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  • Quote from hypnoticshadow: “For a mistake I left my old guild with the alt so no members ( and gm) to the guild, I asked to Dev if possible to retrieve the gm but politely declined, that's fine I accepted that but in this case your answer is no. If yes it's pretty unfair and I want that too, also because in my case was a simple mis clic of the mouse. ” The issue with your mistake is that (presumably) there is no way to verify that you just miss-clicked the mouse. But it does look like I'm pretty…

  • Quote from Barloch: “I hope you can get the devs to make an exception but last I recall they won't xfer GM. This stance is probably taken on the off chance that guy comes back and creates an issue for sbi. If you need a guild or possibly an alliance, mail Scarletsilvers or Bakin in-game. 07 - Bar ” I hope so too but it seems unlikely. I get why they do it but its rather annoying in cases like this where I know he's quit the game completely, but just don't have any way to contact him anymore. I m…

  • So. Apologies if something like this thread has been created previously, but I couldn't find anything matching my exact situation. I recently logged into Albion for the first time in about a year and a half, and saw that my old guild was still there. Which is great, except for the fact that the GM is inactive, and he hasn't logged on in 2 years and 11 days. I was wondering if it is at all possible to have the ownership transferred to me, as I have no way to contact him. It would be VERY nice if …

  • Uh. I logged in again and I had the message with my Epic gear. Sorry for wasting your time

  • So my computer managed to break itself, forcing me to install a new copy of windows 10 on it. However when I installed Albion again, I noticed my characters were gone and thus my Epic founder benefits. Will I have to wait until the wipe to get it all back?

  • Quote from Malkuth: “ For PvP aspect, I agree. There is a problem but the solution is not removing the gallop. Maybe u should add some extra skills to some weapons to make the players fall from mounts. ” This sounds like a good idea. Perhaps a magic air based move that yanks them off of their horse? Or maybe slows the horse, preventing it from galloping for a bit. Though I think it would have to be dumb fire, so you can dodge it. Not sure if anything like that is possible for any of the other cl…

  • Honestly, seems like a rather bad update. I feel getting a speed buff while on the roads only would work a lot better. Quote from mAdm0nk: “Meh everyone alrdy said we wanted faster movement speed on roads only, or other options to travel maps more easily. Now u influenced pvp through a mount buff that was needed becus all new maps are giant sized. so now u fix maps being giant sized and weird designs (there all open plains, no chokepoints,no strategy like the old maps) by adding a mount buff tha…

  • Winter, I understood most (90%) of it. Obviously English isn't his first language.

  • I am just going to share my thoughts on this, based on my experience, but please keep in mind that I have had the game for 3 days now, and obviously haven't experienced much. But: Currently I am based in Kingsmarket, and I usually only travel about 5-10... um.. zones? away. So not that far. But even then, the riding gets very tedious, and yes, I only have a journeyman's riding horse, but its still very slow traveling. I typically am in a yellow zone, and was in a red zone for a bit when I was do…

  • Should I focus?

    Sagivaleon - - Beginner's Questions


    Anor, I am talking about my class. I feel like trying to get T4-5 Hunter Armor/Weapons, and also getting T4-5 Warrior/Mage Armor/Weapons at the same time would take way too much time. I am just wondering if the extra time to get T4-5 Armor/Weapons for all of the classes is worth it.

  • Should I focus?

    Sagivaleon - - Beginner's Questions


    So, I just recently got T3 Hunter Armor and Weapons, and that took a decent amount of time.. Can't imagine what T4-5 will take So I was wondering, for now, should I just focus on a certain class instead of working on them all? Or is it worth it in the long run (Loooong) to work on all of the classes?

  • Oh never mind, I am a idiot. Found the download button

  • So... This is probably a really stupid question, But how do I download Albion Online? I just bought the Epic Founders Pack, and redeemed the code... Was that supposed to trigger a download? Help please.

  • So... Um... yeah. Is the Epic Founders Pack worth $10 more? Are any of the beta benefits worth it for Veteran or Epic? Should I wait for the game to be released, and then buy it for hopefully cheaper?