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  • Yet. I'm gonna use in zvz, because as soon as the shotcaller starts the countdown, I can start the march, then knight helm my way through with added defense, drop my E and dip. Its not in ZvZ yet, because ZvZ "can" take time to change meta. It'd go great with great axe, and im sure there are other builds that would benefit. there are 190ish+ items in the game, and you are booing because one of the ones that wasn't top 20 is now in the limelight. Adapt. Ask for change in CD, not the item, any ner…

  • Quote from Bulaches: “Well everyone will start at 100. I don't know for sure if they're gonna allow people to use combat fame credits for elite levels. They're talking about it like you won't be able to, but we'll see. I was personally sick when I read this feature on the roadmap, and I quit the game for a time, but on second thought, I think it's pretty well thought, if they implement it carefully - people shouldn't be allowed to use combat fame credits, or at least it should cost a lot of them…

  • Melee Healer build

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    You want oathkeepers my dude. whatever plate armor you want, and graveguard helm. I'm not sure oathkeepers are actually viable though, but its the closest to what you are asking for. you can also earn the rank of Paladin at Fort Sterling in Faction war.

  • This is an absolutely frustrating direction to take the game. spending an ungodly amount of time maxing outs specializations and almost being done with a weapon tree, and now you are going to increase it and tell me my previous hard work will be easy for everyone, and I have to regrind again? Fame farming is the worst man, you aren't making it rewarding, you are making it attrition, and I don't know if I can stomach playing through more of it. It sucks and its not fun even in groups after enough…

  • Make the bounty a journal that fills on completion. That can be looted and turned in by the bounty hunters killer.

  • Sounds like instead of nerfing the boots, which were historically the worst item in the game, they should rework other items. Having CD ruin an item for the rest of the game is pretty dumb, especially when most of this game is not centered around 1v1 gameplay. I have no problem with hit and run builds, not because i can beat them all the time, but because its a valid fighting tactic. get you some cabbage soup and run the opposite direction and reset too. If running is such a problem in CD and yo…

  • The boots were a good change. They needed it. You guys are crying because they have an easily interruptible startup, a little defense, and about the speed of soldier boots. They are an artifact item and should be a little better than normal items. What weapon and gear are you using that you cant switch to a CC when you see them? you can stuff it with shadow edge on daggers, ray of light with bows, cripple/harpooon and a few Es on spears, even knockback shot for Xbow should work because they have…

  • 1. Make the tutorial the blue zone, t3 and t4 royal zones yellow, t5 and up red and black. this will get players used to being killed and killing quicker and teach them that gear is a tool, not a permanent upgrade like in other games. the reason for for t5 red and black is t5 is where progression slows down and its a great place to start learning the hard to swallow mechanics of the game instead of spending that t5 to t6 span of time becoming comfortable with never dying. 2..rework solo dungeons…

  • I feel like the tutorial; should be the blue zone, t3 and t4 should be yellow, and t5 and up should be red and black. you learn to play by t5 and getting to t5 is easy. everything past t5 slows down and I think this is where current yellow zone players get stuck and complacent. that big t5 to t6 gap would be better served getting used to the core mechanics of pvp deaths in albion instead of getting people used to surviving everything.

  • Imagine Still not nerfing 1 mace

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    Pretty sure the imbalance with the 1h mace, isnt the mace, but with the caerleon cape. That's not the maces fault.

  • So in t3 and t4 zones, the entrance should absolutely shut for new players so they don't get their dungeons stolen by overgeared safe zone cowboys, with no recourse because you cant flag. In t5 zones the should add an ipcap on dungeons so again, newer players trying to get their reaver up can flag and fight if an 8.3 ass jumps in their dungeon to take it. Currently there is not recourse or defense against it. I'm also a fan of flagging gatherers for a few seconds in t3-t5 like they walked into a…

  • I feel Like they would have to increase the size of Roads to accommodate smaller guilds who want hideouts (for high level gathering and ganking), but cant hold black zones, So this idea may increase black zone and avalonian road content. Who knows.

  • Quote from Zentiic: “There are T7 resources in T7 zones. ” You go ahead and find me a basalt node in T7 Royal and I'll pay you. Royal only goes up to T6, even in T7 Zones. Go look for yourself

  • I want to know what role he is trying to fill with clarent blade. It looks like an absolute mess. to be able to use it effectively, you can no longer use the 3rd passive heroic fighting or you will stack charges to quick to pick between the slow, silence, or bleed. The 3 options are short and look like a terrible waste of an E. you can pick one and wait 15 sec to capitalize on it after its worn off, so its not a solo weapon, there is a better slow in the W, and a root. less than a second silence…

  • Muisak Ability cost reduction

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    Pretty sure its supposed to increase the cost. does more damage at the cost of more energy.

  • So I haven't been able to check in pvp yet, but in pve the Specter Jacket, if you grab a group of more than 5 enemies, is not damaging any enemies past the original 5 when they die until you are out of combat. So if I grab 9 mobs, the specter jacket is only going to do damage to 5 and i have to kill the rest after the original 5 are dead with no aid from the jacket. Please fix so it picks up a new target when one dies to keep at the 5 enemies. Will test in PvP when i get the chance

  • I Feel Like a bunch of ocean maps would be dope, but have them string together more like the avalonian roads (This way it makes transport tricky, but by all means transport ships), than the regular maps, call it the winds are changing or some shit. Different Islands or themes on each map. Giant water monsters for raid group skinning. Islands with dungeons or resources. you could go nuts. Add a load time to the boats so it gives time for pvpers to disembark and invade someone on an island. Defend…

  • Re: Unreparable Items for HCE

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    American to the rescue! "I'll be offended for these people! Reported! Cancelled! I'm a better human being than everyone else, I'm so damn woke!"

  • Use buy orders...?

  • Black market question

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    Would adding black markets to the black zone towns like morgana's rest be at all good for the in game economy? they are just as dangerous, if not more so to get to than caerleon, and a huge amount of the game is black zone. Just wondering if the added loot to the loot tables for mobs be beneficial or detrimental to the economy?