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  • Why 24th? you already cut off some things that were supposed to be in the update (according to RT "leaks" and albiontv). the game has been without new content for months now...

  • Why they ignore us

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    I understand why devs ignore forums. Forums are almost exclusively made up of retards with absolutely no idea what makes games fun and their advice is worse than useless. moreover it's just unbearably dreary reading through that mix of utterly conventional wisdom and incoherent drivel, all delivered in this sustained tone of high and phony indignation. I mean seriously what the fuck is wrong with gamers man what does irk me slightly is that those devs also ignore the gems of wisdom which I post,…

  • You barely see lone people outside of CTA timers in BZ, let alone zergs. the BZ is dead with barely anyone in it (except people from the big alliances namely ARCH and POE), remove alliances and you end up with an even more dead BZ. You are crying about zergs but its not zergs is what's causing the issues in the game, its abusable launch mechanics and alliance mechanics, there were shit mechanics when it was 5v5 GVGs for terries too and it what was ruining the BZ not "gvg".

  • one big alliance is better. it's funny how SBI itself doesn't know what they want the answer to this question be, they don't know what they want to do with alliances. all their forced mechanics to balance big alliances end up making things worse. look at debuff, point sharing, silver/siphon drainage and cluster queue. like Faisca said above, if you are trying to abuse one mechanic (debuff for example) and leave the alliance, you end up abusing ALL the mechanics. RN there is no advantage to stayi…

  • stop roleplaying and type like a normal person, please

  • who are you?

  • Quote from Nesnes: “At the moment, we have a gap in communication between you (the community) and SBI. This has become abundantly clear over the last couple of months with many players being unhappy about that. I hope to change that moving forward, additionally to other plans and ideas that I will be working on which I cannot disclose at this point in time ” please grace us with your presence in TT server

  • good idea, would be great if a LITE version of this was added to the blackzone next season to work against the new warcamp mechanic, defenders use a stronghold and attackers use a warcamp.

  • i wouldn't consider it a "system", its that terrible.

  • Quote from Bogul: “Quote from keeperofnature: “Quote from Hellements: “Thanks for the feedback and inputs everyone. Crystal GvG Season Points were capped because you were able to create almost infinite season points by adding more crystal teams. Territories and Castles on the other hand are limited through game design and therefore have a hard cap there. There are currently no plans to limit point gains from other activities than Crystal GvGs. - Hellements ” Well there was also a cap on cgvg poi…

  • Quote from Hellements: “Thanks for the feedback and inputs everyone. Crystal GvG Season Points were capped because you were able to create almost infinite season points by adding more crystal teams. ” the main point was how one aspect (cgvg) could win you the season, which is the point here. if this wasn't the reason why SBI changed it then you guys should reevaluate what you want your game to be like. you only win with castles now. No you cant have infinite amount of season points by adding cgv…

  • This thread is sadly getting derailed into talking about handholding and coalition vs coalition and which guild is better at having a big ego, sad!

  • Biggest problem is you need to hold like 10 maps from the inner ring to have access to the terries and castles that give most points (example: from razorrock chasm to glacierfall fissure is 9-10 maps). ten maps are big for one or two guilds ofc, but in current state of the game where all guilds have alliances/coalitions that work with them to secure their objectives, you basically win the season by holding around ten maps near inner castle and people defending it for you. a simple fix would be t…


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    Quote from gmatagmis: “Everyone should use Nilgard's symbol. From now. ” Nilfgaard's symbol is actually a black sun... black sun is problematic.. should be deleted too


    Alamric - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Will they remove all hammer n sickle flags (like HnS')? or is this discrimination against Black 0rder?

  • Albion needs a real criminality system, current system sucks and is basically a glorified "enable/disable PVP" in royals with actual punishment. and make it so in BZ you suffer less or no punishment, but remove the "you are red to everyone" part that makes newbies scared of going to BZ, thinking that everyone there is going to kill them for no reason.

  • The biggest problem with open-world is that nothing is being done in it except zvzing and ganking, and ganking is mostly done in the 5% populated maps. gathering is terrible so no one gathers, FFing is done inside statics or randomized dungeons. This makes it so 95% of outlands maps are completely empty. So to make it so the outlands are really a place for guilds to live in you should do something alone the lines of 1. buff gathering (hopefully next patch will completely fix this) 2. massively b…

  • Faction enlistment

    Alamric - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Make it possible to flag for a city other than the one you enlisted for, but you get 70% less faction points for it. >pros -can scrim zvzs without having to make people lose rank progress to enlist then flag as other factions -if a guild was flagging as BW for example and saw that BW already have too many blobs, they can go and flag as another city and fight them -old school faction zvzs would be back. >cons some coding on SBI's side

  • Quote from Ulquiorra: “Reduce guild cap to 50-100 members and maybe link the chars in the same account to be all in the same guild Kinda sucks that you need 300 players in a guild to be competitive ow ” you will end up with with multiple guilds with similar name under one alliance and one leadership. this won't fix anything lol

  • looks like 2021 won't have any major updates, sucks...