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  • In den meisten Fällen ist deswegen das craften auf dem Testserver auch ohne Materialien und ohne Silber möglich, einfach zu einer crafting Station gehen und drauf los klicken. Es gibt aber auch Testserver Builds da ist weder der Lernobelisk noch das kostenlose crafting aktiviert. Sehen kann man das erst wenn man zu einer Station geht und nicht craften kann oder nach Caerleon geht und im südlichen Bereich den Obelisk nicht findet.

  • Quote from Lynatix: “Neues Design unserer Gildenwerbung Push ” Das ist echt gelungen!

  • Thank you for another tweak in the system. It shows, you are willing to try to fix. Small steps, but steps! In this phase now the absolut right call. But if this dont work, cause the owners nor the bidders understand the true value of an city plot and bid each other the hell out of it, like they do right now, then the time is ticking for a mature disprutiv change to this system. For me, the clock is almost hitting midnight regarding this topic!

  • Talion, thank you and your teammates! This is the Internet and for fucked up routing tables and Providers and Carriers that have no interest of fixing things you can do almost nothing about and against it. I hope your new network infrastructure will work and give some people some improvements. Fingers crossed!

  • Dear SBI, the Landauction today in Lymhurst was a total desaster and a total mess. Why? Some Plots exchanged for 50 to 60kk, some could be defendet by just a little like 1kk. You cant break a monopoly like this! Yeah of course, there will be some slight changes occure in Lymhurst. But with an open auction system, where all bidders could see what is the highest bidding on all plots in a large map would help drasticly to even out the prices for Plots all over the town. All new owners that wastet m…

  • Since i am not a paying costumer for Premium i dont care, but if i had payed, i would say the same like the people here, give the paying people some compensation!

  • How about a transparent Auction System like the 5G Network Auctions in Germany for the City Plots?! Just my 2 Cents...