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  • Quote from PaladinJavier: “Quote from LagartixaBombada: “Quote from PaladinJavier: “Quote from Tabor: “That is a fair enough point. This is the approach they "should" take on nerfs is smaller tweaks to start and then quick follow up tweaks if needed. But more than often a complete nerf hammer is dropped virtually crushing the item. The E damage is still high it should be further nerfed. Stun, mobility, and iframe is already a ton in one E they should probably gut the damage. ” what? This is a da…

  • Quote from DarthChewy: “Yeah because its break... Why you can stack if you dont touch the guys lolll You can use hellion jacket and full heal with glace, with mob . The points here, Mercenary hood cancel silence or stun, why this glace hood cancel stun, silence, counter healing,buff,burst, ALL. I understand that this hood saves your life, but, it should be reworked and that’s a fact. ” this isnt true, hellion jacket doesnt heals that much, and you recive only half healing while frozen

  • Quote from Psycha: “Quote from Achillie: “DoT is damage over time after all. So if the skill does damage over a certain amount of time, then that skill falls under the interaction. I think it is pretty clear. ” DoT's are poison applications or curse/bleeds. If they devs confuse this then they really shouldn't be balancing an MMORPG. ” it has always been a DoT, a channeled DoT that stacks for every second same applies to holy W2, its a channeled HoT that stacks every second

  • just wait some days and a lot less ppl will gather

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Quote from Nin21: “Nature staff is just a garbage weapon now, they should just remove it lmao ” it is needed for group things ” holy is just better sadly

  • Quote from Raithe: “1. The map is TERRIBLE please scrap the map and use create a real map or use the nice Galahad map. 2. The game needs PvE. The Dungeons are just garbage in AO. Please scrap these garbage dungeons and create dungeons that are fun to run. 3. The whole 50 on 1 bully PvP is garbage. Please scrap your PvP system and create a new one. Really AO is just badly put together. Maybe scrap it and try again? ” if you dislike everything then why keep playing

  • Quote from EscapeTheMeta: “Okay what can be done about it then ” removing full I frame and change it for cc immunity instead Reducing damage Increasing cooldown and energy cost Removing the stun, increase the slow Anything

  • We have been asking this for months

  • Quote from Deathskills: “Quote from DarthChewy: “Dont need counter but, you say: Is it too good for solo content? Yes. lollll Need counter. ” it's too good in too many contexts and counters too many spells basically. ” except that in group fights isnt nearly as good as in CDs, because you are halving the healing you get and also giving time for the enemy to gang up on you

  • Noise Polution

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    bing bing bing Im smort now, I leart sword

  • it has high cooldown, the guy cant do anything, so it will get them out of jail only once, not to mention you have time to channel anything

  • Quote from Asheraxia: “Kingmaker is a weapon that could do with a buff... it is an excellent weapon, but at present the only two swords that are worth a damn are broadsword and carving... both situational. Kingmaker, as a two handed option should be given a life-steal, and stun, on the E with a reduced timer to 20-25 secs. ” not really, 5 out of 7 swords are, at worst, decent in at least 1 content

  • broadsword is meta in 1v1 Claymore is decent in 1v1 and meta in 2v2 Dual swords are shit Clarent is decent in group pvp and even in OW Carving is great to help claping, good for OW Galantine meta in ZvZ Kingmaker is shit . Swords are fine rn

  • Quote from Catandcoffee: “3 thing i like change in Albion for phone players cast for phone player,like AoH or Area buff can lock cast on target like alliance player like AoE skill can lock cast on enemy. 2. Fix Yellow people or missing Name and Hp tab when big war . 3,add more hot key for phone palyer ” no, aim your skills like everyone else

  • Quote from Rzebospol: “Quote from yaaseth: “swords, arcane staffs, bows - those trees are forgotten, xbows simply do enough dmg and are useful in most of the content in the game ” Really?) Sword plays CD, 2x2, Galatine comes back to ZvZ after patch... Bow... Badon + Merc plays CD, and after nerf comes again buff, and standart bow will play again... Arcane yea, it is needs attention also.. But all this lines have more abilities to choose... And Xbow, yea, dmg it have, less as for nerf year ago, b…

  • ganking will be greatly reduced in next update

  • I mean, as a tree crossbow is a braindead and overpowered tree (Q1, crossbow, boltcasters are examples of this)

  • A new item: AMULETS

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    Quote from kasttiel: “Quote from EscapeTheMeta: “Quote from WHIT3ROS3: “Some nice suggestions. Shame that so many around here just shoot down ideas and thoughts. I think it could be really interesting if they added a new slot for "jewelry" and then added precious gems/stones and metals as gatherables. Where would these amulets be crafted? At an existing station or perhaps a new one? ” Yeah like enchanted gems/amulets. Though i dont like the suggested skills/abilities, personally i think it shoul…

  • you want it to be removed or make it longer?

  • yeah this content hasnt gotten love in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time, so everything on it is super outdated, which is sad because it could be a great content for training pvp