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  • Corrupted nerf

    Tabor - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Fame nerf is fine. CDs should have always been fight priority and not faming. I do agree the chest nerf was a little heavy. I think a buff to the demon loot chest on player kill is needed to offset some of the chest nerf while still further encouraging the PvP interaction.

  • New players on T3 horses as you say also will most likely be in low tier gear. Chance of dying is very high with cheap sets/mounts but you also lose very little silver. You should not be angry losing very little yet so many people are afraid of the idea of death for unknown reasons. With this update you can kill about 10 roaming mobs in T5 zone to make your silver back on 4.1 set and T3 mount.

  • I am a fan of the fame nerf since it should reduce the fame only rats. However the chest loot nerf feels substantial so far in my initial tests. It is nice to have CDs more fight focused now though. I think they need to further increase the demon loot on player kill to offset the chest loot as a whole.

  • That is a fair enough point. This is the approach they "should" take on nerfs is smaller tweaks to start and then quick follow up tweaks if needed. But more than often a complete nerf hammer is dropped virtually crushing the item. The E damage is still high it should be further nerfed. Stun, mobility, and iframe is already a ton in one E they should probably gut the damage.

  • Nerf has been posted on NDA friends!

  • The map design of limited exits is a major factor/problem. Each city only has 3 portals to choose from and from there each tile only has 4 at most possible exits (usually only 2 with logical sense). Ganking is made extra easy in this game due to all the forced travel paths. Running from a realm gate to a Rest city is going to be quite the risk after this update as exits are going to be camped everywhere more than ever.

  • The issue of leaving party to instantly kill previous group members is pure toxic. Not to mention it completely discourages any random groups in red/black zones. Seems a reasonable fix would be some sort of timer after leaving party before you can attack members of the party you just left. Yes Sandbox game blah blah but activities that kill gameplay should be addressed.

  • Sure. @Lofthild Pathing in zones is huge. Avoid obvious gank hot spots on common road travel paths/hot spots. Keep awareness to off screen tags. If you have gallop and react immediately you will be able to juke gankers relatively easy. With this always avoid mobs to ensure gallop is up. Be aware of shrine buff in portal zones. Always pay attention to your bubble protection CDs by looking at your portrait. Have proper mounts, escape gear, and invis potions when traveling/gathering. Use abilities …

  • Mount HP is getting buffed, poison pots are being gutted, and they are making it an eternity 5 seconds to attack after dismounting. The practice of running down people on mounts is severely getting crushed on upcoming update. At some point the person dying also needs to access the situation to what they could have done better to avoid being killed. Sometimes not much you can do but often if you are honest with yourself you will identify where you fucked up causing the death which will allow you …

  • Game grew stale for many. They have taken a long ass time for this next coming update with very few changes in-between. Open world has been broken for many moons now. Also like mentioned above many people (myself included) jumped on New World to check that out while we wait for something fresh in Albion. However I feel many of those same people will come back to Albion to at the very least give it a shot after the next coming update. Albion has been the game I have played the most in my gaming l…

  • I miss the good ole days when this thread was used to make fun of Arch kids...

  • HCE was created to make up for the severe lack of OW fame opportunities back in the day. This issue has been more than corrected since with the introduction of roaming mobs, instanced group/solo dungeons, and Avalonion dungeons. You could argue there is no need for HCE to even exist at all so I amazed at the pushback from a 10% nerf. Also basic economy will suggest the map prices will likely drop according to the silver nerf so your net profit will remain roughly the same. The city players will …

  • Funny you all say don't kill the economy when the truth is the continued abuse of laborers already killed the economy. Passive income should never be extremely lucrative.

  • Get rid of BHs only to add that broken E to a simple W on the new line with even shorter CD. Yeah at first glance saying these new weapons are OP would be an understatement. Huge damage, CC, mobility, AND spear type flexibility. I imagine these will be tweaked down some but they will probably wait a month after update to do so.

  • Elite specs is just another massive silver sink. The cost is astronomical if you consider the silver needed for fame credits on top of the straight silver cost for elite. As long as people have loads of silver SBI will continue coming up with these sinks.

  • Recruiting is in a tough place right now due to drop in activity. If you recruit hard when update goes live you should get a decent amount of people as activity will see a massive bump. From there it will be up to your guild to be active and provide the content you say you do. Biggest issue I have noticed with guilds is they clearly lie during the recruiting process so have terrible retention rates.

  • Traveling means nothing when mega alliances already have HOs on all these zones. They can quickly and safely snap all this new shit up. You need to remove HOs to bring back any kind of OW play.

  • There is no way to fix OW without removing the root problem being HOs.

  • FYI. Check NDA update. Huge changes to double merc meta. Let the saltiness begin! Only question that remains now is will the 20% heal debuff still remain in CDs now that healers and mercenary jacket will have been tuned down?

  • When they essentially removed hunter hood from game with several nerfs combined with making so much shit unreflectable it pretty much left cleric cowl as only defensive option. Why use soldier helm when cleric cowl is double duration and much more reliable. One I suppose could argue the duration of cleric cowl could be nerfed but some defensive needs to exist against one shot.