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  • irrelevant suggestion based on religion, but if you want to follow your religion i found that to help your departure ... bye , leave your gold by the door! or leave your religion, your choice now! "Yes, it is haram according to most actual scholars. Many computer games involve things that are contrary to sharee'ah, such as music, uncovering 'awrahs, venerating the cross, learning violence and committing crimes, and neglecting obligatory duties. Another issue stated by many scholars is images of …

  • you can take faction shards and adventure from city to city ! I don't know anyone that travel from city to city loaded using fast is a huge loss on profit! If you travel only with your gear is affordable to make easy to meet your friends for some adventure.

  • Quote from SirusX715: “There was a change way back before call to arms that reds couldn't hit faction flagged in yellow zones. That was to work around a ganking strategy to have a group of reds in yellow zones to knock down faction people and have 2 members flagged to different factions nearby to perform executed. That mechanic seems unnecessary now that yellow/blue was mad non lethal for faction content. ” They should change that for dungeons! People invade dungeons flagged run over your mobs a…

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Faction Warfare Changes The Roads of Avalon can no longer be entered while actively flagged for a City Faction ” A player faction flagged can't be target by another player pvp flagged ... Not even if the faction player goes inside a Dungeon. Is that working as intended??? Meaning that a faction flagged player can only be knock or killed by another faction player! (The situation - a faction flagged player invade my dungeon , I was pvp flagged and couldn't attack him! )

  • Island Optimize

    Carpazzo - - Feedback & Suggestions


    this was a topic that had to be tackled! On mobile is quite good way to plant but not to water the crops , its a very tedious task! and the character want to walk back to the previous plot that had been watered ...super annoying, please fix it!

  • Quote from deenne: “how long u guys want fishing newbies ” Fishing is nice ...when I started to play didn't have it yet. This game has changed a lot! Wherever you heading ... stay humble and appreciate the journey !

  • Great Patch! The power has to be decentralized. Quote from Kassty: “ARCH has at least more than 10000 active players in Archghanistan ” This need to end! Its not even funny for the game hide behind so many people. Break it down into small groups that are not allied and everybody has content. Quote from Jenki: “1) remove the name tags in the blak zone, only guild and alliance names are visible, all others will be red and unnamed. ” On the interface menu you can change that! Quote from Kassty: “Le…

  • "Senior"..really ! what a lost cause. Talking about fair chance and legit players with two months and the possible existence of cheat programs. Quote from Princesa1: “who clearly are using cheater clients to give them extreme advantages against any normal players ” Anyway you know what to do now! Quote from Evas_Flarelight: “If you suspect any player of using cheats, please send a report to the support team ”

  • Quote from OhhGee: “Quote from Badgirls: “It just launched officially on mobile. Check out the posts regarding that for more information. It is playable -- I wouldn't 100% compare it to PC (although you're supposed to be able to) -- Everyone's experiences will vary. ” I am aware this just released on mobile I just want to hear others opinions on if I can be up to par with the people who play this on the pc version. ” Its totally possible if you have a good phone or tablet , and it is same contro…

  • Hope you hear from them soon , this is scary, and scare other on investing too. Ward!

  • people come ... people go! I think you guys care too much.

  • Used to happen on the test phase more often , normally is memory issues that the IOS has. Even with the adjustments they did, that has made the game a bit more playable , we will probably suffer a little longer until some patches come to fix. Remember the game was launch yesterday on IOS officially so bugs are a possibility.

  • fast travel back to town

    Carpazzo - - Beginner's Questions


    just type /suicide and click enter , to respawn in last city.

  • Happy about that...It has been a long waiting for this day hope not be disappointed.

  • The best of it is when 4 or 5 guys take down 20...(have you seen it? look on youtube) Zerg fest was the way to go previously , this used to put smaller guilds in disadvantage. So big alliances used to zerg regions with 400+ people against small alliances of 100ppl , in reality more people you bring means more fire power but that was just creating those megalodon alliances that used to control the whole map. With this changes in place it start to allow for more strategic approach to the battle ,a…

  • I love when the post start with a threatening... Be careful .. Last Advice ... How dare you ... Everybody will quit now! ... Me and my friends will leave the game! If you run with a build that has sustain you don't need hp food , and HP potions still in game

  • Looking for non-toxic guild

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    You should look for a LGBT guild if that it is your concern, make it easy for yourself. It is difficult for a guild leader/officers to control what person A or B will say during at any giving moment, things can get out of topic pretty fast, but I believe that is nothing intentionally against you because no one knows your sexual preference unless you talk openly about it. Which in my opinion should not be a topic , as a father myself I would not be happy to know someone is talking this with my un…

  • Quote from Nausk: “Corrupted Dungeons as the only solo PvP activity is worse than the functionality of the Training Dummy in this game. ” But still have that as an option. I think what people want, more about those who newly started, is a chance to farm spec for their gear so they can engage in some pvp later.

  • Sometimes people just want to farm exp and lvl their gear to be able to pvp. So if you like to invade you can go to Corrupted Dungeons now, but hey you don't want to do that alone right!

  • A new type of laborer

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    Quote from Unangwata: “Quote from Quicksilver88: “Quote from Unangwata: “Quote from Quicksilver88: “Theres a laborer for almost every activity in albion but not one for farming? I think that would be a great addition to albion and make farming a lot more popular. ” Don't you think crop prices would go down if new source of materials appeared ? It would also mean people without premium would be able to get those mats which is kinda against developer intention i believe. ” but people with out prem…