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  • Three more islands to rent out

    hypnoticshadow - - Trade


    Hello, I am a islands owner, I have still 3 max level islands (5 farming plots) available to be rent out in Carleon. DM me for more informations. Cheers

  • Yeah I agree with you but as I wrote if this is what Dev want let’s take advantage of it Personally I don’t like maces I prefer dagger and fire but if this will continue to be so op for an undefined time, no problem later when i log and I will use my combat fame to make abracadabra 700 spec in maxes and play it with no cost flat t4

  • Anyway guys there is a simple answer to this issue, I have nothing to argue about Devs decisions because if they think one hand mace is ok like this I guess they have their good reasons, let s just just (ab)use of it. I am pretty sure that many of you here do regurarly HCE and you have enough fame to one click 700 spec the maces if you already not have specs. You can also do not pay the 8k for the mistcaller and play it with the torch in flat t4 to make more cheap beyond any limit and still effi…

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Quote from hypnoticshadow: “If you like to be the hero go in cd, hg,crystal. There is no honor in open world and it’s fine like that ” Oh, there sure is honor in open world. I like to say i am an " honorable ganker " Killing and ganking is fine. But there sure are some things that are off limits and are considered quite immoral. 1) Pretending to be someone´s friend as in like chatting with him while your friends surround him and then you kill him - that´s bad. 2) One of the…

  • I gank in Albion from a long time and always played and play mainly solo or rarely in small group (and for small I mean small: 2-3 people). If you learn to move furtively you can survive and make your sneak money kills. Always bring cheap 4.0 or 4.1 gear so if you die you give just junk equipment with no value. If you like to be the hero go in cd, hg,crystal. There is no honor in open world and it’s fine like that

  • Quote from Quagga: “Quote from hypnoticshadow: “In my opnion one hand mace just needs the E nerfed with no invicibility. Too easy like this need to be used more with tactic. ” This change will only affect 1v1 in CD. and the problem we have is global OW... where iframe is irrelevant. ” One more reason to start nerfing from there. Basically as weapon overview if you see the damage, mobility, stuns and one hand benefit it is a weapon to nerf a lot.

  • In my opnion one hand mace just needs the E nerfed with no invicibility. Too easy like this need to be used more with tactic.

  • I have 25 max level islands in Carleon ready to be rented. Available both for farming plots and laborers. Send me a pm who is interested.

  • Episode 9: Death in smoke Episode 10: Wonnabe ganker newbie learns a lesson Episode 11: Flat t4 dagger pair vs T8 Greataxe

  • Episode 1: And all it begins! Episode 2: Dagger vs Dagger Episode 3: Dual Swords went bad Episode 4: One shot me? Nope, One Shot U! Episode 5: Death in the bubble Episode 6: the mistaken jump Episode 7: One shot yourself

  • Quote from Merton: “Rampant Staff's heal previously ticked nine times over nine seconds, but as of the update it's now only triggering eight times regardless of whether the target is at the front or the end of the trail. The patch increased the base healing amount from 12 to 13.5 which should have been a 12.5% increase on overall output, but thanks to the missing tick the staff is only healing the same amount as before, if not very slightly less. In addition, the caster is ignored for the initia…

  • Quote from Franek: “when will the black glove in the daggers be turned into a dagger? ” With next major update that should be around the middle of November

  • A whole new line of warrior weapons is coming to Albion Online (the first in a set of three new weapon lines planned for upcoming updates)! What these are and how they play will be revealed soon, but in the meantime you can begin collecting the ingredients to be ready to craft the artifact weapons from this line once the new Update has released. Yep for a total of 3 one for each group, i am very curious to see the hunter tree new weapon

  • Quote from Lockemup: “there are three new weapon lines coming out (one being wargloves), but not clear if all will be released at same time or not ” Quote from Fabrizziou: “It's rumored that there will be 3 new weapon lines: one line for each "class" in game, first one being wargloves for warrior class By now it isn't confirmed by devs (as I know). ” These are nice news, wonna see the new lines

  • And also about the run away nerf in corrupted dungeon as very respected players are telling also needs to be more drastic, like this nothing changes. From the FIRST engage you ran from you get 20% speed down same for damage.

  • Quote from PRG: “So regular T4 Mace does 1263 with its full combo. Ok sure fine. Its cc heavy and got some quick damage potential fair enough. But why is it Oathkeepers gets to do over 1000 damage with just its Q and W while its E gives it a 1443 shield as well as merc jacket on slight steroids??? Second time fighting this weapon inside CD and both times were a fricken L to my face even if the weapons user is silenced it doesnt mean anything All imma say. Just to see if anyone else feels tight a…

  • ok thank you so basically we get a rework of the "black hand" dagger and just 1 new weapon line. Someone was writing time ago 2 new weapons line but maybe was just a rumor or a missunderstanding with 1 gloves + 1 rework (black hands)

  • Quote from Fabrizziou: “It's a new weapon tree, the black hands are going to be reworked into a 1h demonic dagger; it wasn't confirmed but Black Hands are probably going to return in the new weapon tree because the soul artifact is demonic (at least they will recycle the model kek) Weapons maybe will go in testserver like 1 or 2 weeks before the update I guess, it wasn't confirmed by SBI as well. ” So going back to my question if i uderstood well what you said answers are: . yes . beginning of N…

  • Hello just 2 questions: . there will be just the gloves and the black hands rework or also another new weapon three? . when they will be available in the test server? Thank you

  • I live in East Asia but I like a lot the choice of Devs to keep all people on the same server or actually in the same "world". If as said in the posts before it will be possible to put maps on different servers still keeping all together that will be wonderful!