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  • What effect does the item power on gathering gear have on you? Can it: 1. Boost combat stats? 2. Boost gathering speed? 3. Boost gathering yield? Many thanks in advance and apologies if this has been answered somewhere else.

  • - Hi! I played Albion on release a fair share before quitting again. I proceeded to play another batch a few months later and seriously got stuck in; finding a guild and really progressing my character. My guild fell apart however (left membership of big Alliance) and suddenly gathering felt incredibly difficult and frustrating. I proceeded to quit the game since I felt like there was not any content either to play with. I am however interested in coming back, but I have several questions! If so…

  • Albion TOP PLAYS #1

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    Quote from Equartus: “Such as 4th place should be the only in top 10 and this cancel swap deserve first place more than zerg fights. In my opinion. ” Good feedback! Join the server and then YOU can vote on which plays you think are worthy of the top!

  • Quote from Skitted: “Will this be similar to this (kinda old I know- but was great to watch) I assume this guy just watched a lot of Videos to chose his top 5 list each week instead of waiting for contributions to pop in...which I have my doubt will happen On a regular sustainable Basis... ” @Gugusteh

  • Quote from Zulmer: “nice idea ! i like it i will join. ” Appreciated Quote from Nausk: “Best of luck with the project (though there will be some hills to climb) ” We know! But we will try our very best to provide the best content!

  • Feel free to submit plays here if you aren't interested in joining Discord

  • I had tried doing this a while back and did one episode and a lot of people loved it, thus me and @Gugusteh are attempting to properly start and maintain a series again. We have set up a Discord server for submitting plays and the rules for submission can be found there. As of for the first week, we have already had a few submissions thus those will be featured in the first week. Once we get enough people voting we will start to rank the plays and will be forced to delay or drop some plays to fu…

  • @PrintsKaspian Maybe release mobile wallpapers too since more and more players play on mobile now (Idea from tgat85)

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “…d839750384a9c1e7a0967066b Hello all, We've updated our official Albion Online wallpapers with four new images: Caerleon, Fort Sterling, Island Voyage, and Arrival in Albion. You can view the full collection here (right-click any image and "Save As" to download a hi-res version): ” Beautiful art

  • Quote from DoomRawrus: “Alts can only water plants that they can grow themselves so for example if you are growing corn and want to utilize an alt both need to be able to grow corn in order to water corn together. You also will get reduced focus costs on watering crops as you level up your farming specialization which increases from harvesting crops. Ideally you would want to maximize the specialization in order to manage more crops without having to invest in alts. In the long run I suppose if …

  • Hello there! I currently have two premium characters: 1st Character: - Gathering - PvP & PvE - Using Focus for Farming (since there isn't anything else to use it for really) 2nd Character: - Refining - Using Focus for Refining Would it be worthwhile to get premium for my third character (worthwhile representing if I can eventually make money off it) for the following purpose? 3rd Character: - Farming - Using Focus for Farming More Plots than what my main can currently do. Another quick question.…

  • Oh boy. Its a self-entitled prat. Look at the liked posts buddy. They explain quite well why ur wrong... Quote from Madauke: “I love this game, I really do. But seeing people walking around with this thing on their capes and shield is just too much for me, as I have studied and seen closely in my country how harmful the corrupt ideology that this symbol represents can be. As you all know, the hammer and sickle was the crest used by the USSR, a regime that killed millions of people through the fo…

  • Hello there! Was curious where you can craft fishing bait and how to use the Earthworms for it. Are there different tiers of bait dependent on which Earthworms you use? I am rather clueless on all this so sorry for the obvious questions Many thanks!

  • Quote from H4n1baL: “Hey @Dainank! Thanks for your feedback. Your request is already in our backlog. - Lino ” Thanks! Sorry that I didn't notice it there already Either way. Hopefully it comes soon! Keep up the good work!

  • Quote from Kinggeo7: “how can i add the albion online to steam while i had bought it before Steam release? ” That isn't possible sadly

  • Quote from postlarval: “Quote from Dainank: “Quote from postlarval: “NM. Misread. ” Sorry, not sure what that means U edited ur post? ” It means I responded to your post thinking you meant something different. Once I realized it I modified my post. It’s really not that hard to figure out. ” U edited ur post? - I wrote it mate just wanted clarification as to why you didn't just cancel your post???

  • Quote from Constructor: “It's kind of up to you and what you want to do. It's a sandbox game so its your job to figure out what you like. That said there are two camps of opinions on this, 1) Funnel both character's focus watering one type of crop, level that one fast. 2) Split the focus and level two types at the same time. You could grow carrots on one to feed and raise horses/oxen on the other. You can water crops with both characters and gather them up on just one character. Or you could bla…

  • Hello there! I currently have two accounts running premium thus I was wondering if one account should focus on one type of farm and the other account on another type or does it not matter and should I build all the types on my main character's island? Are some types of farming buildings more profitable? Many thanks!

  • Nice that you included a less well-known in depth video! Helps them out too!

  • Quote from Azlen: “Definitely want this ” I know right! Thanks for the like! Hopefully the DEVs see this!