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  • Quote from Nesnes: “ - On Tier 7 and 8, the maximum number of charges on each resource has been increased from 3 to 9 (Tier 7) and from 2 to 11 (Tier respectively ” What tools are needed to gather tier ?

  • Hey! Well it's no secret (anymore) that faction standing deteriorates and people are pissed. Can you blame them though? Really? Of course not. It's pretty clear this 'feature' was not explicit enough, and taking away progression in an RPG is controversial enough... whatever. Let's look forward, I think we can still make this work. So the idea here from a game design perspective is clearly to wall off higher ranks behind a certain degree of dedication and to encourage continued play (also perhaps…

  • Citizens of Albion

    The_Fox - - Guild Recruitment


    We’re a new guild aimed at building a community around our love of Albion Online and the belief that it’s the kind of game that everyone can (and should) enjoy. With such variety of gameplay and impact through player choice, Albion can be a wonderful place to make unlikely friends or finally find a space all of your old friends can play together. United by ideals like valor, camaraderie, and improvement under guidance; our community aims to empower those within its ranks to the top as quickly an…

  • Quote from Elsa: “I recently updated the Albion Armory, and Weaponry is next in line. I'm thinking of remaking the Weaponry entirely, with showing the player character holding the weapon. Would you prefer that, or do you like the way it is now (without the character)? ” Personally I like things how they are, it would be weird to cycle through a naked guy with all the weapons. That being said, the idea of something akin to the build planner that showed the gear on a character would be totally dop…

  • Hate to bump the thread but, any chance the Avalonian weapons will get added to this?

  • While biased, might I recommend the Iron Bank? Economically focused, and seemingly right up your alley. As a fellow crafter/gatherer I have felt welcome and well situated there, as well as safe given the strength of our PvP side of things.

  • Equipment for mounts?

    The_Fox - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Alternatively, in keeping with the current game design, have a greater diversity of mounts with more customisation. Craft a regular mount with the aforementioned objects to slightly alter their stats, personally I would love to see a fully armoured mammoth and watch how long it takes to kill. It could also plug into mechanics for mount abilities if SI chooses to continue down that route. Interesting idea, +1.

  • Edited out -Stupid question, didn't read patch notes-

  • i3eTxXhf_400x400.jpeg *Heavy Breathing.*

  • Mounts dropped on Death

    The_Fox - - Rants


    The thing is, items dropping on death has a lot to do with the way the economy is structured. Owning a direwolf pup (and having the levels to raise it) is a thing to work towards. But, once there, you can consistently produce direwolves on a regular basis. Because of this, they're not actually as rare as you think, just kind of kept for the players willing to pay what the people who raise them (and who have worked hard to be able to do so) think they're worth. Keeping your mount on death require…

  • Hey! Welcome to Albion. There are plenty of resources to learn the game through, but you should be careful as many of them are outdated due to the consistent major updates Sandbox has made over the extended testing time. You may find it better to simply ask in the Albion Online Discord (there is a 'questions' channel), or in the help channel in game. If you're still looking for guides, @Kutweer recently returned to the scene and he'll be putting out more (updated) content and tutorials on his yo…

  • Seconded, I've personally not had to call in with a problem, but friends of mine have and they've always found Sandbox goes above and beyond.

  • Great PvP , Much wow

    The_Fox - - Forum Banter


    And you put this in the 'Forum PvP' section instead of 'Rants?' Tsk Tsk. In all seriousness, this kind of behaviour will never stop until the community (at least in the majority) begin to target squealers specifically for their attitude in and out of game.

  • Hm. I'm not sure if it's necessary, but this is a very well thought out solution. I personally would lower your suggested times significantly, and make it a channel not a stun; but overall it's a good idea. Perhaps add a kneeling animation with the hands shuffling to alert nearby players someone was looting a corpse so they could be targetted appropriately. Bravo sir.

  • [Service] Guild Information Services

    The_Fox - - Trade


    I'll admit I have my doubts on any man who offers up information services but claims no ulterior motives, but welcome to Albion I hope your stay is most enjoyable. Do you have a price model written up?

  • Anti Zerg

    The_Fox - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Zergs are a tactic, and the devs have gone out of their way to make aoe one of the viable ways to deal with them. The problem is most of the effective strategies vs large numbers require coordination people don't take the time to learn and practice. That is their fault not the fault of the zergs. But specifically in reference to your point it discourages cooperation in general. Even toning this down and saying more things are likely to be damaged when more players gang up you're still punishing …

  • Quote from Kimsemus: “You could turn around and expouse the rhetoric revolving around retaliatory commentary, but really -- that's the point of discussion when you're diametrically opposed to someone's viewpoint to begin with. ” Every scientist ever might disagree with you on the 'perception is reality' thing, and most laws would too. Now you wanted rigid, logically consistent thinking so I gave it to you, now please reciprocate. What you said to ronin is irrelevant, and only once did I even men…

  • Quote from Ronin: “This is hilarious, [Removed Content: Insult outside of guild discussion] ” I find the irony of this absolutely adorable. You open a post in a thread about toxicity with "This is hilarious, [Removed Content: Insult outside of guild discussion]" You have voided any legitimacy to your statement.

  • Quote from Kimsemus: “Well the best analogy I can make is this -- it's the difference between a disgruntled customer, and an employee of a business in an interaction. Their burden of conduct is much higher than mine, because they have the power in the situation. The outcome of the situation is wholly dependent on how they choose to handle it." ” Your analogy is flawed for a very simple reason: our moderators aren't paid. A first aider who steps off the street corner and into the aftermath of a c…