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  • Is great that you are trying to bring back off-meta weapons and reworking highly unused skills. Giant%20Steps.png There is a skill called Giant Steps. You can find it in Forge Hammers. The description sounds super cool! But in the end, you can’t use it anywhere now. There are just so many better options than an auto-attack based hammer... This ability used to be top-tier once, in HGs. But now, you can’t see it anywhere. Can you do something about it? Pls?

  • It’s funny actually. Jimbenator basically pioneered the sustain meta with his 1H Arcane builds, even before Hallowfall became dominant.

  • That’s amazing! I’m looking forward to the next dev talk. Hopefully they will elaborate more about this changes soon. P.S. Yeah haha! Many people did not know Royal March was a skill, it was good to see they tried to bring it back.

  • Hi there! Are static dungeons getting reworked with the next content update? I am particularly concerned about the low amount of fame the mobs in the open world layer give (the sections designed to be soloed). Will any new mechanics be introduced to make them more interesting/rewarding, rather than just a place where you go to farm the group dungeons inside?

  • It might have something to do with the Season Rankings Leaderboard not showing?

  • Quote from Fikule: “On the third hit you've taken 60+120+180 = 360 They have taken 160x3 = 480 It also deals damage to you, rather than just costing health. This means immunities or reductions apply, and are easier for you to set up than for the enemy, timing-wise. Lastly, as it is AoE, the cost of that last hit becomes a net positive as soon as you are hitting 2+ targets ” This was very informative, thanks!

  • I am not precisely against this change. Black Hands (or, should I say, Black Hand :D) are becoming actual daggers now (blades and stuff); now with an AoE damage E! I am looking forward to try it. I am hoping devastating strike will come back in one of the new War Gloves. I am a bit confused about the amount of HP sacrificed to cast the E. Can someone do the math on the expected amount? And also, I noticed the 3rd Cast will technically deal more damage to the caster than to the opponent. Wouldn’t…

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    Inferno, by Dan Brown. If you like the mixture of action and mystery, this author offers plenty of it!

  • When I first heard about mercenary laborers I thought they would return runes, souls, and relics of the same tier or lower. The fact that they return raw silver, and such a low amount, was quite disappointing. I love the idea of them returning tomes too

  • Quote from HIDKstr: “45 Healer abusers, maybe even from a discord? That small poll means nothing right? You can do a twitch pool in a 2s streamer that only play oneshot and always say I hate healers blablabla, most of his audience will repeat the words and believe the streamer words. -> This happen on Hellgate hub. Most of the people there love healer cause everyone there loves healer, and the "good builds" are healer (took like 3 months to add non-healer builds for the admins in the 2s-builds).…

  • Some people expressed their thoughts on the matter in the comment section. A link to the post can be found here:…m=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf PS: If this type of links is not allowed I will happily remove it.


  • 1H could use a rework. BUT, it has a place in PvE, you can see it being used in Avalonian Dungeons, Group Dungeons and such. Forge Hammers people! FORGE HAMMERS, PRETTY PLS. The weapon is more dead than the two weapons that currently have “Life” on their name (ha, ironic )

  • Ok, I know this may sound crazy, I know chances that this is actually a feature are very low, but it does happen to me that the game knows exactly what opponents to throw at me sometimes. Like, I never encounter old-school hellion-black hands unless I’m playing 1H with 0 defensives. I encounter Claymores more often when I’m playing Fire Staff, etc. it’s like the game knows what builds win against which and either you are thrown against builds you have an advantage over or builds that can easily …


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    As long as I can go to R3 and get out with 8m+, I am ok with it

  • In my experience, the attack speed bugs out of you increase it too much. Or maybe it’s just the cap (which actually exists [can’t remember how much { }])

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “Even brimstone is usable... was killed solo the only time i saw it. Guy put me to sleep with gatherer cap and meteorized me. Was fun to watch, even if i lost. ”…7412266584f48cc62d7823960

  • Elite specs

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    Depends on how they implement it. Hopefully it will take more than 100m fame credits to spec a single weapon tree up to 120. Edit: Hopes and Dreams

  • Not really, just Black Market loot getting drained by other types of content (HGs, for example, are getting more popular than ever). So, short answer: No, dungeons were not nerfed any further. People are just claiming the loot somewhere else.

  • Quote from WHIT3ROS3: “Really disappointing to hear that all of the hard work that people have put into spec something to 100 will be trashed. ” Little remainder: You’ll still have to grind to spec up the new Royal Weapons anyway, it’s not just the elite levels