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  • Mammoth Skins?

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    Quote from The_Support_God: “how many would buy the skin and how often would you see it? commiting some team development to make a skin that is only used by the top 1% of player base is not enough to make profit it would be nice but the mammoth is a skin on to its self very iconic lets say we make a skin for the mammoth then it should only be for special events or one time events to make it exclusive and special ” Given the Panda skin was originally limited to only Direbears, it would seem SBI a…

  • @Quagga what you forget about labourers is that they are directly responsible for the affordable gear. If you were to remove or nerf them, the cost of T8 gear in particular would nearly double. The fact the gear is affordable is good for the game, as it means ever player has access to "end-game" gear.

  • @Apotosariel The state of the game now is that most people gather in fight gear (or have a fight swap set on them), because the majority of serious gatherers are T8 in all gathering professions. The best gathering change SBI did was move T8 out of territory into the open world. This directly resulted in the reduction of T8 prices and facilitated more players having access to both raw T8 and T8 gear. It no longer was the domain of the GvG teams or HCE players.

  • 200x T7 ores. What Bag and backpack were you wearing? I am confident you weren't wearing a T7/T8 ore gathering backpack. Part of the reason resources are so cheap is that the game has existed for over 5 years with only a few major changes to how resources function (moving T8 from territories to open world, removing the 100% respawn after sever restart, roads introduction, HOs). Most recently HOs can be directly blamed for the current pricing of resources, as people have been able to fill an infi…

  • I have played ablion on 230+ ping since launch. It is easy to play with that latency. I beats playing LoL on US servers years ago with 300+ ping. The ignorance though of understanding the game mechanics of Albion however is astounding. Theoretically if they put regional servers in, you'd have a population of a few 100 AUS/NZ players. Unless you want that server flooded with all the South-East/East Asian players then you get a few 1000. Regardless that is not enough players to fill the BZ. That i…

  • Albion only has a "single server" based out of the US. It is core to the games design model. If we had regional servers such as SEA, the game would be empty.

  • @frontier - wait 48hours

  • WTB mammoth

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    Good luck

  • Hideout Changes

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    Solo BZ implies you dont have security of HOs or Territories to run to. That is Solo play. The HO changes are better for the game and are finally a move in the right direction of balancing open-world BZ.

  • question about laborers

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    Also, look at AH prices of full journals. That tells you the real resource value of each labourer.

  • But delaying the resale by 3 months fixes the abuse problem

  • question about laborers

    noxmortus - - Beginner's Questions


    In answer to "best labourer" - it call comes down to what you want to do to support them. If you gather; gathering labourer. If you craft; crafting labourer. To keep it simple without going into all the conditionals - Gathering labourers require gathering trophies (of their specialisation) to get the bonuses. They also get residual benefit from generalist trophies. Crafting labourers only benefit from generalist trophies.

  • If you are power clearing Slayer CDs you can easily manage 10/hour. With very low infamy say 150k that'll still get you 1.2-1.5mil fame/hour For OP, you need to look at how much fame a standard Slayer CD actually gives you when you kill the minimum mobs needed. Map and path dependent it is ~140k fame/map

  • Quote from LORDESTAN: “You are totally free and safe to gather resource without fearin from gettin ganked in Most of mmorpg games unless dont open pvp mode. ok its albion and black and red zone not safe. people accept it. but the problem is let the people feel little bit safe themselves. if you make cooldown at the hideout doors and keep on hold people noone or few people enters black zone. its like a feedin pyramid if nonone comes blackzone there is no gankers. i like both of it i mean makin ga…

  • That is how gatherers and gankers worked together in pre-Queen. Partied, spread out in map and gathered/fought/run. You can still solo gather very easily. The carebear now need to learn how to avoid gankers.

  • Quote from Agrafka: “First of all, yeah, you have fast entry to home. One hideout. Look on the size of black zone. Would be amazing have home st t8 zone with good resources, but most gatherers dont have this option. So we can die on front of ally HO door or... run few zones to home? This is your solution? Like literally, noone have problem with 20 noob gankers at portals, hideouts, dungeons, but if gatherers can enter to hideout to run from group of pk, they are rats who cant play like as old go…

  • Before HOs existed it was a good balance of small scale BZ content. Gatherers who went deep had the option of dumping materials into their guild/alliance territory tower or the open world chests. Gatherers actually needed an element of skill and awareness to survive. It fostered gatherers to group up and those who wanted pvp content roaming to support them. Ganks came from small and medium sized groups. HO spam meant people were able to gather in complete safety. And able to store an infinite nu…

  • Bottom line it is a fail on behalf of the new community manager. They deliberately named Blue Army and attributed banning to them. Had SBI followed their policy as they had done over the last 5+ years and not naming individuals/guilds, this entire post saga would never have eventuated. This is a lesson learned for SBI about choosing your community managers. Make sure they adhere to the company policy and do not let (perceived) agendas overrule historic approaches.

  • Quote from gmatagmis: “Quote from noxmortus: “a healer has turned up with a Rampant staff, or your tank is using a bedrock. ” MMR? ” Arena does not serve a purpose anymore. If anything arena should be changed to constant level 1 scrims using the crystal format. They are not the scheduled points giving crystals, but exposing of the format and playstyle to new players. This introduces them to crystals with at no cost and allows them to find players they may want to form a team with. MMR only works…

  • 1. Yes 2. Yes, if you are hostile flagged any player can kill you in RZ 3. No 4. Hostile flags only are shown in the hostile tab