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  • First time i go outside with lands awakened - and i died to these dots, because i cant mount up. Very pleasant.

  • Seems like this is still relevant. Majority of ranged / casters use mage cowl to cheese with mage cowl. That´s an issue. Look at whispering bow - it hits mage cowl, runs away, repeats. Enemy dead. 50% less dmg unless target is at melee distance

  • Noise Polution

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    Wait when group of 5 huskies appear and they start spamming their abilities. That´s the real hell. Even one is enough.

  • Wonder how long will it takes till mage cowl will be changed to deal 50% dmg if it´s applied from ranged weapons

  • It wouldnt be a bad idea to not being able to attack a party member for lets say 30 seconds once he leaves party.

  • No. Just no. Why no ? You ask yourself that. Would it be cool on paper ? Yes. Now think of the consequences of that. For that : No.

  • A bad official decision was game over.

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    - 10% fame and silver. + 5% more difficult mobs ( so after elite spec, pretty much 0% ). Not to mention various additional fame bufs you will now gain access to and satchel of insight receiving major buff for fame and reduced silver cost ( which is a reason why is there this - 10% fame). So essentially, it´s just less silver, but more fame. Technically, it´s not even less silver if you use satchel, since satchel will have much cheaper rates. So technically, it´s pretty much no difference. Barely…

  • Bows E slot cooldown not modified

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    Bruh this is like a third topic from you. Why dont you instead ask someone before doing this ? 1) Quick thinker increases cast speed, not cooldown reduction 2) in case you meant cooldown reduction on Leather and not cloth, then cooldowns get reduced, its just that visual timer doesnt work properly with cd reductions ...

  • Quote from hypnoticshadow: “If you like to be the hero go in cd, hg,crystal. There is no honor in open world and it’s fine like that ” Oh, there sure is honor in open world. I like to say i am an " honorable ganker " Killing and ganking is fine. But there sure are some things that are off limits and are considered quite immoral. 1) Pretending to be someone´s friend as in like chatting with him while your friends surround him and then you kill him - that´s bad. 2) One of the worst : Partying with…

  • bump with upcoming gank nerfs,brace yourself. blob of gankers with maces incoming

  • Quote from Sethis: “Read my post again, it is a nerf for solo gank and a buff for group gankers. 256 damage now vs 366 in the furute. 43% damage buff. ” pic says from 256 to 183=30% nerf

  • Quote from Sethis: “lol it is a buff for poisons in OW, not nerf. right now t8 poison does 250 damage in 6 sec, and cannot be stacked. After the patch, it will do 200 damage in 3 sec or 400 in 6 sec. And it is scaled with damage modifiers on a test server, so you can double this number. Most likely it is the main reason why they buffed hp on mounts. It is an additional nerf to solo ganking and a huge buff for groups where you can throw 3+ poisons. So no, your life will not be easier after the pa…

  • Quote from Tseliteiv: “The trick to surviving BZ is to build for mobility and just run away. You can't "survive" in BZ because winners are just people with a bigger group. ” Wrong. Surviving in BZ is not much about IP, but more so about Knowledge of the game, which comes with appropriate " transport " set. I don´t really care about gankers, even when it comes to big groups. Sometimes i purposively play with them, knowing it´s unlikely they will be able to kill me. Most important rule is that if …

  • Might and Favor

    Borbarad - - Lands Awakened Feedback


    Yellow zone should be pretty much a tutorial. A preparation for dangerous zones. Tutorial zones should have tutorial rates, and dangerous zones should have many times more higher rewards. But well, it is what it is. With HCE and CD, yeaaah - it´s tough.

  • Massive hypocrisy of HCE vs Arena

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    Arena is pretty much just to test out abilities and for newbies to mess around. You lose nothing from arena, and wheter you win or not rely on your team mates as well, thus if you queue solo, it´s more about the luck. Considering you can basically enter it right after you start the game and gets fame and silver for basically Nothing and without any requirements but absolutely basic IP, that´s fine.

  • Worst fishing ever

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    This is the funniest bug ever then.

  • Quote from SalvorUwU: “One can dodge the two 1H Mace jumps, but not this, Quarterstaffs have too much mobility and CC. If they really want to give people a chance in black zone, they should do something about this skill without counterplay. ” It doesnt seem like you play open world. You dont dodge 1h mace. And how the hell do you get hit by stun run while ur mounted ? Jesus christ. 1H mace is and will be the issue. Many ganking nerfs are there, and yet 1H mace is not touched yet. You can imagine…

  • Quote from Quagga: “After the changes from DOT warbow is terribly clunky to play. Kiting and using mounts as an advantage has been killed which took away the whole style of play of the bow. ” *Cough* u can bump the dot topic i made about dots if you want : p I would totally forget about that it can even apply to warbow and it´s poison Q. Either way, bow are horrible for solo and duo, unless maybe ur super skilled - i didnt have fun playing them personally.

  • Like anyone was using any other bows apart warbow for solo / duo omegalol. Never ever have i seen a solo / duo badon ever since i started playing the game. Bruh.

  • Quote from Blenfjorn: “Are you really using someone's thread to promote your video? ” Pepega. The video i sent says it all. That one guy with high IP melts everyone. That might be fun for the guy, but probably not fun for others - if it´s frequent thing. Now i enjoyed bombing for like two hours and then i got bored of it. Its probably not as much fun for others there though. And i imagine lot of people run with high tier gear and spec. And imagine lets say a group of people do that. They would d…