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  • corrupted dungeon pve/pvp

    Moznic - - Beginner's Questions


    Your best bet is to check out other streamers that does CD for example, Faktura, Beast1K and more. Or you can also check on recent Youtube videos, there is quite a lot of videos about it. That way you can come to a verdict, for what to go for your build.

  • Yes I 100% agree, while the community, isn't the best community, names of a character should still remain civil.

  • I definitely feel there needs some adjustments on the current Alliance system. Capping removes the sandboxing capability of the game, as was mentioned, but the idea of alliance upkeep is an interesting one. Or a suggestion perhaps, have a politcal diplomacy with other guilds or so, that you can get into, like anno, just throwing a thought out here.

  • Quote from Deathikus: “Quote from Yamochan: “Please send an update our way folks~ It would be much appreciated ” There probably won't be any updates until their deal with ExitLag expires on the 15th. Korn has been MIA since the announcement of the ExitLag deal. and It's been ~20 days since the last update and ~40 days since the issue began. They're banking on the host migration solving the issue and I'm fairly certain they just gave up with trying to fix it with other means. I'm sure that the ma…

  • We are still here in the bunkers, free food and wine. (maybe..)

  • Even though the meat has been beating down to dust at this point, there is nothing more frustrating then going through a dungeon, just to find the chests where already looted. Yes, we're going in for the fame, and not the loot. But, I still feel, a mechanic such as the boss room won't open till you clear certain amount of mobs, is ideal both for Solo and Party Dungeons. Of course, these are solely my point of view, at the end of the day, SBI will be the one that decides, what is the best approac…

  • Yeah I got the same problem today after the update. What I noticed is all the major chat channels, isn't showing in the visible channels for all of my characters. See attachment and check and see if it's the same for you guys.

  • I don't get why peoples would stand in a solo dungeon, wait for someone to come in. They sure have time on their hands. But this is definitely an issue. Hopefully they increase the bubble time, so solo peeps that goes in, can at least gtfo, when they see 3 bandits waiting in line for them.

  • This is my fear as well with solo dungeons. Since only certain builds are viable for 1 on 1 actions, let alone, against a group of gankers.

  • @admiralchong And some other folks, try ProtonVPN (they have a 7 days trial) see if that band-aid works, for me it worked. And I am now playing without VPN.

  • @Nyck Not everyone is experiencing the same problem. VPN works on my side, in fact I am having no disconnect today without VPN. So SBI is working on it. What we, as the players can do, instead of been negative, is to collect data and send it to SBI, so they can resolve the situation. Again, not every part of the continent is experiencing the same problem, since there is peoples playing the game just fine.

  • It's interesting though. Saturday I didn't experience any disconnect, and today I did experience disconnect. Possibly something was happening correctly on Saturday, then hiccups on Sunday? But yeah, from what I understood so far, more or less in 2 or 3 weeks, we can see more changes related to this issues, according to the info been posted here. Hope it does though, really enjoying this game a lot.

  • Hey there folks, Mozmor from the Ctrl Alt Elite. The guild... the guild .... men the guild is .. a fun bunch! Many tales to hear, from different kind of folks, in the taverns. Having a lot of fun with these guys, gathering together while talking with one another, doing silly things, fun things, and ki- *erm*, lets not go there. But yeah, this guild is fun, and we all have our own quirks, ha. Come hang with us, join us, to the Longbeach Forest (wait where is that?)

  • PM send. Hopefully the problems gets resolved shortly. Its a pretty chill game after all.