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  • Counter (Wargloves) Reflected Damage - - Bugs


    the reflect damage on counter (100% reflect) is actually reduced by the percent defense increase (+75%), while other reflects (such as retaliate & deflecting spin) calculate their damage taken before resistances example of deflecting spin calculating before resistances (damage taken is less than damage dealt) zAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC.png counter calculating after 75% defense increase (damage taken is same as damage dealt) B2I87XoWnkLBAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC.png if this is indeed intended I'd want some clarity…

  • New Mercenary Jacket Interactions - - Bugs


    @Hattenhair Burning Field will proc on the initial damage, but never after Pretty sure Fire Artillery works the same way this has been added to the list

  • New Mercenary Jacket Interactions - - Bugs


    the new mercenary jacket only proccing on direct damage change has caused a lot of skills that would / "should" activate it, to not proc the effect. - All Reflects (retaliate, deflecting spin, parry strike, etc.) - Fatal Blade (black monk staff) - Divine Engine (energy shaper) - Area of Decay (great cursed staff) - Field of Death (demonic staff) - Enfeeble Blades (lifecurse staff) - Deathward Climax (boltcasters) - Inner Shadow (shadowcaller) - both leather and cloth versions - Burning Field (fi…

  • the autoattack (aa) system in the game is pretty bad, no orb (kite) walking, aa ranges feeling inconsistent due to hitdelay, and lack of useful aa resets. I think the most fun gameplay for the bow tree would be focusing on properly spacing with your mobility and dodging. the long range immobile dps role already fits fire and crossbow much better I'd replace speed shot with a short roll that empowers your next aa (or ability?) and ofc multishot and normal bow should be reworked, they are often un…

  • I think whispering is good enough for ow, but yeah a couple of trees seriously need rebalancing in terms of the open world.

  • gib fish aspect thanks for coming to my ted talk

  • Just let you cast it on allies, making it root could cause some problematic kidnap comps and its alrwady good enough for ganking. Letting you ally cast could open up play for helping your friends out of a sticky situation. You could also increase the cast range and lower the break range.

  • the last major update was the faction update. I'd guess there will be some minor updates, but they wont be putting much dev time into this anytime in the near future

  • yeah poison pot should just give you immunity to any other poisons for like 10s after it expires

  • Pls Link All Markets - - Forum Banter



  • Quote from Retroman: “Dragging an enemy with Triple Kick now correctly counts as forced movement (so, it can't drag enemies out of invulnerabilty anymore) ” @Feng126 coming soon™ via Retro

  • - Counter (all Wargloves) - the dash is now a complete i-frame (cc, debuff, and damage immune) - Mimic (all Arcane staffs) - mimics the Counter (W3) spell from Wargloves "Various combat balance adjustments" P.S. any statement on Counter not reflecting damage "properly" (bc of % defense increase)?

  • this is know and "intended", I cant find the post about it but it happens with every armor ability with an animation (eg. judi armor, armor of valor, cowl of purity, etc.)

  • After living on the testserver for a day here is some of my feedback: Note: the suggestions are my opinions Counter (all wargloves) - the interaction with most CC abilities is bugged, likely bc damage is ending the channel and not giving you immunity to CC effect (this happens with most, but not all abilities we tested), making the dash CC immune should fix the problem - because reflect is calculated before resistances, but after % defense increases, counter's reflect is deals 75% less damage th…

  • smite is 1.5s energy bolt is 1.2s effectively the same problems

  • no matter how versatile thorns is, its still bad at everything it does if you are going to consider this buff I'd also like it on energy bolt thanks in advance

  • Forge Hammers - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Forge hammers should make you feel like a god while the ability is active. Imo if it's not a full rework: Giant Steps (forge hammers) - Removed slow aura and attack damage increase - Attack range increase: 50% -> 75% - New: while active your auto attacks cause a 4m AoE shockwave around the target which deals 50 physical damage and slows by 40% for 3s - Equalized resistance gain: -> 0.5 Note: @ 0 ip Also there should be more seperation between the non-arti hammers, they're just a stun in differen…

  • Block (soldier helmet) - Now makes the caster effect immune (purge, debuff, DoT) punishes bad gankers hitting purge into it aswell

  • bear paw needs buff - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Bearpaws are fine in OW and imo that's where they should shine (not every weapon has to be cdg viable), if anything revert the standtime / some of the range nerfs