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  • I thought axe weapons were the counter for healbot cheese builds, why the need for a new debuff?

  • They had this back in Alpha I think as a reward for guilds that helped test large scale pvp but it's been taken out since then. They should add it back since 99% of the people playing now didn't even know about Albion back then.

  • i was forced to roll female as she's the only normal looking one, the male avatar looks like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast with that giant barrel chest. Could we perhaps get a slimmer male option?

  • Guild crests

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    If you're offering them to guilds for doing XYZ, why then not just have it as a feature so everyone can make their own crest? Why are custom crests being so jealously guarded when it would be better for us the players to at least have that option going forward?