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  • Thank you Mytherceria for the response. I thought SBI wanted to get more teams into the tourney not deny them. I guess you have to win 3 lvl 8's to really prove if you are part of "Albion's highest-tier 5v5 players."

  • My team is in a very similar situation as Creen's. One of our players who won a lvl 8 with us had to stop playing crystal league because of his IRL situations. This meant that we had to sub another person in for him, but the rest of us (4) stayed together. We played the level 8 with the sub and won, which meant that us original 4 have 2xlvl 9 tokens and he has a 1xlvl 9 token. This leads to the same question that I feel has not been properly answered - Is our "new" team of 5 already qualified fo…