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  • Having more than one HO that you can instantly enter was always overpowered. Not sure the channeling should dismount you though.

  • In my previous post I announced that I was working on a game based on Albion Online's PvP. Its called Murder League. Albion Online Murder League, powered by the AO Herald. This post I have defined how the game will work, however its a largish post and recreating it here was a little to challenging, so below is the more detailed post over on the Albion Online Reddit community.…_league_how_it_will_work/

  • Murder League is a game powered by the in game PvP action that occurs in Albion Online. The AO Herald is a kill bot that tracks many guilds and players in Albion Online and reports their kills and deaths to their Discord Servers. As my guild enjoys PvP primarily, we always were competing to see who got the most kills and the most valuable kills. Also what we laughed at a lot was who is reported as getting the kill. In Albion Online, whoever gets the death blow gets the kill, even to the point th…

  • Hi, I just patched a bug that stopped new users from saving their initial config to the bot. If you tried the bot and were not able to save your config, this has been fixed. Cheers Its Newbie

  • For the last 18 months I have been beta testing the kill bot I have made that is a kill bot, battle bot and regear bot. The design goals were to make it as simple to deploy and use, which I believe has been achieved. All configuration is done via the web site. Another goal was to make it as flexible as possible. So with this you can have all kill/death reports go to the same channel or you can separate them. We also added the minimum fame the victim is to give before a kill is reco…

  • I haven't seen a week without errors for at least 3 months. This past week, the API has been 100% responsive. Awesome work.…5009c1ef7ac41a7c162afb4b1

  • Quote from Hellements: “Quote from Wydoyolo: “Quote from Hellements: “Thanks for the report and the suggestions. If you have any videos of the markers getting removed on changing clusters please send them to us too. I'll forward them to the team then to take a look at. - Hellements ” ?Do you even play this game? ” I'm sorry but I don't see any bug report about this in the bugs section of our forum so I was under the assumption that it was working previously. - Hellements ” Mostly like hasn't bee…

  • Login Issue

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    The client reports it can't download the manifest file. Going to the URL, I also get an error.

  • Quote from Amoebius76: “Hey there, we found the issue and will fix it. ” Thanks, looks like the problem has been resolved.

  • Quote from Professor_Chad: “Apparently it is not just Swiftclaws. I just went to sell some T4 horses and prices have plunged. A few weeks ago T4 horses were selling for about 25k. Now they sell for 15k. That is a serious decrease. Something must have happened. ” Yes, something did happen. The release of Call to Arms has been out for a while and the number of people dying and loosing gear has slowed down. Thus over supply has crushed the demand.

  • Glad to see a nearly a month later from the update to this thread, that the API is still 2 days behind and not looking any better.

  • Hello, The SBI API that feeds the official kill boards and numerous Discord bots, is broken. Its been broken for weeks now and is becoming extremely frustrating. Especially if you use a Discord bot to manage ZvZ regears. As bots are not seeing kills or deaths for days after they occurred in game. SBI, are there any plans to fix this, even your own kills boards are broken as a result of the API being broken?

  • Quote from Kugatachi: “Thorns (all Nature Staffs): - Additional Autoattack Damage vs Players: 56 → 40 - Additional Autoattack Damage vs Mobs: 56 → 64 - No longer reflects damage SBI wtf is this?it would better if you just rebuild the skill, don´t make the healers useless. i started with nature staff because of changes to divine and now this? And the Ho´s in avalon roads are just fucked, instead of this changes, limit the time of a guild can make home in allies HOs, your patch simply sucks ” WTF,…

  • Another alternative is, the larger the stack, the faster it consumes them. So if your consuming 999, the its faster as you will still have time to cancel them. If you consuming 50, then its slower, so you still have time to cancel. Wouldn't be hard to code either.

  • 411de567-791a-46b7-aafb-759ab7b7ac86 SBI, Your got a problem, your not returning the Victims information in the event data.

  • @Mytherceria two months ago you mentioned you would look into when the team was going to address the "Use All" requirement for stacks? Also, in a previous update, it was mentioned that the team was building the UI to be able to pre-define builds and with one button press, buy those items when at the market. Any update when this going to happen? Appreciated.

  • Quote from Stadus: “it seems that if ads are ok that you could just made it a premium service behind a paywall. if there's no silver transfer and just real money for website access, it ain't RMT. what are they really gonna do about that? ban your albion account because you made some website? ” This is the only option really. You put access behind a paywall and explain the costs as hosting costs. However as you said, then it becomes a job. Im in a similar boat, I have a Discord bot that I am curr…

  • Before the chicken littles of this forum start running around screaming "the sky is falling". Remember, we don't have half of the information to make any sort of informed decision as to the impact the new faction system will have on PvP or anything else in the game. Until its at least on the test server, you are just making uneducated guesses as to what impact the changes will have.

  • PvP in Albion's Mobile Beta

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    Thats my question, I assume he is using a controller with his phone, to be able to run forward and aim backwards?

  • Quote from Talion: “Hey everyone, Thanks for bringing up your concerns about the performance of the API. Considering that this API was always meant to be for internal use, and thus entirely undocumented, the sheer number of tools that were developed and serve community purposes is astounding. This widespread acceptance and distribution of tools latching onto that API is, at the moment, its downfall. The increase in player numbers, paired with the increase in numbers of tools, brought the infrast…