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  • Quote from Captainrussia: “its July 17th, not 10th Source: Quote from Mytherceria: “Without further ado, we have some exciting things in store for you, such as our Percival update and celebrating Albion’s 2nd Anniversary on 17 July! ” Unless I misunderstood it as "Percival Update TBD" and "celebrating Albion’s 2nd Anniversary on 17 July!" ” The game launched on the 17th

  • Quote from Equart: “Quote from Finalhecate: “which again you already agree that command mammoth you need sword not claw, but transport you can use claw right?.. ” Quote from Equart: “But to be clear , if we are talking about Command mammoth - YES , the only way to dismount him easy is Dualswords (because they got CC immunity). It depends on situation. ” Right, if you hunting Command mammoth Dualswords is the best choice.If you are hunting any other battle or any "Tanky" mount - much easier to do…

  • The resets change node locations and obviously allow maintenance tasks to be carried out. I think the restart would take a little while to fire up too.

  • Quote from Abydon: “The State Right Now (example Camlann): You need a 20-man party to be competitive and contest the boss vs. other 20-man parties. You then split into an 8-man party that does the boss and they make, at best, a total of 800 runes/souls/relics and 1-2 items worth selling. Even if you just came with an 8-man party (doing only uncontested bosses, which does happen) you make very little in the way of loot. The State It Needs To Be: You need to come with a 20-man party so you have a …

  • TBF, max % hp true damage is always a weird outlier. It was the same issue when I went on the Fire Basilisk rampage using a special dmg amp build that nobody was using at the time, and then suddenly Fire lizards were not just super strong, but absurdly OP.

  • Weapons with % true dmg debuff are designed to kill high hp targets, perfectly fine here. If you want to run transports, you still need to use those limited brain cells you have even if you are on an unkillable tank with the speed of a wolf.

  • Quote from skillazor: “Six-month topic with 35 pages and NOTHING changed, not even clear statement. so funny that people still want to write here when SBI has them in their as... ” Because its a convoluted mess full of terrible replies and circle jerking. They've got some changes planned.

  • Joined in 2014/2015 after watching the kickstarter(wrong game lul @Elsa) and the alpha test news, been hooked ever since. I can't wait for the geographic changes as they are very much needed.

  • Quote from MasterZedX: “Gonna be playing the game super casual from now on, hopefully some updates in the future can revive the feeling Albion used to give...till then, see you around o/ ” Hope you stick around fam gfs

  • Babies.

  • Quote from Theat: “The big guilds and alliances deserve every penny of silver they make; it takes a lot of work, time, energy, sacrifice, risk, that the plebs will never understand. Whiners you don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about. ” lol

  • WTS 60 man power on reclaim

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    In the show

  • See you next Tuesday...

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  • X0rgy in 2019 lmao Wait till release boys

  • Gold Price/DDoS

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    Fuckin zed man lul Come duel me man I'm behind this week on my quota.


  • Mount Powercreep

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    Quote from Forneus: “Quote from Piddle: “Quote from Forneus: “You are describing exactly what power creep is. The idea that the mounts we had from the get go was not "these are base mounts". A t8 foal is 4-5 million silver. That's like 6-8 of the new referral mounts in terms of value and that's just the foal. I realize the foal can be reproduced ad libitum. Except for food costs etc. making that base mount generally speaking much more expensive than the new far more powerful mounts and you also …

  • Mount Powercreep

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    Time to remove gallop and give all mounts active abilities. Devs liked that idea in the Round Table 2 seasons ago, but lot of new shit on their plate atm.

  • Staff of balance has been nerfed heavily as it was insanely powerful previously. One interesting use is with the specter jacket burn, as you become a walking aoe of slow anti heal and true damage. You do need to focus on hp buffs like gig pot guardian boots for your other item slots however. Bedrock mace ignores cc resistance, which makes it an amazing peel and catch item, but lacks reliability.

  • IP from t6 t7 r8 enchanted gear actually has a downward scale as it gets closer to the top end, which makes high quality very attractive. Masterpiece always gives 100ip, which is roughly 8 to 9% extra dmg and 8% extra defensive stats. This is very potent when you have an 8.2 or 8.3 item.