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  • That would lead to discrimination issues, which would be a hassle. It's double-edged sword, so i don't think this is good idea, as that would add more work to fix. Ofc you could probably not choose any prefix, but still — there would be more problems from trying to fix one.

  • That would help a lot to teach friends who are new to HCE. There are normal expeditions, but they are different and usually have some random guys who destroy aggro with their mighty bloodletter etc. Would love to play with less people on low HCE lvl, where it is very hard to find willing people.

  • ^ - Its 1 data. Also that might be true, but there are ways to convince people. One of the ways is to limit gameplay to SSF (solo self-found, as //no market/trade// or just blocking //trade option + with chest// for unregistered/unpaid with real $$. Its extreme example tho, but tempting for some part of playerbase) But even without persuading, i don't think albion would lose much of playerbase. I can tell that with next argument which is: - People already linked their numbers to emails by using …

  • Can you guys make it so we can recover full hp after win in corrupted dungeon? Just like in 5v5 Hellgate? It happens too often that after a successful kill i'm downed (by a poison or curse DoT) for 2 min unable to gather my prize in 30 seconds. Sometimes it feels pointless to invade curses, as 50% times I will get that win, but unable to collect loot. Where is reward? Either make us die or let us collect prize. Please decide.