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  • Quote from Geulanteutak: “Quote from Kjerst: “Swords are fine, don't touch it ” Increase the damage a little bit please! ” crazy! Not that merc jacket scales with broadsword and now you have anti purge merc jacket, you still want to get bonus dmg. Haha nice joke.

  • 0 matchmaking. HG showed that this idea looked good on paper and in practice it turned out to be a total mistake everything should be based on RNG. If matchmaking is introduced people will reduce infame in 6.0 and farm newbies etc.. thats why RNG system is the best, you never know who you will get.

  • in 3 months ? 6 ? or next big update in 1 year

  • Not only that the game of EU devs, I have to pay VPN shit to play to this routing breaks and random lags and dcs.. It's a joke that in 2k21 they can't provide stable servers in a full loot pvp game... where a stable server is the core. Tell me more... and new screen delay is a direction for mobile gamers. as practically every next change in this game is mobile friendly. in a year or two we will be playing a game where with pressing 1 button we will be doing 3000x things and all for the sake of m…

  • A good group of 8+ people would always kill you, no matter if before the update or now... you're a noob, you die. you're not a noob, you don't die. Instead of improving your gameplay and learning from your mistakes, creating new builds, working with meta and suggesting "possible itemization gaps" you just cry "SBI TOO DIFFICULT ELP".

  • bump game unplayable, even with VPN constant lags and reconnecting. without vpn i can't leave town with vpn slideshow.

  • Map Changes

    Quagga - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Stop being selfish, every post you make is crying and complaining, if others don't complain including me and can profit and not die from gankers then you can too, believe in yourself instead of creating more "useless" topics and instead of working on your gameplay, you want to push for changes to the whole game.

  • Quote from Riptide36: “I never really looked at it in that way, yellow zones are nice but thats not where the economy come from. ” 5jDeM79.png

  • move this to rant

  • Quote from WHIT3ROS3: “1 person cannot delay endlessly against a large group. It's impossible. Perhaps a single outpost but they will still lose control of the zone. A faction only needs the majority of outposts to take a zone, not all of them. ” I can prove it to you that before the boss comes I can waste 20-30 minutes no matter you there will be a t2-t3 blob. You just can't kill me before the boss comes. I'm surprised you're defending this cheesus... I understand that a lot of people farm poin…

  • Here we go, carebears and casuals are attacking bz and full loot. Does anyone force you to play? Why do you force yourself and want to impose your tastes on others? You don't like something, leave it, don't stew.

  • So taking away people's unlimited AFK profit in the city and forcing them to go out and play instead of creating new alts and islands is called a bad change? I think the direction the game has gone is very good, seeing most of the bad comments people are always more complaining than praising. there are some things to improve, the economy should come alive a bit... another thing that needs to be changed is the plots system and how it works... The same people have had plots since the beginning of …

  • Unfortunately valor armor is the only playable item in cd... any other item = dead vs fire artilery or orb... ohh and you can't play melle because of fire wall + orb.. As usual retroman and his changes... they added fire Q3 which not only killed the only counter to this weapon which was kiting. they also added a buff to the orb so that melle can write /suicide. why weapons that can only be countered by mobility have been added to royal boots... which is faster than most weapons... how stupid are…

  • mobile andy is complaining about not being able to play solo in ow. jesus christ...

  • we have a fix for CD players... less range and a big DMG nerf.... as for CC it still leaves a lot to be desired.... off hand + plate can stun you 4ever

  • Quote from WHIT3ROS3: “Every faction does the same thing, so I don't see how this provides an "advantage" to any faction. I frequently try and stall outposts solo and try and wear down the defenders or stop them until reinforcements arrive. If the Champion just insta-spawns it will mean that entire zones can be taken in a matter of a few minutes. Not allowing for any forces to muster or for people to see that a zone is under attack and respond. The system currently allows for solo and small grou…

  • bump

  • still random spike ping 110-> 160+ reconnecting window EU Voy7TEZ.png out3dmx.png XUghvep.png

  • OW fame seems a tad bit too much.

    Quagga - - Rants


    Lower entry threshold is ok... more players more content. Can you imagine waiting 1-2 years for new players to catch up with your specs? That would be ridiculous. Personally what annoys me more is not making the game easier to play in terms of gaining fame, but combat balance and new weapons and every change that is made is so braindead/mobile firendly. or total misunderstood changes from DOT,HEALING,SUSTAIN ITEMS etc.. but that's an offtopic