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  • wood is cheap, but so what? it means lots of people gather it. there are worse problems like transmutes

  • its for 20v20s not CDs im guessing tho

  • it just needs to scale more per person on it, like another 4%

  • Quote from Owlsane: “Party with a healer or be the healer. Oh surprise problem solved ” thats cancer u cant trust people to know what dps means, they dont focus and use like rat builds only with all kinda hp regen causing heal sicks

  • ya if they would just make it worth doing for players or more than 3 times, for new players... something to make people Queue for it... i also think they should reformat it to be crystal format

  • Quote from TrueGreed: “You will not be able to build hideouts in these areas to prevent large alliances from bottlenecking the end game content. ” So they will be 1 zone out Quote from TrueGreed: “Natural dungeons will act as T8.1 maps, having similar bonuses. These maps would have a small chance upon completion to drop unique raid maps. ” why are they not t9? Quote from TrueGreed: “New unique raid maps would act similar to avas with new bosses and mechanics to provide a new challenge for PvE pl…

  • spector jacket

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    spector jacket vs a battlemount does anyone else think this undermines the ballista and behemoth? much cheaper and easier than bring battle mounts to kill them, poisons plus spector jacket with spector hood is really a bit much perhaps like dual swords the max hp dmg should not work on mounts? and i dont know of this works someone confirm but doing that mass dmg plus lifesteal food, are you getting tons of healing from that too?

  • Quote from ExoDrazos: “hideouts do need some form of nerf tho. ” just make them cost way more food, having 3+ L2 hideouts should be expensive, to the point of having to open them for players to use crafting etc. for the tax revenue, with that i would also make setting home cost X silver to the owner set by owner, and bank tabs should be rented X silver to rent a week, while the rent is active u keep access if hideout access is removed u should be able to withdraw from external point, instead of …

  • lolz BA coalition, fake news u have prototype, pretty sure we just smashed their hideout, and WMD i took their battlemounts on reset i was on ballista farming them. we never play with like any of them

  • Bunch of

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    all except 5 and CD are solid

  • I would love to see the royal map expand in the coming royals update, factions look awesome, but if the distance between royal cities were higher the T2-6 markets might get better because people farm most so much of that in royals I think the factions update should also provide new ways of getting royal sigils, as expeditions should not be the only source of something so valueable.

  • State of blackzone

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    i used to play in a small guild that wanted to be independent. it seemed like a big issue from the outside, but i now play in a larger guild, and have tried a few of them. What i can tell you is small guilds, lack political awareness, you need friends, even if they are not allies, someone around your size who is not your enemy. If both guilds mass for a 0000 castle or outspost, then you each take one if someone comes to fight you that is 2 times your size, call friends and say we have a fight co…

  • OW needs some small scale stuff, outposts because they have season points attracts 20-60 pretty easy need something for 5-10 man scale, chests would be good but loots is only worth for solo players. the main problem with BZ is people say its dead, but most of us live there, we just dont stand around waiting to be ganked, go to objective do thing, go home if thats gathering fishing chests, dungeons outposts, people dont just sit around waiting to be ganked BZ. So what u need to do if you want OW …

  • while i see your point, there are many many items that only sell 1 or 2 per week or month particularly masterpieces of hightier off meta items you would essentially have to turn off the function of these piece because it always appears they have outliers.

  • wait really? been playing since day 1 and never knew about this... also does it really work? i have traded 8-10k gold in a day recently like a month ago

  • Quote from Owlsane: “Quote from Georg51: “If a guild has 0 members, it should be deleted along with its guild island also. ” Completely agree on that. Actually i think because island permission on an 0 member guild island it makes that they are still visible and that's quite annoying by polluting your island list. ” and cuz i want some of those names back on real guilds

  • a bit off topic, but to the pawn point and earning small amounts of season points. I thought about this back in like season 6, why do we generate siphoned energy w/ season points, why both? that was before alliance splits so this wont work really, but why dont you give siphoned for some things and season points for others, and if players deposit siphoned it turns into season points, and vice versa withdrawing siphoned lowers season points. Or completely separate them. crystals put siphoned in th…

  • Quote from Owlsane: “I mean, every content you can do that brings fame (combat, craft, gathering, fishing) in one way or an another gives season points to your guild and you can do it even solo. So yeah i know it's prolly not your favorite content but at least for that kind of situation you've witnessed it's still better stuff to do than staring a screen like a vegetable. ” this is spam, it doesnt address the topic of disucssion, please move advice columns to general and discussion this is a fee…

  • i mean, OP might have used exagerations that koala didnt like, but otherwise is correct. I reacently - 10 days or so, decided to run laborers on a guild island, made about 20-25 mil in investment and it will take a while to pay it off, but i make between 1-3 hundred thousand at t6 guild hall, and my laborers upgrade to t7 in 1-2 more days which will increase that easily to 2-5 hundred thousand once that investment is paid its just easy money, not to mention that those books, i fill crafting myse…

  • been suggested many times, and would work fairly well but round table doesnt want it so it wont happen. their arguement will be that guild officers are in teamspeak and discord to coordinate between zergs and to their own zerg so they know who is ally and enemy anyway. I think thats crap, even with tags there is crossfire