shield, skull, etc.)

  • Quote from MegaEdu13: “We have 150+ ping here in Brazil too, mate. Only NA have 50- ping. What makes you think we are different? ” my apologies if I'm wrong about brazil. It turns out that good ping is only in Eastern America? And for everyone else (and this is most people) ping 150+? It is beautiful, logical

  • Quote from MegaEdu13: “Quote from Artur White: “what you have done is a temporary solution and the attackers will soon find out again the address of the new server, and again there will be a DDOS. Move the game server to a normal data center in Europe, and not these half measures ” You got the ideia when he said that they weren't the aim, right? ” Quote from Vadokishi: “Quote from Aesop: “It still sounds like things you should've known on day 1 instead of day 9. ” Quote from Artur White: “what y…

  • what you have done is a temporary solution and the attackers will soon find out again the address of the new server, and again there will be a DDOS. Move the game server to a normal data center in Europe, and not these half measures

  • turn off the game for a week (it's still impossible to play it now with such a ping) and transfer the server to Europe

  • если 27к для тебя это сумма, то вот тебе совет как поднимать за 20 минут 20к с нулевым риском без вложений. Зелёная зона. Собираешь т2 железо (за 10 минут 1000 орэ) Перекравчиваешь в стартовой локе в т2 слитки. Несёшь в ближайший город. Цена ~20 серебра за слиток. В итоге: 1. Ты можешь заниматься этим в любое время суток. 2. Т2 ресурс никто почти не собирает, его везде навалом, респится быстро. 3. Тебя никто не ганкает при перевозке. 4. Переплавка в слитки — бесплатно. (ещё и фейма апнешь) 5. 99…

  • Новое в игре

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    Quote from Ka1t: “или все это фигня) ” в точку.

  • Quote from Valerik: “Здравия желаю всем! И так начнём. Каждый раз когда я хочу пойти в инст, пвп, или просто фарм ресурсов (Т5), то я трачу просто 1 час для того чтобы добрать и вернуться назад от назначенного места. Неужели так тяжело сделать какой нибудь перевалочный пункт где можно заплатить серебром и тебя перебросят в локацию, раньше до этой БЕТЫ можно было использовать корабль для путешествий в города со всеми вещами, сейчас они и это отменили дабы люди не разрушали экономику в игре, манип…

  • clean the disc C (~ 6 gigs free) and the error will disappear It helped me.

  • Quote from CokeyFlo: “ты же писал, что свободно 20 гб? ” диски попутал, пост поправил, С вычистил и апдейт прошёл

  • Quote from CokeyFlo: “Место на диске "С" освободи , гигов 5-6../ ” 5.4 хватило. тему можно закрывать.

  • Час добрый. Вчера столкнулся с проблемой установки игры, как и многие другие новые игроки, судя по данному топику клац Ошибка заключается в том, что по неизвестным мне причинам file при загрузке лаунчером в папку %temp% попросту битый, в следствии чего лаунчер не может его открыть и разархивировать Вчера помог способ просто выгрузки уже целого клиента от другого игрока, сегодня вышел апдейт и апдейтер естественно попытался установить его, что в итоге вер…

  • Quote from Nycray: “GUYS, I managed to play to Albion like this : My friend installed it and had no lag, so he uploaded his allbion's folder on megaupload and I download it after, it's long but it works, here is the link if nobody managed to fix this !!1JVCxYya!E5sBB-Xp4fx…1R18A0NSxXKls2pJg8Sb9-kjQ Thx him after =P ” It worked yesterday, but today came update in the game, and an error with .zip file back again, and now we do not enter the game. Developers do not see the problem? The er…