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    ErikJunior - - Trade


    I have been managing my own laborers since the early beta. This used to take 45 minutes every day which was quite a hazzle. Now that I am using Red's service I no longer have to wory about forgetting to log in (which used to happen atleast once or twice a week). It all gets done in a timely manner. Red's excellent service takes care of everything. The processing of journals for my afk money, but also verifying if the correct amount of materials are returned, let's call it a double check audit. I…

  • Quote from YulRun: “Don't need alts for farming, it would be better to have the one character able to farm all, especially with the influx of players no, T4 and below the market is saturated with materials that you wont make much money off of it. Find a build you enjoy to play, and start seeking out random dungeons to get fame towards it. Random dungeons are the fastest fame farm right now, and also produces some good coin if you get lucky on loot. If you're also lost on what is new, I came back…

  • Decided to create this thread to ask for general directions. It looks like I've missed quite some version updates since late 2017. When I played I decided to invest a lot of money to create 5 alts. I've created one for each fiber, hide, ore, stone and wood gathering and leveled them to gathering T4 and combat T4. My main is a little over T4 What's next?