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  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Argustin: “Also you can buy lvl 1 island while having premium active from 30 days (even on the last day) ” The last day doesnt matter ... you dont even need premium active in order to buy the island .. buying the 3O days unlocks the island feature at anytime after that to buy .. even after premium runs out. ” im gonna try that, might have an alt. Thought you had to have active premium to buy (30 day one). Good to know.

  • Crafting difficulties

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    Your island/guild island stations are not worth it unless the tax rate is insane (we are talking 150%+). Quote from WetPrincess: “Hello all, I've recently decided to do a little crafting, trying to focus on crafting swords. I've built a smelter and tanner for the hide and ore and have all the necessary ingredients... yet it still doesn't let me to craft it? Like it lets me craft around 20 (example) but when I go back to craft 200 or whatever, the button is grayed out. The stations are fed and my…

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from CallMeGosu: “you can simply buy them at the island npc. if you need crafting laborers ur better using guild islands. for farming plots go for personal islands. ” This isn’t the whole story. You first need to have bought 30 days premium on that character, to unlock being able to buy a private island… ” This. Also you can buy lvl 1 island while having premium active from 30 days (even on the last day) and then upgrade later even if you do not have premium.

  • Best way to make money

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    Quote from CallMeGosu: “get cheap shit gear and venture into blackzone t5 dungeons. there are rarely players and if you die you lose less then a dungeon loot. if you make some bank go cd, level gathering/craftin, get islands and so on. the big kicker is crafting and nothing can top this. if you dont like crafting you can make good silver by gathering, ganking or pvp in cd. sadly, dungeons are kinda dead atm. for a beginner it will be fine but later in the game they have no real value actualy. ro…

  • Quote from hunterGOD: “they killed the bow. that's it i am done with albion, i will quit forever same as i did with tibia in 2015. at least for me quit is quit theres no comeback. regular bow was my favourite weapon since i started in this game, i originally buyed it 2 months before f2p. with the new elite levels wich is the worst content they could possibly create, it looks like they are saying everything i've done and all the time i've wasted until here was for nothing, because will be easy to…

  • did you buy the specific package that costs like 10 dollars? If you bought with ingame currency or just 1 month premium (normal) then it does not counts. Its specific package, not just first premium gets.

  • so just normal guild with 20% tax but nothing provided....

  • Quote from unsprezece11: “I see... I suppose it's working as intended. I'm crafting on my personal island. ” Yeah, you are losing quite a big % crafting on personal/guild islands. Also focus. And at the end of the day some things are not profitable crafting by just buying resources off of the market and crafting. (Not sure about t6 poisons as i do not craft potions)

  • Quote from AirConditioningE: “The thief who stole in my island, in order to retaliate for your stupid behavior, I gave up this account and reported my black gold transaction by myself, hoping that your account will not be affected by me ” so to retaliate you reported yourself and the person who stole for the RMT you did?

  • As someone who plays this causally i disagree strongly. This game and the focus specifically is built for players who play casually. Limiting the crafting/refining money making into something locked behind time wall really benefits those who does not play that much. And to the point of T6 and up for fishing. To be exact the fishing is only gathering skill which you could in theory with enough time get max spec in from yellow zone. All other gathering professions need specific tier resources, but…

  • Well its an MMO with a grind so if you want to do everything at highest level it should take for a long time. The gathering is not that bad of a grind if you use mists and can be done alone. I know guys who started 3-4 months ago and dont gather that much, but can get t8 stuff. The issue with gathering is the barrier is that you can bypass it by just going to a market and buying those resources. So the crafting has to have a barrier. The barrier is not even that much for crafting at the moment, …

  • Well its not that hard to get one or multiple crafting nodes to t8 to be able to craft 8.3. You will however need spec to reduce cost of focus and to get higher qualities. If you just want to craft 8.3 buy t4 resource in bulk, craft/learn them and get to t8. This will unlock t8.3 crafting for you. I have to check the prices on that, but i would say getting one node to t8 is less then 10m for sure. That is not really a huge amount of money for one time investment so a no from me for both points 1…

  • Sounds like a terrible idea. What you are basically suggesting is harder group dungeons which i am okei with. No idea why move the HCE out of cities. Maybe make HCEs have bonuses according to zone you query from meaning that there will be more rewards from quering from HOs and giving people chance to kill HCEs moving their sets out there. If this change would go on then it would most likely kill higher level HCEs as no one will risk their sets for 14-18 runs in BZ/RZ. Just not worth it.

  • i would say its not the cultist cowl, but more healer with royal jacket. They have insane survivability and they basically use their helmet for damage. It used to be and sometimes still is also mage cowl in that combo as well. I would say that in majority of the builds you use a defensive on your head slot because you do not have that survivability and sustain so you need a defensive. Just healers have so much inbuilt sustain that they can use damage on helmet.

  • Hire a truck driver

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    There are plenty of discords where people offer this service. Some even offer with guarantees of items being safe and taken to Carleon with some fixed % of value/weight. Of course this is built on trust, but i do not think we need something implemented from game to copy this and make it 100% safe.

  • They are also nerfing knight armor which is a big thing for those runaway frosts and maces (windwall). So i think its decent for balance.

  • You sure they changed these? I remember that the point was to have islands always lower then city to not make city crafting spots obsolete.

  • It would mean that everyone would have a speed clear build on them and then a pvp set meaning that it will be even more fame per hour (which is insane already). IMO its kinda nice the way it is, that you can have some good builds for pvp which are a nightmare for pve. What they should change is something like HGs have at the moment. Killing enemy in their dungeon/your dungeon would remove all mobs and there will be some xp drop at the chest. I do not see the point of invading someone at the begi…

  • does knight helmet not work against stoppers?

  • Quote from hhiho: “The density of players is high enough that you can organize trading through discord and direct trade and throw ZERO at the silver sink!! Much of the t8+ trade is done that way. No one is going to be pay 100k in silver at every 2 million worth of goods flipped. ” You said it yourself, you can just use the player to player trade to have no tax and problem solved?