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  • DOnate pls

    Xaruna - - Rants


    Quote from Myasnick: “I hate you and your game. Lags every day. For 2 days I lost 2 chariots. I play 2 weeks. I have never seen what would you repaid to someone. You just spit on the players .. ” Please just go away...

  • Quote from ORIION5: “We recently upgraded Albion's servers and solved an issue with performance of large-scale fights, You guys haven't been able to fix this since the creation of the god damn game. Been here since alpha, lagged in zergs without name tags or numbers since alpha. amazing computer, business internet, 50% deaths in lag due to disconnect or lag (LITERALLY DESYNCING LAGGING DISCONNECTING ENTIRE TIME DURING FIGHT) . literally un fucking playable since the beginning of the game. hasn't…

  • Ok have fun then!

  • Quote from Owlsane: “I answered every of your arguments with arguments. Denying them being arguments or not understanding it won't change a thing. Btw did you asked google for a compensation to badly translate in spannish what i meant? ” Owi, just let hem be, he's not worh our attention anymore, hope that in Chille they have better students than this piece of ****

  • @marg93 you wonder why i dont give you any counter argument, see the above post how you react to people their arguments. I am too old for this rubbish of you. Play the game, and get yourself "killed" in a yellow zone, because i don't think you could handle a red or black zone without crying in the forum for compensation, becasue somebody was so unfair to kill you.

  • Quote from TheArimatheus: “it's $10 a month. That's barely over a quarter per day. If you're that stressed out about server performance over a 3-7 day period, that amounts to less than $2.50 - might I suggest that you not spend time playing a video game if $0.33 per day puts you under undue financial hardship? I get it that we're not all in America/first world countries, or there's younger folks that can't get a job, etc - but seriously folks - if you're that pissed off about this, life must be …

  • @'marg93 the one with the low iq is you! Is this what you mean with "I argue with arguments, logic and common sense"? I miss the arguments. logic and common sense in every post from you

  • Forum posting

    Xaruna - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Hello TradeMark. I don't think it's a good idea to do this, because new players have lots of questions they want to ask in the forums. And trolling is something that old players do as well, not only the new ones.

  • I lost my premium

    Xaruna - - Rants


    Quote from JulioJPB: “Hello everyone, I had a problem with my computer when I bought the 30-day premium, I did not play almost any of the days, I managed to fix it now. I sent several tickets trying to get my premium back because it's frustrating to come back to play and lose almost 30 days of premium. And since the premium can not be stopped or restarted, one solution would be to give a key access of at least half the lost time of the premium. Thanks in advan ” /Spock mode "where is the logic i…

  • @marg93 Is it for you possible to argue without making those stupid remarks about somebody's iq, or is it you with lhe low iq here, not able to argue in a more civilized way? Just wondering....have a nice day!

  • Omg, great games, great memories!!

  • Yeaaah much looking forward to the solo dungeons! And welcome to the lands of Albion Drougen and ilgorb!!


    Xaruna - - Rants



  • Quote from MadSkillzDLR: “we want compensation, not explanation. It is not your fault,but it is not ours either. ” Are you serious???

  • Thank you for this information Elsa. You guys do an outstanding job, keep up the good work!

  • Is that cheese?

    Xaruna - - General Questions & Discussions


    I think it's cheese, or... i hope that it's cheese,. because i don't like butter at all! lmao

  • Quote from Ash6679: “The mods and gm of this game don't care I was asking them in help what the plan is. Why are they joking around and talking nonsense when they should be silence spammers and police the game. Then I got 2 hours chat ban. This situation of letting people with no training, employment or accountability police the game is ruining it these people have no incentive other than looking cool for their friends they have no heart to make the game in order and just to a code of conduct li…

  • Quote from Player112: “Someone just gave me 500k silver at Martlock market place. No idea who, didn't note the name. If the devs give me another 500k, then my compensation is complete. ” well.....i couldn't care less about your compensation, goodluck with your 500k of silver.

  • Quote from Player112: “I propose 1 million silver compensation each. I never had the problem before, now I do. ” So now you have a problem, and you want 1 million silver, does that make your problem go away? why 1 million, why not 10 million and a month premium? maybe then you are satisfied...come on...

  • Quote from CodeNameGame: “I think a lot of players that are protecting the devs are newer players. ” Hmm, i play this game since beginning of 2016, sooo not so new anymore.