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  • Please help axes are almost umplayable

  • Adrenaline Boost

    Zedagandaya - - Feedback Testserver


    I feel like the devs want to adrenaline to be a chasing tool instead of a running tool. That said, the way the new w is designed does not work, since theres a lot of situations that you just cant auto atack your target in a 2,5 sec window. I also think if the dots reset the duration would be kinda OP. The new atackspeed playstyle is really fun and im here for it, but if you wanna make this viable you need to extend this 2,5 sec window to 4 or make skills count to extent the buff to the full dura…

  • Overall, axes were indeed being overused on some content and and i expected some kind of nerf i guess, especially on Bear Paws and realmbreaker. The problem is that some of the tweaks are compromising the weapon’s fluidness and making it clunky especially for high ping players. Yeah sure I can take some damages nerfs, mobility nerfs, I think its fair, I AGREE. But you don’t have to crush the whole axe tree to the ground. The new Rending Spin is problematic for a lot of reasons, a huge part of th…