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  • If you don’t have enough silver to support the expenses and thus continue to have that high level content, it’s because you don’t deserve to be doing that content in first place. If they can't live in the Black Zone, they go to the Royal!

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    AlterEgo - - Feedback & Suggestions


    That without a doubt would bring a better organization in alliances, because it would be much easier for all guilds. I fully agree with this suggestion

  • Não quero saber, eles que contratem mais pessoal para os ajudar, (até porque com esta pandemia vai ter muito desempregado a necessitar de trabalho) e implementem isto no jogo.

  • Já criei o tópico para te ajudar ai na procura de guilda PT

  • cOVcUxQ.png Guilda Portuguesa Merge Fazemos parte de uma comunidade de jogadores Portugueses e Brasileiros com a Aliança Aggressive onde jogamos a um nível medio/elevado no Albion Online. Requisitos Merge: Ser assíduo, pois o que necessitamos é que jogadores que gostem do jogo e estejam disponíveis para jogar a nosso lado. E mesmo sabendo que isto é um jogo e que cada um tem a sua vida pessoal, o desejado é que possam permanecer a nosso lado e a divertirem-se o máximo possível. Temos CTA (Call t…

  • Damn, we already have schools in Portugal closed until the 27th. SBI plz, we want this bonus in the game for these days when we are forced to be at home.

  • Quote from Theat: “You, Neef, Owlsane, CaptainRussia have no position to criticize from, tucked in the safety of your mega-alliances, hand-holding, and guaranteed CTA content 24 hours a day. ” You are really a noob.

  • Why when you run out of arguments you go on to an offensive and somewhat homophobic speech in all topics where you’re writing you have the same offensive reaction. I will report you.

  • Quote from Theat: “All of you supporting this change are a disgrace to full-loot pvp. Shame on you. ” You must really have a heartburn. Are you so weak that you don't even know what you're going to do with the rest of your life without this Portal Gank? Because what you do is fool loot PvP not full loot PvP. I bet you must be one of those who use radar app

  • Quote from Owlsane: “All that stealth gimmicks will not fix the root issue. It's like a bandaid fix badly implemented. ” 100% on that This doesn't solve anything, it just postpones a real change in the future, because it has to be done properly. @Seldom you lacked the courage to do things properly, which is why you created this Band Aid in a problem that will continue in the game. You learn to be a man and do things correctly once and for all.

  • Isto pode realmente ser muito bom para que todas as guildas se conheçam e formem uma grande aliança.

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  • Damn boy, you when all in on the right points! Quote from LordSilva: “Quote from Hollywoodi: “What can we do, to get a different result of the poll? I mean, it was potentially not expected to get this result ... The question was so harsh, keep or remove that i'd never expected this to happen. If u get the choice to complete remove or keep nobody could expect the people so done with that Zerg crap, that they vote remove if forced to decide.. Now we have the mess with the result. We can A) change …

  • Poll: Alliance Feature

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    I know that the game allows the transmission of information to all the characters at the same time. LzmeUby.png However, whenever we have any relevant information on the forum, or in this particular case when a Pull is created on the forum to collect feedback from the community, these PMs are not sent to request players' participation. This Pull in no way represents the community because in a topic created at 05/02 12:40am and where only less than 1,000 forum accounts answered, this in no way re…

  • Alliance removal ingame wont change anything And if it was a thing nothing would stop BA... A guild solo zvz wise they are by far the best atm and pulling big numbers 24/7 Sbi made the game even more zergy with Queen and now are trying to reduce zergs....lool Also shouldnt they have thougt about alliance removal before everyone made Alliance wide decisions about locations and HO placements Some maps have entire alliances HO next to eachother Now they just gonna make everyone enemies and fck HOs …