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  • Recruitment is still open to roleplayers to build a strong community and add some soul to this game. Check our guild website for details.

  • Check your inventory and expand the view to the left by clicking the little arrow top left of that frame. There you should see the amount of focus points available to your character. If the number is zero you might need to consume the focus potion given to you by another NPC in the same town to obtain focus points. Then craft the item.

  • And the local fishermen still gather on the small stretch of land between the river and the town and enjoy themselves even if there is hardly any good catch in sight.…a6bcdd0ee3d5f40f0b74f0599

  • Crossing the Realm…a6bcdd0ee3d5f40f0b74f0599 Every other year around the same time when adventurers from across the sea hold up their much beloved tradition to pave the roads and cities of Albion with carved pumpkin lanterns, opaque shapes unite at a belowground chapel. Nowhere declaiming on pumpkin soup recipes the secretive reunion has sinister intentions. "Here we are to worship, demonborn mother"…a6bcdd0ee3d5f40f0b74f0599 When all…

  • Recruitment is still open. Message me in game or join our discord. Have a look at our website! We have crafting and refining up to T4 for non-trial guild members on the guild island next to Thetford. We run the Smugglers Creek Tavern in Thetford Harbor for roleplaying events. Casual guild with a roleplaying background but we do other things as well as we grow. Also looking for other roleplaying guilds to interact and/or form an alliance. Beginner friendly. EU Timezone.

  • Censorship in Albion Online?

    Beywulf - - Forum Banter


    This game is USK 12, which means that there are minors allowed to play. As it is all virtual you cannot invoke free spech or human rights for your anonymous pixel character. Please read the Terms of Use and particularly Section 13 and you will understand. If you need to reach out to someone official to discuss your concern: Youth Protection Officer: Dr. Andreas Lober, Attorney E-mail:

  • Recruitment is still open. Feel free to visit our website at and join our guild discord if interested in the concept. EU timezone.…a6bcdd0ee3d5f40f0b74f0599

  • You can find us sometimes at Smugglers Creek Tavern. Locations and directions upon requets.…a6bcdd0ee3d5f40f0b74f0599

  • Yep. I am not disagreeing with you and OP that the RPG in MMORPG should be looked at much more closely by the game designers. Such marketing surely attracts a player base that looks for RPG elements and finds out that there is very little to do after a month unless you enter penalized PvP or roleplay on your own (ideally they have already premium subbed to get the island during that time from a monetary perspective). Because you are limited in terms of upgrading gear and time. Features that have…

  • Fellow Adventurers We have new information available on our Community Pages! Updated Website: Check out The Gauntlet: Here you can find our Website. The Gauntlet Roleplay Discord is available via this link:

  • Our Guild Armouries have nice goods on display. Recruitment is still open.…a6bcdd0ee3d5f40f0b74f0599

  • Pointing to the recruitment post on the bulletin board.…a6bcdd0ee3d5f40f0b74f0599

  • guild.jpg The Gauntlet Casual / Roleplay / Beginner / Friendly / Thetford... The stranded seaman had to make a decision: Pack a few belongings onto his little mule and head to a larger settlement uncertain what to expect? Or stay with a bunch of broken sailors that had no clue how to survive the next day on this new land? It would not be without any consequences to his freedom and wellbeing to settle in a place where criminals, beggars and fallen mercenaries roam the same streets as nobles, weal…

  • Beginner joined Albion

    Beywulf - - Beginner's Questions


    Welcome Adventurer! After completing the ingame tutorial you can have a look at the Guides section and continue with the "Your First/Second day in Albion" and then "Week 1". It gives you a basic understanding if you like being guided. Your abilities are defined by the equipment you wear (cloth, leather, plate), hence you can choose and change as you like. There is no class-restriction or selection, you play the role you want. There is one common server and everyone starts in the same faction. Th…

  • I can see your disappointment with the advertising and what you actually found in terms of your expectations. A sandbox game is no themepark with quests that walks you through a pre-defined story. I do like the tutorial quests though to have an easy start but they are limited as it should be. For quest lovers you are better of with FFXIV. For pure survival and freedom to build you might try Life is feudal. Nothing prevents you from creating your own story. Find some likeminded friends and read s…

  • I really like the Tavern idea from an RP perspective: What is currently lacking is a gathering point for story development which is not overcrowded but easily accessible. How about making one plot available per major city for player rent, where a "Tavern" can be rented. Ideally somewhat further down the cities plot areas. The owner could offer Drinks through a shop window (like any other existing merchant building). Drinks could have both cosmectical and/or buff element. People that are interest…