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  • Quit 1year ago as soon as teams that played at that time started diminishing. What I loved about them: Instant fights, full loot, different builds, funky cheese strats etc.After they received an update for a short amount of time they were very popular and fun but that didn't last. What I hate about them now: A week after the update they started dying again.So you have the present situation of 2-3teams playing at given time.That's just unacceptable.This is supposed to be the biggest and hardest p…

  • KingJust is not even one of the hardest players you can fight.He is just an average player who has consistent teams due to POE.

  • The main problem is usually pro crystal players end up forming team that stomps the low amount of players trying these which leads to pve gates.No fights=no fun.I agree ip cap needs to be lowered.The rewards can stay as they are.But if cost of dying is 200k instead 500-800k that will bring much more players.In any case the reason i quit playing was because devs still can't bring enough players to this content with the desicions they are making.I don't care what it is just make it work.This was m…

  • More people are leaving 10s rather than joining them and that's a fact.Unless sbi delivers massive rewards in the next patch changes to mobs boss spawns etc maybe even lowered ip to enter I don't see this content surviving.

  • Just after update there was enough teams running that you don't always meet super pro teams.If they buff loot properly so that even doing 1pve gate would pay for your gear no one would mind dying in the next ones, the main thing is being able to sustain gates, there is enough discords around to find people its not that hard.But when one guy says sorry guys I'm out of sets the other 9 can't do anything.

  • They are in the process of dying, I alarmed devs new pvp players will never stick around mainly because the pve rewards are so freaking bad.30k silver for 5-6mins clearing.If you get a fight its vs crystal players and 50/50 chance to win.There is no way you're going to have many players in that enviroment 1-2teams is going to dominate all until they are the only one left.The amount of maps purchased is already as low as when it was pre patch and its getting worse everyday.If they wanted more tea…

  • Going to keep it simple: The good: -Lots of teams instant match ups.-Great change this is what we wanted instant and constant fights. The bad: -Pve chests are pure garbage ranging within 20-60k/chest I don't see how can this be an incentive to go in?We used to get 200-400k before patch. -The new buff fixed chests color but at the same time we now actually receive less loot than before the patch because the most common pvp win chests are those of lesser colors and they are between 300-500k rather…

  • Hoping everything is going smooth with patch 4 and its going to be on the live server soon.We had to do another 10 gates without any team today again and I almost fell asleep, what can I tell you NA timer is sometimes super dead.There is so much excitement when we get a fight in the early timers everybody loves this content now we just need to entice more people to run it. I Hope you guys understand its not easy to organize 10v10 gating and when 10 people get disappointed from no pvp it really h…

  • Just some further feedback yesterday was the first time we chained 10 lethals with a team only fighting us at the last 10th gate.So I will definitely jump on the chest in every map bandwagon.People won't be so scared if the chests offset some of their gear loss.

  • This is a step in the right direction.Lets see how the patch affects the game before we criticize the devs, not being white knight here, but without testing the new gates after patch and having reliable data its not correct to be negative.If more people start doing the gates some maps having no chest is not going to be such a big deal.

  • Yes there's many different kinds of content in the game right now and sbi needs to decide which one is going to be better to move players in that direction.Organizing 10v10 often takes 1-2days in advance so its not an easy job(not even gonna mention people ditching the team in the last minute for various real life reason etc.), this is why a bigger incentive even changing all the fame buff shrines with chests or chests+fame in the maps will go a long way.If nothing is done 10v10s will continue t…

  • Hello Sbi here is my feedback after you buffed 10v10s in last patch.First the good parts: -Fame from the end chest after boss+win is now ok. -The matchmaking system feels improved we're getting more fights and different kind of teams. Now for the bad parts: -The loot is not good enough to attract more teams, because there is no chest in every single map gates continue to attract low attention. -The big boss doesn't spawn often enough this also another reason that is putting people away.His chest…

  • Hello, devs.Here is a constructive feedback of the current 10v10hellgates.I've got about 18 under my belt so I'm giving you the overall experience: -Mobs are strong and that's ok but they give really bad fame. For the toughness of the fight with them they should give way bigger fame this goes for the bosses as well.At the moment even some group dungeons give more fame than this.I would suggest buffing the small mobs to give at the least 15k per mob and the bosses to 200k as it was before.This wi…

  • Why should players dedicate so much time to be first if its not justified somehow?I don't get it.

  • respawnig already without flag

    Dahweed - - Bugs


    This just happened to like 200+players again around 1:00 utc.We pushed from lazygrass as bridgewatch faction to ferndell then when half the blob died to lymhurst players and everybody respawned near the entrance of ferndell without a flag.We we're holding 4 out of 5 outposts in ferndell when this happened.This is extremely game breaking bug as it stops the forward attacks of faction and makes big pushes to enemy zones meaningless.

  • Crystal teams play in reds, but even logic loses alot hgs atm.Its normal its end game content.Yellow will become more hard as more people start doing it.

  • You already have a mid ground that is the yellow hg.Nerfing reds atm doesn't make sense they already lowered the ip to enter.I agree with hallowfall nerf and exp boost.

  • The game has gotten progesssively worse

    Dahweed - - Rants


    No damage scaling in hell gates, just pure raw pvp and no yelling either.Takes a lot of skill to play them syncing heals and judis calling out your stuns etc.Don't like zvz try something else.

  • Hello I'm getting cannot download latest toc file error203 when my client is trying to get the latest version of call to arms on the test server.

  • Does running away count as fighting for you?If so you will be fighting to stay alive if you choose to gather your own mats.In that case you won't be able to play without pvp.