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  • Hullo, We're not blocking anything in regards to google gift cards - I'm not certain we even could. Some info that I was able to find: Problems with Play country To use a gift card or redeem a promotional code: - You must be a resident of the country where the gift card or promotional code is offered. - You must physically be in the country or region. - The country listed in your Google Play account must match the country where the gift card or promotional code is offered. - If you recently move…

  • Updated the OP. The issue likely is fixed, although the changes we made will take a few minutes to make their way through every system along the way. -Talion

  • Hey! Normally, the code should be dispatched immediately. Try logging in again - it should generate a new code. If you're still running into issues, my colleagues at can help you. -Talion

  • Fxxk your mxxx's overlord clause

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    Hello, No, you still can't sell your account. Thread locked. -Talion

  • Sandbox Interactive is Hiring!

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    Added two more listings to the bunch. -Talion

  • [02.07] Fixing of the Hotfix

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    Hello everyone, We have seen a few reports on the forum about people not being able to download the Hotfix we released on July 1st. During today's maintenance, so, now, we're deploying a new server version that should allow people suffering from this issue to connect again. Please report in this thread is not the case. Thanks! -Talion

  • Sandbox Interactive is Hiring!

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    Hello everyone, With the mobile launch successfully behind us, and population levels being at an all-time high, it’s probably a good time to shine the spotlight on Sandbox Interactive’s job openings again. There’s a number of listings open, and the full list can be found here. I’d like to particularly point out two of those listings where I think that there may be quality candidates within the community. To have a more expansive look at the details of the job and the profile(s) we’re looking for…


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    Hi All, First of all: thank you for making your voice heard. We have re-discussed the topic again internally and have decided that the old logos can remain. -Talion

  • Quote from Midgard: “Searching "Sandbox Interactive" finds it in the App store (whereas "Albion Online" did not). Strange. ” I heard that from two other people as well. And I also heard a little later than your post that it now properly also works with Albion Online. Would you try and let me know if you see the same now? -Talion

  • Quote from Meatloaf80: “Quote from SHARKY: “Quote from Meatloaf80: “I have i phone 12 pro max on 14.6 and Albion Online isnt showing up on in the app store. ” Hi @Meatloaf80,This should help you: Quote from Mytherceria: “Quote from desimushk: “Is it available in HK Apple APP Store. I cannot find it. ” Hi,It takes some time for the search indexes to update. I would recommend going from the direct links below: - Apple App Store - Google Play Store - Mytherceria ” ” Yes this did do the the trick, t…

  • It has happened! Albion Online has released in Apple's AppStore and on the Google Play Store. You can now easily install the app via the native storefronts and take Albion Online with you whereever you go. We have compiled answers to some of the questions you might have regarding the launch. Please see below. Which mobile devices can I play on? At least 3 GB of memory is required (as always, more is better, so 4 GB are recommended) to run the mobile client. We cannot give definite lists of devic…

  • Hi everyone, We are regularly in contact with Easy Anti Cheat (‘EAC’) regarding new malicious tools, meaning bots, hacks and the likes, so they can analyze them and fit them into their detection software. We have submitted a bunch of malicious tools to EAC for investigation, and they added them to their detection on the 19th in the morning. Whenever a new tool is added to their detection, there is going to be a spike in bans through EAC, that then usually taper off really quick because word spre…

  • Die mobile Version von Albion Online kommt diesen Sommer sowohl in den Apple App Store als auch den Google Play Store. Dafür könnt ihr euch hier registrieren! Es gibt eine spezielle Belohnung für cross-platform play wenn die Mobilversion veröffentlicht wird, über die wir euch in unserem Newsartikel mehr erzählen. Das beste für Spieler in Deutschland ist: die Mobilversion ist dort bereits verfügbar! So können wir, als deutsches Studio, die Mobilversion auf dem Weg zum globalen Release noch besser…

  • Not getting the security code

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    Normally you shouldn't have to. Without knowing the specifics of your case (Support is your friend there), try forcing a new code by trying to log in again, if you haven't already. -Talion

  • Update (16:40 UTC): Quote from Mytherceria: “Hi everyone, The server is back up and running! Thanks for your patience, - Mytherceria ” Hello everyone, We have to take down our servers for a server stability fix at 16:20 UTC. The expected downtime is below 20 minutes. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Talion

  • Hey everyone, Thanks for bringing up your concerns about the performance of the API. Considering that this API was always meant to be for internal use, and thus entirely undocumented, the sheer number of tools that were developed and serve community purposes is astounding. This widespread acceptance and distribution of tools latching onto that API is, at the moment, its downfall. The increase in player numbers, paired with the increase in numbers of tools, brought the infrastructure behind this …

  • Censorship in Albion Online?

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    Quote from Hattenhair: “Optional filter is not optional part ” Because the optional, extended, part is what was added. The hard filtering for some words that are not acceptable under any circumstances has been in place for nearly two years. So, nothing new, nothing in the patch notes. -Talion

  • Droga Społeczności Albionu, Niestety, dowiedzieliśmy się o naruszeniu bezpieczeństwa danych w jednym z naszych systemów, w wyniku którego złośliwa osoba uzyskała dostęp do części bazy danych użytkowników naszego forum. Co się stało? Intruz mógł uzyskać dostęp do profili użytkowników forum, w tym adresów e-mail powiązanych z tymi kontami na forum. Ponadto, napastnik uzyskał dostęp do zaszyfrowanych haseł (w kategoriach technicznych: haszowane i zaszyfrowane hasła). Tych haseł NIE można używać do …

  • Уважаемые игроки Albion Online, К сожалению, мы должны сообщить вам об утечке данных, о которой нам стало известно в одной из наших систем. Злоумышленник недавно получил доступ к частям пользовательской базы данных нашего форума. Если вы получили это электронное письмо, значит, ваш профиль может быть затронут. Что случилось? Злоумышленник смог получить доступ к профилям пользователей форума, которые включают в себя адреса электронной почты, связанные с этими форумными учетными записями. Кроме то…

  • Nota: Esta es una traducción automática que será reemplazada por una traducción manual lo antes posible. Estimada comunidad de Albion, Desafortunadamente, nos hemos enterado de una violación de datos en uno de nuestros sistemas, en la que un actor malintencionado obtuvo acceso a partes de la base de datos de usuarios de nuestro foro. ¿Que pasó? El intruso pudo acceder a los perfiles de usuario del foro, que incluyen las direcciones de correo electrónico conectadas a esas cuentas del foro. Además…