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  • New Q for Daggers

    Gaheris - - Feedback & Suggestions


    A 2-3m aoe Q lunge that applies sunders to all you move through/hit. An aoe Q that applies sunders in a 3m radius that simulates a lunge effect like the spear, but doesn't move you. Updating the Infiltration W spell from being a sleep to a stun, root, or frazzle would also be great for the dagger line.

  • Me: [url][/url]

  • @H4n1baL Will dead guilds, with 0 members in them, ever have their names purged so they can be reused?

  • Daggers in general should get BUFFED. The title of this thread isn't helping with that. Just inviting people who get ganked to pop in wanting the bloodletter nerfed, again.

  • I'd rather have the developers look into capping how many players can enter a random dungeon. If you set it to 20 players, then you have a key piece of information to work from when you enter one. If you want to fame in a party of 6, you now know the most amount of players you can get dove by is 14 others. If you choose to fame in a party of 10, you now know the most amount of players you can get dove by is 10 others. It promotes choice, and the risk vs. reward structure, without punishing newer…

  • I do think it'd be as simple as changing infiltration from a sleep to a root/stun with added aoe dmg. Or take out the sleep and have it be an aoe frazzle. Something that provides more aoe pressure. Pop in and everyone in a 5m radius takes 10 or 20% more damage for 6s.

  • Quote from owensssss: “I remember devs stating this is an issue they’re trying to address. I don’t think they’ve touched on it since. So who knows if it’s forgotten or not. ” A year ago it was a thought in the ether. Unfortunately they haven't addressed the open world aspect, but they have addressed ip caps for different situations/instances.…r%2Bdifference#post828030 "One thing that we've been thinking about for a long time is to re-scale the gear and put IP caps …

  • Dagger line remains in need of a more impactful W skill. Think Splitting Slash from Swords, only with a 1s delay, that teleports you to the end location, rooting and applying aoe dmg in a 5m radius. Basically infiltration but with a root instead of a sleep, and more aoe dmg.

  • Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “I would LOVE it if Infiltrate stunned instead of sleeped, although I suppose the duration would have to be cut shorter. ” tenor.gif Stunned, rooted, frazzled, any of the above.

  • For the dagger line, I wish one of the w spells acted as a stronger aoe dmg ability for pressure. It's the only melee line without an aoe q. Axes, Swords, Spears all have aoe q abilities. At max spec, chain slash feels like a paper cut in most ip capped fights. The damage being increased there on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th targets hit would be really cool to see. If Infiltration was reworked into something akin to frost's "Frost Nova" blink, but with the effect happening at the location you appear instea…

  • As long as Hellion Jacket procs healing sickness it's going to be problematic and risky to use when not against large numbers. With Hellion Jacket healing you more when you're low, getting healing sickness during that time doesn't feel great. I wish they'd also buff Inferno Shield on all leather armors. Lower the cooldown from 60s to 45s like they're doing with Electric Field, or increase the reflect dmg from 30% to 40% or 50%, even increasing resistances from .25 to .3 or .35. One of those, two…

  • Any word on the chance of future visual updates for some of the weapons that don't change much with their tier. Bloodletter and Clarent Blade for instance. Updates to make tiers VII, and VIII more identifiable? You can see how the weapons around them change more drastically than they do. QXHJK5L.png m2Cqnpf.png

  • I do think the range of leather shoes is a problem with the current abilities/range of tanks at the moment. Swap shoes, etc. I wouldn't put assassin shoes/royal shoes range on par with Mage Sandal's blink, but they could use something. For armors, Soldier armor is a 30s cooldown. In the latest patch they're reducing the cooldown of Stalker Jacket's Electric Field from 60s to 45s. - Electric Field (Stalker Jacket) - Cooldown: 60s -> 45s - Life Steal Aura (Hellion Jacket) - Minimum Heal: 7.02 -> 8…

  • Praise Jesus! Quote from Retroman: “Armors: - Haste (Hunter Jacket) - Damage Increase: 10% -> 20% - Electric Field (Stalker Jacket) - Cooldown: 60s -> 45s - Life Steal Aura (Hellion Jacket) - Minimum Heal: 7.02 -> 8.80 - Maximum Heal: 23.09 -> 29.0 ”

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “Quote from Gaheris: “@Retroman hear our pleas, please. Look at the dagger line and the leather chest armor line for this upcoming combat balance patch. ” Hunter chest got a DMG buff ” zor4zBy.gif

  • leather armors

    Gaheris - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    I was hoping to see this get addressed in the latest NDA patch notes but it wasn't.

  • @Retroman hear our pleas, please. Look at the dagger line and the leather chest armor line for this upcoming combat balance patch.

  • Has Retroman ever commented about his thoughts on leather armor in 5v5s? Is it just easier to balance the weapons if there's less 5v5 armor diversity? If Leather Armors got small buffs they might show up more on mdps. Inferno Shield buff, hellion jacket buff, stalker jacket buff. For leather shoes, if a few meters were added to dodge roll and evasive jump they might find a more competitive place alongside mage sandals, etc. Dodge Roll: 5m -> 6-8m Evasive Jump: 9m -> 10-12m…

  • Mr. @Retroman, I saw in the latest NDA Balance Patch notes there wasn't any mention of leather armor or daggers. Would you consider any of these changes in the future? Infiltration: A rework. It's a highly unused ability. Right now it's a teleport into a sleep that goes off 1s after activation, does minimal to no damage, and puts the targets to sleep for a very short period of time unless they get damaged. What if instead of putting those to sleep, it jumped to the target location after 1s and d…

  • Quote from iced0ut: “Server issues aside, I think you should implement a "ZvZ setting" Option in the graphic settings, Because currently "switching" to zvz settings takes quite a while because you need to change a few options. This option could also get activated automatically if too many players are in a single zone. ( I know this wouldnt help server issues, but it would be a nice QOL change) ” Even if the ZVZ setting put you on the lowest resolution, everything was a blurry mess, I'd happily t…