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  • Yes can relate. few weeks ago I saw something similar. Was gathering for a couple hours and the same guy standing in town the whole duration just duelling people or standing there ask. This was in a backzone city with low pop too (compared to green/yellow)

  • Quote from solventh: “can someone help me find an easy way to make developers aware of this request? it seems this forum is not so crowded. ” Seems more appropriate for as a Suggestion/Feedback, maybe then.... just maybe

  • Yes Nature is VERY viable for GvG's and you can even check it out yourself from GvG videos made from this beta. The Great Nature offers better mobility and sustain compared to Holy. A random video I picked: Q Heal, re-position, W and E when needed, repeat.

  • Quote from Panko: “I would like to know the stance on using a program such as AHK to rebind a mouse button to a key input. For example I would like to rebind my "attack selected target" to Mouse Button 4 or 5 but the game simply does not recognise this input. ” That doesn't even make sense, since your mouse buttons are binded to what ever keys you want on your keyboard. Therefore there is no need to even bother using a AHK program. Why do you have a mindset that you need to use an AHK Program to…

  • Quote from sacuL: “ you can see the two archers strafing and shooting ” Yes... this is normal. There is no problem. It is not even hotkeys. It is not even teleportation. Their ping was also probably low enough for them to effectively orb work. The movement speed is due to mage boots skill: run buff + leather chest skill and Speed Shot Skill from bow = the Juking you were seeing.. All this is in game, nothing is being exploited. Facepalm.... The players have just binded the a…

  • Hey man great videos, always fun to watch! And your accent makes it even more entertaining.

  • Quote from Derrick: “honestly the system is pretty good. Provides a lot more opportunity for fun. I understand how it can be a problem for some but you should prepare accordingly. ” Try to understand that it basically turns into a "who has more gear and time" variable. Getting burnt out from GvG fights does not sound like fun.

  • Mage PvP Build?

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    Yeah you should check out the Video and Media forums as well or even search YouTube for Fire/Frost/Cursed Staff gameplay. They're all really interesting and have something to offer in every PvP battle.

  • Quote from OneTyper: “Quote from Thomas9: “Well T2 materials are always wanted, but usually higher tier resources are gathered by guilds themselfs. Guilds have easier acces to better resources than inviduals, so mostly only T2 is the problem. Transporting those through maps and continents is just annoying and nothing more. ” so you mean that I cannot reach tier 6/7 gatherer solo at some point, sneak around and concentrate on tier5/7 rare resources to sell? It looks like more profitable to concen…

  • Yeah, I completely agree with the OP and Thomas9. I really enjoyed gathering during the Summer + Winter and 1st Beta tests (to a certain extent of course.... it's not the best content in Albion). This test I feel like I am playing a "Take my Horse / Ox for a Walk" simulator every time I log on. I spend way too much time walking up and down scanning maps just to find a node, and most of the time it is pancaked. This is it even more demoralising when I make the effort to travel 7-8 zones away from…

  • Wouldn't this be abusable? For example, pump someone up with high quality/fame items and farm them continuously. I like the rest of your suggestions though.

  • EOS sets up Conflict

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    Monk Charge, double prison roots, then nuked with All Kinds of AOE, all kiindsssss. G . G

  • Black NPC Cities

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    They still have islands they can create buildings on. OP's idea sounds interesting though.

  • Quote from HealsTraveler: “Id like to know the specifics about the transmuter. So far it seems that gathering is getting kicked in the can twice. There will be an abundance of mats now, devaluing them and gathering in general. The gems will bottleneck refining, leaving an excess of mats, devaluing them more. I guess lowering the gathering fame in general makes it three stikes for gathering. Its a side gig now, done on the way back from whatever else people were doing. ” My perspective on the Gem…

  • Guild Notifications

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    The large popup that displays whether your Guild has Won or Lost an attack should be moved to Mail Notifications. It can be rather annoying and a distraction when it appears during a GvG or PvP fight. Or at least have the option to disable it. For example this GvG video (video was chosen at random to prove my point): Starting from the time of 6:50 Player Junbug receives two notification. If I were in his shoes, I would be slightly annoyed....

  • Axe PvP

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    Quote from Blackthron: “When I get tired from axe swinging I log in my second character and.. just run around and relax ” When will this new race be available on live servers? 35638.jpg

  • Axe PvP It's quite useless in GvG's as there are more viable builds that greatly benefit a GvG composition.... I don't think they need to re-balance it, due to the fact that is it is a strong duelling build... And I agree to what Vagabond stated; Quote from Vagabond: “1h axe vampiric build is called the Carnival build, you may use it for town events, mansion parties, or to seduce some girls in town etc, can't chase or kill anyone in open world with this build, pretty useless ” Troll build or not…

  • Hopefully with the new changes, gathering becomes less of a "Walk my Ox/Horse and proceed to Ribbon Dance my mouse pointer" simulator to more of a rewarding chore.

  • Quote from Proxzor: “Quote from Korn: “@hajee First of all, the core principle here is that gems are not "rarity capped", i.e. there will never be a situation where gems are "mined out". So getting gems is pretty much a matter of time invested, and we will balance it in such a way that the time invested to create 1 set of gear is resonable overall - it can't be too high, as this would discourage PvP too much as people would be too scared to lose their gear. Creating 1 refined resources will cost…

  • Quote from Meharis: “But without players quitting the game at some points big guilds in the outlands will always stay ahead. Nothing that provides an alliance to control the whole map. ” I do not understand how you continue to have this mindset of being a casual solo playing and wanting to compete on the level of high end guilds, and yes there are many of people like you with the exact same mindset. And I understand that you may have a life, job, family, what ever, however this does not excuse y…