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  • A transport mammoth is not a battle mount, thus it can be crowd controlled. Claws do not work on a command mammoth and a few other battle mounts, can't remember them all. The only thing claws are any good for is dismounting targets, that said I do find it kind of dumb seeing groups of 5-10 claws and ONLY claws being able to take down targets, but the counter argument is that since they are only claws they should be very easy to actually fight provided you have friends.

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Siege Camps will be removed from the game ” Well that's kind of disappointing.

  • Oh dope! I've been saying for years that the game is just dead after 5 UTC because there's been legit zero timers. Looking forward to 9 UTC fights.

  • Quote from Dhivine: “Isn't 9 UTC / 13 UTC for SEA players? ” Might I ask what's at 9UTC?

  • Issue with events API

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    Still not fixed. Come on now, I wanna see all the silver I lose when I int.

  • Quote from grul: “However, in the current state of the game, there are not much attack launched by day. I do believe it is in part because the entry fee to participate territory battles at prime time is too much expensive, especially for smaller guild (member's/leader's). ” I believe it's like 1.8m to launch a terry. That's like 1-2 banger sets. It's not expensive at all compared to the cost of losing members in the fight itself.

  • Why does everything have to be on timers, and especially ones that alienate large portions of your player-base ? Darkfall had a solid territory ownership/claiming system where if you owned the area for x amount of time - loot would pile up in a claimable chest while farming in that area. The cargo was lootable every so often for whoever owns it. I don't see how this couldn't be applied to ownership in Albion. The removal of 20v20 city fights is another very discerning change. The only way this g…

  • Having associates at 50% tax is still a robbery.

  • Oh. I just thought it was like an Alchemist archetype. I figured rogue would be more ninja-esque.

  • The way you fight against the cartels is to not use them. You could ask for associates, but that's really not much better. Ways that I personally fight the cartel: - I never craft or refine if the tax is above 20%. I'll sit on stacks of resources of all tiers for as long as it takes. - I build crafting stations in my guild/alliance hideouts. It's absolutely worth it especially for the bonus biome even if it means only constructing for a day and demolishing after. The caveat to this is it's dange…

  • Bring them in! This is such a great avenue for extra income for you guys and that's really awesome. The knight and potion master aren't my cup of tea personally, but I'm hoping you do one for like a rogue or mage next!

  • Article describes it as a "major patch", but it's like 90% QoL improvements...

  • Unfortunate that this occurred, but to be quite frank - not surprised either.

  • The roads are pretty cool, it'll be interesting to see how they develop as people move into them. I don't like the changes to dungeons being un-dive-able entirely after a minute wait. I think if anything - make it more appealing to do static dungeons which gives you a reason to want a fame farm location. Make them super rewarding so that people go in with multiple groups and claim floors, this leads to other players wanting to come in and farm it but they have to clear the group in it first. Cor…

  • I don't understand why the tournament doesn't allow the new weapons and armor. The argument that "the meta shifts too much" is such a terrible one considering the meta is already changing with other balance changes after the patch. A huge part of playing any game is adapting to metas as they change. The whole point of this tournament is to get viewership and people interested in the game, and I bet you 90% of the players that will watch won't know that the new gear isn't allowed.

  • Quote from Tabor: “BZ random dungeons will function the same as blue zones. They will close shortly after entry for safe farming. I suppose you can still be killed wondering around finding portals but that is actually quite safe as well in most BZ areas. ” Wait, are we welcoming this change or rioting?

  • We need some sort of mechanic that encourages people to fight, not only in hellgates but just in general. The average player in this game is so emasculated compared to launch. Patch after patch pvp becomes less common and less profitable as pve becomes safer. Massive mega alliances and coalitions form such that an entire royal city lock has no content. No one tries to straight up fight anything - it's all third party flanks and bloodletter rats just waiting to execute someone low on the outskirt…

  • Really interested in how many L9 winners there's going to be. I'm hoping there's still enough 5v5 players to see a tournament of 16 or 18, but I'm very doubtful of that.

  • I play this game BECAUSE of the grind. Every day I log in I work towards at least one specialization level somewhere on the board. Albion's kept my interest (mostly, I take a few months break when things get stale) since launch because there's so many different ways to play.

  • Honestly, doing gates in royals is so cancer because of condition flag (the circle you're describing). If you're party is in the same city lock, just go to the black zone where there's no silly rules for pvp. Also, in the future if you're channeling to get into the gate, try to click it at the same time so you both go in without getting jumped. If you feel like you're going to get jumped and are ready for the fight, just keep spinning the gate (pretend to channel repeatedly) and you can bait the…