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  • this has been a know QOL issue since at least 2015. Might be nice if windows could just be moved to anywhere on screen via dragging. BUMP

  • Even when there is no visible lag or DC issues my ping has consistently been double what it was prior to the last update. I very much doubt that this is coincidence. Has SBI even looked at recent updates to see what was put in place that would cause this? The dcing seems mostly done. Rubberbanding has subsided for me. All is normal except my ping has doubled........

  • 1. Implement the ability for anybody to choose what color the dot on the map is for each party member. Ideally this would show on the map dot as well as a halo around the player name in list. 2. Implement the ability for each player to set their own markers on tank, heal, support (yes please add a support role....arcane is not dps or heal or tank). Ideally a market would also show the targets of these players. Color highlights would ideally match what you have set for the player icon from idea 1…

  • Chat was disconnected.

    Raithe - - Bugs


    NIce. Discord. Why was I thinking they would post something on their own forum?

  • Chat was disconnected.

    Raithe - - Bugs


    This bug keeps coming back. I have seen it MANY times since early betas. Chat will not come on at all now no matter if I restart the game or not. It just does not work at all now. I would reset my chat but there is no way to save my chat config so that means all tabs have to be recreated. Ick. @Dev's You all got anything on this? Any thing at all?

  • Chat was disconnected.

    Raithe - - Bugs

    Post chat is constantly disconnecting now. It has a stream of "Chat was disconnected!" in the chat window. Not sure how it can disconnect 6 times in a row without ever reconnecting. Totally bugged. If I try to type in any channel it says "Error: You are not allowed to use this channel." My game crashed in the middle of all this with a violation error coming from the anti cheat. No cheats in use of course.

  • Since the current portal locks were put in place most groups and parties i join in are forced to stay in the royals. We are not often able to go to bz now as the group cannot travel to the same zones. So we the same zones for rds over and over in the royals. I wish they had expanded the royals since it is what has been over crowded. Expanded or no there is still nothing to do in the bz. No content that is not in the royals. No cities to use. No cool stuff to stumble upon and be amazed by. Its no…

  • I feel like any thread with this title should be considered necrophilia.

  • Yeep. Blacked out going into a dg. At least its the server no one could murder the helpless digital skin bag I probably left behind.

  • F2P Queue and Premium

    Raithe - - Feedback & Suggestions


    After not being able to play for weeks due to work being all crazy I find my premium has run out and I am #2000 in queue. I have gold for premium (saved it for when I could play again) but all it seems I could do is spend RL $$ to buy premium. Not great. I cannot recommend enough that you allow us to use gold for this purpose. The loader knows how much gold and how much premium we have....just add something there or whatever needs to happen. Something should be in place though.

  • the random dgs are really awesome! They really have helped with shorter runs. The length bnb is such that you can easily chunk up time for party members to come and go while keeping a fame farm rolling. The rewards seem quite nice so far and really get ppl wanting to go out. So far all the dungeons seem a bit linear. They are more like expeditions than dungeons. Will these be expanding to more dungeon like structures? Curious about their future.

  • Its the "Looking for party to Join"....."Select Role:"......."Refresh Party Gear" window that stick up over the map. I can't minimize it and I don't like it. Even with the icons it could be way smaller. You could def just pick a role in the menu where you search for a group. Its annoying in a wdird indescribable way that just drives a person batty.

  • 1. Remove the pop out menu that appears to block half the screen when party finder is active. 2. Remove the pop out menu that appears to block half the screen when party finder is active. 3. Remove the pop out menu that appears to block half the screen when party finder is active. This is a deal breaker and makes the party finder unusable.

  • Quite a few of us do not see AO as revolving around PvP but just see PvP as part of the environment. PvP is definitely not the defining characteristic of the game in this light......moreover PvE is just really fun in a PvP environment. It adds a risk factor and challenges you just cannot find in an environment lacking it. It gives a great feel to the open world too as it makes it kinda like the wild west. You just gotta be prepared for more than PvE when you go out into the world of AO.

  • I dunno but literally nobody I know likes the new towns. Oi and its slow and clunky. And yes....all I can see when I look at the website is F2P.

  • Why did the chests and AH get split off in all towns? The population of these towns does not warrant this. It seems highly doubtful that they will warrant this and it makes using towns very slow. Like dealing with Caerleon.

  • Player Population

    Raithe - - General Questions & Discussions


    I will choose to believe that the yelling to get some functional pve going with a focus on dungeons is one of the catalysts for this.

  • Folks use the term instanced in all kinds of wacky ways here. Technically everything in this game is instanced. SO...............either instance type content has ways of being integrated that make it non-separate from the game world as a whole and therefore acceptable (I mean come on this should be very obvious) or that if you dislike all types of instances you need to stop playing video games cause thats what most stuff is is instances that are called and banished for use in game. Did you reall…

  • Can't log in Caerleon Bank

    Raithe - - Server Performance


    I just moved to the caerleon bank and got that same black screen. tried 2 log-ins with the same result.Now I'm getting a server will not let players log in at this time error.

  • It would be nice if t4 weighed a lot less. Maybe start there.